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☀️ sunscreen ☀️ reapplication ☀️ Like you guys, for me sunscreen is indispensable. It's a MUST and yes we all know it. Yet I gotta admit that I rarely reapply my sunscreen, especially when I'm out wearing a little bit of make-up . Not so long ago I bought that cushion foundation with SPF 50, which works fine but, that foundation stays on almost all day long, so reapplying it just made me look like I was gonna do a stage performance. And your girl prefers a natural look. Don't we all? . Here comes my latest addition to my sunscreen game.. . @originsfrance Ginzing SPF 40 Energy boosting tinted moisturizer. I wanted to buy this since forever but afraid that it won't match my skin tone, even though they say that it'll match any skin tone. But yeah, I don't believe that. Couldn't even find many review for mid to dark skinned people. But hell, curiosity kills, so I just get one and I didn't regret. There's no coverage but it makes my skin looking better as if I put on a light weight bb cream. It doesn't match my skin tone directly but after 15 min it sort of blend just naturally. Reapplication was impeccable. I need to powder around my tzone though, but that's fine. I'm so happy with this but couldn't recommend to everyone because of diff skin tone . @supergoop setting mist SPF 50. I never tried anything from this brand, but I heard so many positive reviews. So when I saw this at @sephorafrance I had to buy it. Especially when it says on the packaging that it sets make-up and helps control shine! And this really does!! Smells very refreshing as well. I just needed some time to know how far away should I spray this from my face. I really recommend this mist for everyone, because you'll need this ✴️ _________________________________ #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #sunscreen #skincarefirst #alwaysputsunscreenon #abcommunity #supergoopsettingmist #ginzingspf40
I think I just found a really great alternative to the Cosrx Centella Blemish cream, and that is the iUNIK Centella Calming Gel. - Now, I really love centella asiatica as an ingredient in my skincare. Why? Because it is amazing when it comes to treating wounds in the most gentle way possible and I love to use it especially when dealing with acne scarring. In fact, it was in a klog.co post where the title was literally “Ingredient Spotlight: How centella asiatica extract helps fight acne inflammation”. - This is a 60ml product, which contains 70% centella asiatica and 10% tea tree leaf water. It is oil free and claims to be blemish calming. It also claims to be suitable for all skin types & for sensitive skin. -  First Impression:  It’s a translucent cream and it’s non-sticky. It has a really subtle scent, that disappears after it has been applied. Overall the scent seems to be very “clean” and “fresh”. - Super weird, but I have to say this. This packaging is really satisfying to touch. 😂 iUNIK’s products are generally quite simple, just like Purito’s packaging. - My skin feels moisturized and yes, my blemishes calmed down in the morning after. - Overall Experience: The great thing about this product is that it’s translucent, and I said that it is a better alternative to the Cosrx centella cream because you can apply this during the day without having to worry about having an obvious white cast on your face. - This gel definitely absorbs much better on the skin & it does do what it claims, which is calming down the blemishes. - Let me know what other centella products have you tried? I wanna try them out too ❤️ - - - #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #skincarecommunity #skincare #koreanskincareroutine #korean #abcommunity #beauty #bblogger #beautycommunity #instacommunity #beautyblogger #blog #singapore  #kbblogger #kbeautyblogger #korea #facialcare #skincareobsessed #koreanbeautyaddict #beautyaddict #koreaobsessed #asianbeautycommunity
am I the only one who loves this kind of shades??? 😍 . . 1. @humanheartnature Tinted lip balm in island kiss 2. @maybelline Super stay matte ink #75 fighter 3. @lorealph Colour riche #804 he thinks he's MATTE-cho 4. @peripera.official Airy ink velvet #6 It brown orange . . . #abcommunity #abcommunityph #discoverunder500 #discoverunder1k #blog #blogger #bloggerph #swatch #swatches #lipstickswatch #lipstickswatches #makeup #makeupjunkies #lipstick #tint #lipstickjunkies #peripera #lorealph #loreal #maybellineph #maybelline #humannature #humanheartnature
