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it's been a while, so here's a bright and fun floral with gouache paint 🤗
The prettiest new dress. And it’s down to $35 from $60 right now! 💕
Here’s a cheeky Wednesday challenge for you.  Based on this photo, who can tell me Where in Manhattan is Melissa? (Come back tomorrow for the answer)  #whereinmanhattanismelissa #realestateagentabouttown #douglaselliman #themalowteam
It’s nearly been 2 weeks!!!! Who’s pregnant out there in insta world?? And what number bubba is this for you??? Announcement plaques online soon 🖤
So nice having my bedspread back. Also putting my original wedding dress up a real #vintagevictorian era dress. I decided to go with a suit/ the material is so old it tears when I even try to put it on. Alas I will treasure it always and look forwards to passing it down to my children. It will surely be a divine family heirloom. #plantwitch #plantwitchery #herbalist #magicalherbalist  #botanical #plantlover #plantsofinstagram #plantlife #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmtravelbug #abmspaces #houseplantclub #queer #gay #lesbianhome #transhome #hygge #hyggehome #hyggelife #hyggeligt #thefairytalebloggers #searchwandercollect #bevisuallyinspired #girlswhokissgirls #loveislove #seeklove #selflove #selfcare #heavenonearth
I am STILL working on this one. Sigh.  I’ve probably put in another 3.5 hours this week weaving in ends...swipe to see the progress on the “darkside”. Hoping to have it done by the end of the week!  Anyone else have a lingering project?
Light ✨🌿 Волшебный свет 😊
✌️ O U T (if you need me, I’ll be somewhere on a beach with my toes in the water, ass in the sand)
💚 @andreainmelbourne looking absolutely gorgeous wearing our Donut Drop earrings in green and silver- only 2 pairs of these left for ever at slypony.com 💚
I am undoubtedly in the midst of the craziest season of life I've ever lived. Between Justin's schedule and mine, we've hardly had a free day this summer, and I'm only exaggerating a teensy bit. There have been days that my head literally wanted to explode. There have been days that I've cried. And then there are days, like today, that I'm so thankful for every little thing that makes up the craziness - a job that I love, incredible clients, two kids who melt my heart, a husband who's my number one teammate in making it all work, my sister's wedding that's ONE MONTH from today (😱😍🎉), and of course the two things that keep me sane: wine and coffee (kind of kidding, kind of not). Even in the busiest and most full seasons, it's always good to take a step back and count your blessings. What or who are you thankful for today? 📸:@meghanpremuda
Mentally elsewhere... 🏊🏻‍♀️
When you realize it’s only Wednesday........ @babylucibows is releasing her newest collection 7/20 @ 4pm PST. The pieces are so great for hot summer days, and the colors will make a fantastic transition to fall! • • • • • •  #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmlife #childhoodunplugged #flashesofdelight #clickinmoms #darlingmovement #purejoy #kidswall #livethelittlethings #likeforlike #abmlifeiscolorful #candidchildhood #toddlersofinstagram #letthembelittle #trendytots #fashionkids #minifashionista #toddlerfashion #toddlerootd #shophandmade #shopsmall #kidsfashiongallery #pixel_kids #ootd  #momswithcameras #instadaily #chasingrainbowswithyou
Eeep less than 24 hours to register for #watercolorsummit!🙈 I've been asked many times how I paint my pine trees and how I make them look realistic. When I was planning my class for the Watercolor Summit, I wanted to as in detail as I could with the subject I'm teaching - Monochrome Misty Landscapes. I wanted to share every bit of knowledge and experience in have in that area, especially my precise brushstrokes that make up the pines I love so much, as well as how to make a pine forest look natural. I share all the information of exactly how I go about composing this landscape. . When I started learning watercolors, I had to scour the Internet for resources to learn. YouTube videos helped but none were full-fledged lessons. I had to read obsessively everyday to understand the theory behind techniques. Here's why I think the $249 for the Summit is worth it. Last year when I wanted to grow as an artist, I stopped shopping and eating out for a few months, saved every penny I could from my meagre salary and invested more than $300 in good art supplies and online classes. Because I was just that committed to investing in myself and experiences. That investment, along with painting everyday, directly enabled me to make better art and start my own business, and eventually quit my job. Think about it, $249or around 16.5k rupees is how much we spend on shopping for material things in a couple of months. . If you, like me, believe in spending money on experiences, then Watercolor Summit is just the thing! Gift it to yourself or a loved one 💜 Honestly though, this $249 price is amazing when you get to learn from 8 artists, each teaching you different styles and subjects in watercolors! To those of you who have already signed up, here's a cookie 🍪 and a huge thank you!  Your support means the world! 💕 . . . . . #mistypinesbywhatacolorgal  #watercolorph #abmlifeiscolorful #handmadewatercolor #inspiredbynature #happyartistmovement #abmlifeisbeautiful #paintingvideo
I love expressing my ‘self' on social media. I love the personal development journey of my business. And I love being able to create deep connections with women all around the world. But lately, I’ve had to ask myself a very important question. I tried to ignore it but this question just kept popping up in so many ways.⠀ ✧⠀ ✧⠀ The question was: are you too busy trying to impress the world that you’ve forgotten to bring your best self to the people that really truly matter to you?⠀ ✧⠀ ✧⠀ Yep, pretty deep. Right? As Shauna Niequist so beautifully says in her book Present Over Perfect: "It’s easy to be liked by strangers. It’s very hard to be loved and connected to the people in your home when you’re always bringing them your most exhausted self and resenting the fact that the scraps you’re giving them aren’t cutting it.”⠀ ✧⠀ ✧⠀ I’m all about playing big. I’m all about making dreams come true. I’m all about creating a legacy. But maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t have to be so public all the time. Maybe some things are too sacred for social media. And maybe the best space to create a legacy is with quiet moments at home.⠀ ✧⠀ ✧⠀ Thank you to @breathemagazine_australia and @pukkaherbsaustralia who were loved sponsors of the Express Your Self workshop and help me to make sacred space in public and at home 💗
Kochane! Dziś post z prośbą o pomoc, bo kto jak nie Wy 😀 poszukuję tak na szybko super ebooków do poczytania tak na plaży na luzie. Może być super wciągający kryminał, może być jakaś motywacyjno inspirująca książka. Nawet nie musi być to eBook, choć to sprawę znacznie ułatwi 😀 Nie piszę tego w stories, żeby inni mogli skorzystać 🙂 czytałyście ostatnio coś, co nie pozwalało Wam zasnąć, a o losach bohaterów myślałyście jeszcze na długo po odłożeniu książki? ☺️🙏🏻 • • #helpme #flatlay #slaytheflatlay #lifestyleblogger #lifestylephotography #flatlaystyle #inspiremyinstagram #bookgram #vscobooks #whattoread #bookworm #booklover #photooftheday #flowerpic #flowergram #abmlifeisbeautiful #flatlayinspiration #pinterest #pursuepretty #thehappynow #nothingsordinary #tablesituation