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I'm a sucker for a fancy staircase.  #abandonedplaces #urbex #explore #bando #abandonedschool #staircase #abandonedkansas
House on the Kansas Prairie...always debate on whether to post in color showing the true colors of the aging process or the b&w. Here's both. . #kansasphotography #abandonedplaces #abandonedkansas #throughmyeyes #flinthills #flinthillsofkansas #councilgrove #strongcity #thisoldhouse #stillstandingstrong #ipulledoverforthis #memoriesofthepast #grandpatellmeboutthegoodoledays #onlyinkansas #ruralkansas
A stunning home hidden on a side street in a tiny Kansas town.  It was another one I almost missed, but my wife made sure she yelled, “look at that!” as I drove by.  I swung around and we were in awe of how cool this place is.  It must have been amazing when it was first built on this hill, giving the people some inspiring views of the horizon.
This sits on a lonely hill somewhere near Formoso, Kansas.  Population 93.  The most striking thing for me in this moment was how loud the country sounded.  The wind was fairly strong, and the sound of the swaying grass cascaded over the hill while the songbirds made their presence known.  It was a beautiful moment.  Luckily, whenever I look at the photos from this spot, I'll think of those sounds.
"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." . ~Pericles Quotes . #abandonedplaces #abandonedkansas #legacy #houseontheprairie #travelks #kansas_love #countryroads #florencekansas #kansassites #flinthillsofkansas
This is a beautiful place by Marion Kansas that my son and I pulled over for on the way back to Manhattan yesterday afternoon. Somehow I don’t remember driving by when I was younger. I was pretty familiar with the Hillsboro and Marion area during high school but this was just a little out of my stomping grounds back then. Glad we stumbled on it now. I grew up in Kansas but I’m still seeing new things all the time. I like to take different routes and explore new scenery. I’m also always in a hurry because I stop at too many places and wind up pressed for time so there’s always something to go back and see. I remember driving by this on my last trip. Glad we could stop for a few minutes this time. #abandoned #abandonedkansas