-My quintessential morning serums-  I’ve been unexpectedly using and loving the rightmost Perricone MD Amine Face Lift! It has glycolic acid which provided a smoothing and acne fighting effect, which is very nice combined with its anti-aging DMAE and its THDA for mornings. Its emulsion format is also nice to provide extra moisture and occlusiveness, since some days I feel my morning moisturizer isn’t enough.  Melano CC Essence is a holy grail of mine and I buy it by the dozens from Japan nowadays- since it almost singlehandedly removed all my PIH within weeks when I just got started with skincare.  The Ordinary Ferulic Acid + Resveratrol is another one I use daily, hoping that it helps transform the Melano CC into a CE Ferulic product more cheaply and conveniently!  The Ordinary Buffet is nicely hydrating and moisturizing, though I’m yet to see any benefits. It does provide a big punch of hydration to my skin however. I’d like to think of the peptides as an investment that would pay off in the future. This bottle is now almost empty and I’m waiting for my new toy- the Buffet + Copper Peptides to arrive!  #skincare #beautycommunity #abcommunity #asianbeauty #beauty #beautyblog #productreview
— #makeupoftheday 🐼 . . ⚡La Tulipe Sunscreen Gel ⚡Tonymoly CC Intense Cover Cushion (V203) ⚡Zoya Mono Blush (Signora) ⚡Emina My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm (Ice Queen) ⚡Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte (86) . . #southskinblog . . . . . . . #bloggerindo #bloggerperempuan #asianbeauty #indobeautygram #beautysquad #setterspace #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #skincareaddiction #beautycommunity #koreanskincare #koreanmakeup #koreancosmetics #abbeatthealgorithm #abcommunity #bblogger #beautyjunkie #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #뷰티 #뷰티블로거 #화장품 #makeupaddiction #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k #beautygram
Dzień dobry ❤️. Tez jesteście tak zapuchnięci od rana? 😊 Polecam Wam dzisiaj świetną maseczkę oczyszczającą z @sephorapolska . Maseczkę Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattiying z miedzią i cynkiem można kupić w Sephorze (oczywiście) w dwóch rozmiarach. Pojemności 30 ml kosztuje 30 zł, a duże opakowanie 60 ml kosztuje 56 zł. Maseczka trochę dziwnie pachnie, ale da się przeżyć. Kosmetyk dobrze oczyszcza skorę. Następnego dnia po użyciu skóra jest wyraźnie gładsza i wygładzona. Kupiłam ją po wielu pozytywnych recenzjach i na pewno kupię sobie kolejne opakowanie 😊. Jest całkiem wydajna, mój słoiczek 30 ml starczy na około 15 aplikacji 👍🏼. Znacie tą maseczkę?  #kosmetyki#polishgirl#polishboy#polskadziewczyna#polskichlopak#kosmetyczka#poznan#poznań#warszawa#krakow#pielegnacja#pielegnacjatwarzy#pielęgnacja#azjatyckiekosmetyki#sekretyurodykoreanek#koreanskiekosmetyki#sephora#glinka#maseczka#abcommunity
Regrann from @d_wandergirl - 👩🏻‍⚕️ [2ND WK THANK YOU GIVEAWAY] 💦 ~ Another new week, another exciting giveaway! As promised here’s the 2nd week edition of my mini sheet mask giveaway! ~ I’ve teamed up with @mimostudiouae to do a *2-week mini sheet mask giveaway* to celebrate my 2k milestone and also just a little thank you to the lovely #abcommunity ~ There will be 4 lucky winners, 2 each week. Winners will receive 2 sheet masks each that I recently featured in my Instablog. ~ How to enter: 1. Follow @mimostudiouae and myself @d_wandergirl and like this post (Unfollowers will be blocked and won't be able to join future giveaways) 2. Tag 3 friends who might want to join! [Optional] For 2 additional entries, repost this picture with #dwandergirlxmimostudiouae on your Feed or Stories(keep it for 24hrs) and tag mimostudiouae. ~ 🔺 Private accounts can also join, just send me a screenshot of your repost or stories & follow all rules mentioned, no giveaway accounts allowed (I will be checking 👀) 🐪 Giveaway is open for Dubai residents only. (Sorry, will be hosting an INTL GA next time after this) 🔒 Giveaway will run for 2 weeks, winner will be announced on my stories and GA post. 📦 Products will be gifted to the winners by Mimostudiouae. ~ Good luck everyone ♥️ Happy Masking! ~ #mimostudiouae #dwandergirl #kbeauty #freestuff #kbeautyblogger #sheetmask #라네즈 #facemask #koreanskincare #kskincare #skincareroutine #skincare #moisturizer #beautygiveaway #mimo #makeupgiveaway #giveawaydubai #giveaway #contestgram #contestgram #contestgiveaway #dubaigiveaway #makeup #beauty #freestufffinder - #regrann
. This is another new product that I have been slowly incorporating into my routine. The It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VB Effector is designed to help balance the skin’s natural oil and sebum production. . I suffer with combination skin, so an oily t-zone and normal to dry cheeks etc... and I am always on the look for products that could help with oil control. I started patch testing this product for around two weeks without any irritation, so I moved to applying this onto my face. . At first, I applied to the whole face, but I quickly learned this was the wrong move. The product contains a hefty amount of alcohol 😫 and it wasn’t too long before I found my cheeks feeling drier than usual and slightly redder. I have since switched to only applying this serum to my forehead and nose area in the morning and evening, and I have had some positive results with the oil control. However, I don’t think the volume of