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7 days until we embark to Tanzania! ⠀ ⠀ #countdownbegins #publishingasministry #abhbooks⠀
Happy Missions Monday! Today, the thought of giving out our bite-sized books, to stock the shelves of pastors, keeps us smiling.  #missionsmonday #missionsucess #missionsminded #publishingasministry #abhbooks
As we prepare for Tanzania, we remember the truth that the all powerful God goes with us. Read more from Jess Gregory about how this concept applies wherever we serve. Check it out on our blog (link in bio!). #devotionaltime #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Friday Fun: Animal Edition! Did you know that 25% of Tanzanian land (approximately the size of Germany) contains wildlife sanctuaries and national parks? Some of the Tanzania team will spend time marveling at God’s creation during a safari at the end of the trip, and they will see giraffes like this one! *stats from http://thefactfile.org/tanzania-facts/  #funfridayfact #publishingasministry #abhbooks
With bite-sized books on the way we join our Tanzanian prayer partners in praying for God to work through our books. We specifically lift up new releases we will take to Tanzania. May God work through tangible books to bring intangible spiritual change.  #prayerpartners #prayerministry #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Did you hear the news? ABH’s next bite-sized book will focus on roles of a pastor.  #publishingasministry #abhbooks #ministrypartners #ministryfriends #missionsuccess #missionsminded
On today’s Team Member Tuesday we introduce you to Tom Golding! Tom plays many crucial roles at ABH. He authored three of our bite-sized books, writes for our blog, participates in the curriculum committee, and will go with us to Tanzania again at the end of this month!  Right now, along with Howard and Fran, Tom works on preparations for the pastors’ conference, focusing on the book of Ephesians. We look forward to seeing how God uses Tom’s teaching skills to support the Tanzanian pastors once again!  #teammembertuesday #ministrypartners #ministryfriends #authorlove #publishingasministry #abhbooks
This Missions Monday we remember the power prayer! Thank you for your prayers; our work is dependent on them.  #missionsmonday #missionsucess #missionsminded #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Happy Fun Friday: Transportation Edition! To arrive on Kome Island from the United States we take multiple plane rides, multiple bus trips, and multiple ferries! The exhaustion of travel pales in comparison to receiving the privilege of doing the work God calls us to do.  #funfridayfact #missionstrave l#publishingasministry #abhbooks
This year we look forward to launching not only Swahili, but English versions of our bite-sized books, available soon though our website and the ABH office. Our enthusiasm grows as we think of sharing biblical teaching with people right in our backyard and all over the world!  #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Happy Team Member Tuesday! Today we want to introduce you to Sandi Glahn, an ABH author. Sandi co-authored Control. Sandi also teaches at Dallas Theological Seminary. Something you may not expect is that Sandi once backpacked the Grand Canyon with her husband and her in-laws. We love learning something new about our team members each week!  #teammembertuesday #ministrypartners #ministryfriends #authorlove #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Join us in prayer for Kome Island Pastors/Church Leaders: Zakayo, Simeon, Martine.  Our staff prays together every morning and we would love to pray for you! Email us your requests at info@abhbooks.com  #prayerpartners #prayerministry #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Join us in prayer for our authors of Bite-Sized Books: Yusuph Emmanuel and Wendell G. Johnston.  Our staff prays together every morning and we would love to pray for you! Email us your requests at info@abhbooks.com  #prayerpartners #prayerministry #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Happy Missions Monday! We could not do our missions work without our translators! We cannot wait to be back with these men and women we now call friends.  #missionsmonday #missionsucess #missionsminded #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Ever find yourself faced with an unknown? In this week's missions blog ABH staffer, Jess Gregory, looks toward her first trip to Tanzania and reflects on God's words to Paul in Acts 23. Read more about how the Lord meets each one of us in the unknowns. Check link in bio!  #ministryblog #missionsblog #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Happy Fun Friday! Today we marvel at the strength and joy of the Tanzanian widows who carried their bags of food on their heads all the to their villages. Do not try this at home!  #missionsuccess #missionsminded #publishingasministry #abhbooks
Due to God’s provision and your generosity our Tanzania trip is fully funded! Thank you! ⠀ ⠀ #ministrypartners #ministryfriends #missionsuccess #missionsminded #publishingasministry #abhbooks⠀
It’s Team Member Tuesday! Meet bite-sized book author Mary Demuth. Mary wrote Not Marked, a book about healing from sexual abuse. We adapted it into a bite-sized book and translated it into Swahili! We thank Mary for releasing her Spirit-given words to help heal people across the globe. ⠀ ⠀ When asked about her favorite missions experience Mary states, “We were church planters in France from 2004—2006. It was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. Tons of spiritual warfare knocked me flat. I suffered. My children suffered. So many tears, I cannot count them. But God used that time to grow me deeper. So much of what I write about comes from the soil of France.” We love how God shapes us through missions! ⠀ ⠀ Connect with Mary @marydemuth ⠀ ⠀ #teammembertuesday #ministrypartners #ministryfriends #authorlove #publishingasministry #abhbooks⠀
It’s Fun Friday! One of our favorite ways to enjoy fun friday comes through praising the Lord with our brothers and sisters from all over the world. Give thanks to God for something today!  #abhbooks #africa #world #travel #missions  #iamatraveler
It’s Team Member Tuesday! Meet ABH author, Rachelle Alspaugh! Rachelle authored both Unexpected Tears and Painful Waiting with ABH and frequently contributes to our blog page.⠀ Rachelle remains one of our most faithful supporters. When asked what she wants you to know, she told us, “I am so thankful for how God divinely connected me first with Fran and then with ABH. It was a very real answer to a specific prayer and partnering in ministry with ABH has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.” We are thankful for you too, Rachelle! ⠀ ⠀ #abhbooks #abhteammembertuesday ⠀