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굿즈 정리하다가 너모 예쁘길래 😍❣
오늘 윤산하 백번 앓다가 자야지 ㅠ ㅠ 예뻐 쥬거
당 떨어져 빤질빤질한 초코 과자 먹고싶움 (つД`)ノ
일곱번째 #헌혈 🤩
Fluffy souffle pancakes for tea this afternoon as my 4.5 long weekend draws its end soon... It's so so fluffy!!!! I love how they added almond flakes between the pancakes!!! It added crunch!!!! I thought i would be too full to have 4 pancakes in a stack after lunch but i am totally regretting just having 2 now!!! I like they provided the option of deciding how many pieces you want in your stack!! Would love to come back try the other flavours!!! 🤤🤤 Only issue is locating this place - it's not updated on the Bugis Junction directory and while its unit #0101a would have one guessing that it's next to Ajisen Ramen #0101... it was not! It's on the other end of Bugis Junction, next to BHG/Harris Anne- facing the junction, opposite Bugis Village. I took a big loop finding it!! Oh wells, calories exhausted in walking before dessert!!
귀여워 고양이가 귀여웟던적은 첨이야진짜로 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ❤️
sleep fitfully🤯
졸업사진 사지말걸 ..
체력 검사
탐정 존재미 #탐정리턴즈
아 졸려ㅓㅓㅓㅓ