alcohol in this product agrees with my skin, and my mind can’t physically comprehend slapping so much drying alcohol onto my face twice a day 😢 . I will finish the bottle because I hate wasting products, but I probably won’t be repurchasing it again. I mean, the packaging is nice and the application dropper is very handy for cleanliness etc... but the smell of alcohol in this product is SO strong that it about knocks your head off. I wanted to like it so much 🌸🌿😊 . . #itsskin #kbeauty #koreanskincare #instaskincare #skincareroutine #loveskincare #abeauty #skincarehaul #instabeauty #power10formula #instablogger #oilcontrol #instareviews #skincareblogger #oilyskin  #beautyjunkie  #skingoals #skincarereview #abcommunity #beautyreview #beautyblogger #acneskincare #combinationskin #skincare
In some lazy mornings, rather than to wash my face with water, I prefer to use a cleansing water. Just put enough amount on the cotton pad then swipe it across the face, and voila! ☄ . When I first came into the skincare community and get to know about it, I was really strict with my cleansing routine. Even in the morning, when my face wasn't even that dirty, I would still wash it with a cleansing foam. After a while, though, I realized that doing too much of it could damage your skin barrier (be careful, guys!). . Shoutout to the amazing @liahyoo that inspired and taught me a lot about the importance of skin barrier 🌴🌴. . 📷 in the frame: @huxley_korea Secret of Sahara Cleansing Water: Be Clean, Be Moist 🌵🌵
Innisfree is a Korean brand one should own. It is not a joke that this product would leave you feeling, "I woke up like this!". Available at @labonitaauh 😊🍵✔️ ----- Read more... https://bit.ly/greenteaseedcream
#review 🌿 Mask: Willow Herb Essence Soothing Mask 💕 🌿 Claims: Detoxing & Soothing ✔️ The essences of rosemary, sage and chamomile contain healthy phytonutrients that moisturize and soothe the skin. The purifying properties in the herbal extracts replenish the skin with minerals for a healthy and even complexion. 💕 Thoughts: this mask was gifted to me by my friend @theoneandonlymrsjaridi ☺️ Thanks again 💕 Whenever i buy a sheetmask, i always buy the moisturizing and soothing ones cause that’s mainly what i need. This Willow mask comes in 3 different variants [ the other two is for firming & glowing ] Haven’t heard of this brand before and didn’t see this much on instagram but for the price point I think it is worth the try. 🌿 Results: Left the mask on for 20mins. Mask was soaked in a milky white essence that smells like lotion. the mask didn’t have any protective backing. Fit & adherence was okay, not the prettiest mask. Needed to exert some efforts just to smoothen out the mask. I experienced a bit of itchiness while the mask was on, not sure why. I thought of removing it earlier than 20mins but the itchiness subsided so i was able to leave it on as per the usual timing. mouth area already started to dry out. After removing the mask, i noticed the same after mask glow I usually get from the soothing/moisturizing masks plus it brighten up my skin a little. the pimple on my chin was almost dead so i am not sure if it did something to it. ~ ⭐️ Rating: 3/5 It was an okay mask. Definitely moisturizing. 💦 But I don’t like the itchiness from the beginning because i am afraid that I might get some irritation. Thankfully no breakouts or irritation the morning after. I’ll be checking out the IL and see if i might be allergic to any of the ingredients. ~ 💸 Will I repurchase this? Not really. This is not something i will stock up. But I don’t mind using it again if gifted one. ~ 🛒 You can get this mask at @lamisebeauty for
Oils collection for #abmidyearstashchallenge day 13  Opened (1) 💦 Drunk Elephant Marula Oil - sometimes I'll mix it with a gel cream/emulsion just for the hell of it but I don't see a difference between using this and a heavier moisturiser.  Unopened (2) 💦The Ordinary Squalane 💦 Seven Wondera Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum
🌿Today I have to skip the #abmidyearstashchallenge because I don't have any nothing accessories. 😮 . 🌿 So I decided to show you my everyday make up staples. . . . . . 🌿 @hourglass ambient lighting powder in diffused light. For a very subtle glow . 🌿 @innisfreeofficial no sebum mineral powder. For my oily areas. . 🌿 @itcosmetics cc cream in medium. For imperfections. . 🌿 @etudehouseofficial looks at me eyeshadow in  br041. Great blending colour!!! . 🌿 @etudehouseofficial sweet recipe cupcake in orange choux cake. For natural cheek blush . 🌿 @acquadiparma_official in aqua nobile. A nice summery scent . . . . . . . #beautynerd #koreanbeautynerd #koreanskincare #abcommunity  #beautygram #morningroutine #skincareover30 #beautyflatlay #beautyroutine #rasianbeauty #abbeatthealgorithm #rasianskincare #fortheglow #skinperks  #gentleontheskin #makeupfavourites #healthylookingskin #skincareaddict #skincareblogger #365skincare #instamakeup .
