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sunny geisner


Living and loving life in beautiful western CO ☀️❄️⛺️RN 👩🏼‍⚕️ Wife 💍 Mama 💕💕 Grammy 💖

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I love that my kids are always comfortable at home. It doesn’t matter if they flew from the nest, they always feel at home with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️ I’m so happy this one came to visit for the weekend. #mamatried #loveyourmother #toughasamother #homeiswhereveriamwithyou #theonlyhomeiveeverknown
Career day at school today. Charli is an “ice cream scooper girl” 🍦🍨 #charlibird #kindergarten
🚌😭❤️ #allgrownup #firstbusride #kindergarten #charlibird
My sweet kindergartener 🍎📚📝. She’s always eager for the next school day and happy to go. Let’s hope this lasts forever! #charlibird @jasoncheyne
Good morning ☀️ one of these sweet looking things was a big rascal this morning. Bet you can’t guess who. 👧🏼🐶 #charlibird
We have a new addition to our new home ❤️🏡🐶🐱 #poppypoopypup
Short hair don’t care. I was afraid to cut it! But I am in looooove 💖
❤️ My son had a great first week of high school 💥 #freshmanyear #nathandaleearnhardtjrmilton
Grammy & Papa’s girl. 💖 #memphisjo @jasoncheyne @hotrodhayley @pansrooster
Jungle Dad. Jungle Papa. ❤️ @jasoncheyne #charlibird #memphisjo
My last baby all grown up and in kindergarten! 🍎✏️📚 No tears were shed this morning 😄. She’s been super excited!! I am thankful that her amazing preschool (New Creation) encouraged her to blossom and grow into this sweet little sunshine love ☀️ and helped to prepare her for this much anticipated day 💖 #charlibird
My best friends. 💖 @hotrodhayley @jessicxxryn
Husband ❤️
Grammy, grandbaby, great gramma ❤️#snazawedding @sandygeisner #memphisjo
Twinning #charlibird #memphisjo #littleminis #ourlittleminis
Being her Grammy is the best feeling ever! 💖 #memphisjo
Cut + color. 💖 💇🏼‍♀️ #snipsnip
😂😂😂 I crack myself up and my husband puts up with me #sorryjason  but you look good in pineapples 🍍💖 @jasoncheyne