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sunny geisner


Living and loving life in beautiful western CO ☀️❄️⛺️RN 👩🏼‍⚕️ Wife 💍 Mama 💕💕 Grammy 💖

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This little light of mine, I’m gonna let her shine...⭐️💖 #charlibird #littlepeoplerocx
“Mommy bird, mommy bird, she’s a little tiny turd.” I beg to differ. Who’s the turd in this picture? 😂#charlibird
@loveinavase made my wedding flower dream come true! I wanted to add a special touch of my dad, who passed away in April 2017. My bouquet is wrapped with the button panel of the shirt my dad wore at his 65th birthday. ❤️ Thank you so much for working with me and packing these beauties up to travel state to state! They held up beautifully. #weddingflowers #coloradobride #utahwedding #fighton
🐛Then and now 🦋 There’s a difference in loving someone through their faults when you both choose each other. We’ve both given each other some shit over the past 6 years, but we still fight for each other ALL.THE.TIME. Here’s to my #mancrushmonday for choosing me over and over and over, despite all the luggage that he accepted me with and continues to accept. I love you TTMAB 🌜💫Jaseypie ❤️ @jasoncheyne #yesheisbitingmileysear
Wildflower season makes me happy. #coloradowildflowers
Done with our first week of swim lessons & heading out to the wildness to camp with Dad. I’ll miss my people! #charlibird #littleminis #dadaf #colorado
“I’m mommy Sunny” 😂😂🤓 #charlibird #littleminis ##ourlittleminis
My baby ❤️ #charlibird
Fair food. Strawberry Days 🍓 in Glenwood Springs. #charlibird #glenwoodsprings #fairfood #colorado #littleminis #ourlittleminis
Strawberry Days Parade 🍓 #charlibird #glenwoodsprings #colorado #littleminis #ourlittleminis
She actually looks like me in this pic! Charli & Rev 😻🖤 #charlibird
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Just like that. 💖 #charlibird
Charli’s birthday present 🐈. Meet her little kitten, Rev. aka Revvy Roo. #charlibird #rescuepet
Happy 🎂 FIFTH 🎂 birthday to my sunshine girl ☀️ Charli, you are loved! You bring happiness to everyone you meet 💕🦄 You are kind and caring, gentle and sweet. 🌈🌸 I love your love for animals, big and small 🐈🦋🐘 Just as you always bring Mom and Dad treasures (rocks and flowers!), you are our treasure 💖 #charlibird @jasoncheyne
Salmonella for the win! Birthday cupcakes for class tomorrow. How is my baby going to be FIVE tomorrow?! 😩😭😭🎉🎉🎉 #charlibird #bignerdlittlebird @jasoncheyne @badlac
I’m obsessed with seeing him with a wedding ring ❤️. #married #suncheyne5122018 @jasoncheyne
Happy birthday to my husband! We’ve had so many things to celebrate this month and I’m so glad I get to do it all with you ❤️ 2018 vs 2017 @jasoncheyne #bestbuds
Wedded bliss. Still feeling that high. #suncheyne5122018