Are you a #simplegirl or an #extraqueen when it comes to skincare? Comment below to lemme know ❤️. . ✨. If you don’t don’t I love the idea of layering products to build up #ultimatehydration for my skincare regimen. Understanding how extra I am when I comes to skincare, especially this winter ❄️, I’m adding a bit of extraness to my favourite #tatcha The Silk Cream with the #dior #captureyouth Plump Booster for more hydration and instant plumping effect. . ✨ lemme know what’s your favourite couple for ultimate hydration ❤️. Love ya all. . . #vietnamese . ✨bạn là một cô nàng lười dưỡng da hay mê mẩn để có một lớp da căng mướt cả ngày? Hãy comment phần bên dưới cho mình biết nha xxx . ✨ cá nhân cherry rất thích sử dụng nhiều bước khác nhau trong chứ trình dưỡng da của mình để tạo độ ẩm tuyệt đối cả ngày lẫn đêm nên mùa đông này mình đã cho cục cưng Tatcha silk cream của mình một chút lồng lộn với Dior Plump Filter để tại hiệu ứng năng cơ tức thì cho một làn da cực căng đúng chất “plumping”. . ✨ các bạn có bí quyết dưỡng da hãy bật mí cho cherry nhaaaa. Cám ơn mng x . #skincare #skincareritual #skincarelovers #hydratedskin #healthylookingskin #skincarecommunity #skincareaddiction #abcommunity #glowyskin #koreanskincareroutine #ausbeautyaddicts #meccabeautyjunkie #ausbeauty #ビューティ #スキンケア #dưỡngda #duongda #diorskincare #diorskin
i'm currently breaking out. i have two huge zits on the right side of my face. it hurts and they look so angry red. for sure they'll just end up as acne scars. my pimples have a tendency to grow just as a bump and never comes out.  right now, i use Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch in the morning since i have to commute to work and i don't want it get more exposed to pollution. and at night, i dab on Beauty Bakery Pimple Spot Treatment hoping it will help dry up the pimple or if not at least calm it down.
Discoved other NARUKO Mask line Taiwan Magnolia last night. A bit expensive than the green tea  variant. . This certain mask comes with ear flaps and 30ml essence〰️so definitely one of the cheapest with earflaps and something that works in terms of the glowing essence effect. . ❤️ after mask thoughts: ➕ Brighter and glowing ➕ Makes skin look healthy ➕ No irritation for me ➕ Relaxing smell ➕ Comfortable fit ➖After 30mins, essence not fully absorbed so its a bit tacky but goes out after a little massage . Best for people with combination and dull skin. . . . . . . #abbeatthealgorithm #abcommunity #rasianbeauty #asianskincare #skincareroutine #nightroutine #kbeauty #kbeautyblogger #kbeautyaddict #koreanskincare #naturalskincare #instablog #instablogger #instaskincare #skincareobsessed #skincareroutine#selflove #selfcare #instabeauty #beautygram #beautyblogger #glowingskin #mesoesteticph# #skincarecommunity #love #skincaredaily #narukoph #narukosg
Few left at @conceptcovecebu!  The Mid-day Blue Sun lotion is a refreshing cream filled with hydration, and has a light, weightless finish without the oily feeling. When applied, it has a subtle glow that transforms into a feathery finish you won’t want to miss out on. 💙💙💙 Regrann from @emilieskincare