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Work hard stay humble .  Jefferson Lim @AttoZivDetailers x @Reflections_Detail  Repost @fearlessmotivationofficial • • • Surround yourself with WINNERS! - FearlessMotivation� - Turn on notifications: @fearlessmotivationofficial and stay tuned for daily motivational videos and new success content. We are committed to keep you GROWING and HUNGRY every day, 24-7, 365. - NUMBER ONE for motivational speeches on iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay - search “Fearless Motivation” now.� -
GREAT MORALS TO LIVE BY! 💡 H A P P Y  F R I D A Y ! ! ! 🙌🏽😉 • • • • • #focus #genuine #confident #stayactive #consistent #community  #livefitarmy #dontgiveup  #happyfriday #bostonstrong  #accountability #staycommitted #motivatingothers
I’ve been feeling like shit for the past 2 weeks, between sinus pain and the cold it’s been a tough old time... to the point where on Wednesday my body just said no and I fainted on our front stairs. (I’m 5’11” so when I go down, I fall hard!) It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me, ever, and I’ve taken some pretty hard hits over the years. Fortunately, my friend was visiting for a few days is trained in first aid and was able to look after me.  I fainted because I hadn’t eaten enough, drank enough fluids and had been suffering with sinus nausea and dizziness for days before. Basically I hadn’t been looking after myself.  I’m not sharing this for sympathy, simply to remind myself, and you, that if you don’t look after yourself, your body will eventually find a way to let you know.  My husband got the fright of his life seeing me out cold on the hall floor, then he was mad as hell I hadn’t eaten much that day!  So I’m under strict instructions to eat, drink and make sure I put as much time into myself as I do my family.  Today’s trip to Châteauneuf-du-Pape for our 6 year anniversary was fantastic, as it’s the first day I’ve felt human. The happy faces you see here are genuine, because everyone is happy when mama is happy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #parenting101 #healthymama #marriedtomybestfriend #livingourbestlife #myprovence #chateauneufdupape #happyfamily #parentinginfrance #parentingtheshitoutoflife #6thanniversary #thesearethemoments #expatinfrance #motherhoodunplugged #honestmotherhood #honestparenting #accountability
I want to be known for the size of my heart, not the size of my booty  I want to confidently fill my time with helping others, not feeling like I need to hip bridge my life away  I want to be strong in mind and body, not just what I sit on  I want to be what I believe is the best version of me, not what small minded people think that is  I want to be truly healthy, not a trending stereotypical shape  I want to turn my Husband on...and that I do  PS I suck at 🦆👄’s 😂
“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” - Charles Dickens . . I love to laugh!! Laughing has to be one of my favorite ways to work my abs and face muscles too!! . . I’ve been enjoying my summer and feeling ready for a reset to jumpstart my health! I’m working on getting back into my routine and living healthy!! Are you feeling sluggish? Having a hard time getting back into your groove? Join me and get accountability to reach your goals!!! . . Lets stay committed together for a 30 day challenge! Empower your life with fitness, mindfulness and clean eating!! Perhaps some laughter too!! . . . . . . . . . . . #charlesdickensquote #laughdaily #expressgratitude #30dayhealthyliving #healthyliving #wholebodyhealth #mindfulness #meditation #mindbodysoul #healthygoals #smartgoals #healthandwellness #keeprenohealthy @seattle.city @mariners @commandinglife #pilatesinstructor #lovewhatyoudo @unplugmeditationapp #accountability #arbonnedetox #eatclean #goodvibes #pilateslife #pilatesanytime
I am about a week in on this trip and I can see so much of a change physically, mentally and spiritually🌟 . Sure I haven't done my workout to its fullest everyday but I have been staying active. I was nervous to come on this trip and be in a bikini for 14 days and how it would affect my time and my mood here but I haven't let that stop me for a second🌟 . Since I have been here I can feel that I am stronger mentally and that little voice in my head isn't so negative any more🌟 . So the second half of this trip is for staying committed  staying accountable, and mixing a little work with a little pleasure.🌟
Day 100 of 100 Little by little.I did not have a Cinnamon Roll. I bit a donut. I had very little alcohol. Wine is too sweet. Not a full beer.  It all added up to a more than just shedding pounds. I have better focus. More control of my food. I was candid about what I ate. I shared my weight nearly daily. Never once did I feel like quiting. I only strived to get better. I will share this...I went from a size 17 1/2 neck to a 15. My chest is bigger than my stomach. My belt is on the last notch. Next 100 days coming. Pictures to follow. Special announcement too.  #keto100days #ketofy #ketosis #goodfat #lazyketo #diet #diaryofafatman #fitnessgoals #comedianscountingcalories #reversepregnancy #reversemybelly #reversemalepregnancy #butterhealth #atkins #weightloss #exercise #intermittentfasting #instagood #bulletproofdiet #accountability #fatnomore  #targetweight #bulletproofcoffee
My superfoods ARE my morning supersaver ! My meal on the go ALWAYS 🙌. . . #ontrack #accountability #fitness #fitmom #instagram #likes #followers
|• resolutions are NOT just for the start of a new year, you should constantly be improving daily•| ‼️‼️‼️Between interactions I've had and observations on social media, I've seen many of the SAME people repeating the SAME "reevaluating... thinking about life...organizing... getting my life together, going to REALLY get in the gym... back to the start ... reflecting... etc" each month, week, and even day.  _________ Yes, this is a CONSTANT process, but it should not be constantly started over at square ONE every month. You should build on this consistently.  ________ You can by as many gym pants, journals, books, avocados, and gallons of water, but it all means nothing unless applied, and old habits discarded.  __________ How many times are you going to do/ say the same things until you realize it's not working?! I love the motivation! But what is the motivation without the MOVEMENT. You become a hoarder of resolutions without disposing the habits in order to effectively achieve results.  __________ I encourage you to REflect, REcharge, REfocus, and REstart but don't keep REPEATING and REWINDING. Because then you REMAIN in the same spot with same "RESULTS.  _________ If you take the "trash" from the garage to the front lawn, you never got rid of anything. Then next month you move the "trash" from the front lawn back to the garage. It's still in your "home.  ____________ If the load is too heavy, take one piece of "trash" to the sidewalk every day and make sure that garbage man takes it with him. Remove it from you "home" (your life). As this becomes a habit everyday, you will gain momentum, and in turn MOVEMENT.  ___________ You will begin to reflect and refuse "things" that don't enhance your life before you allow them to clutter it. It will be a constant in your day to day to take it out and reorganize what you do have.  ____________ Once you free your life from unnecessary "things", by making it a priority to dispose of what's not needed, you
Nuff said  Jefferson Lim  @AttoZivDetailers x @Reflections_Detail . . 📸 @lifesuccess_1049 • • • Don’t give advice unless it comes from personal experience.💯
Today is the day I push my water, get back to normal and sweat it out. Thursday was nice, but I feel like poo. Have you ever noticed after your freedom for a meal or day or whatever you do, you feel just yuck!?!?!?!? Ya, me too. Restrict the amount of time you let yourself go nuts. Be accountable to going nuts. Weigh after you have gone nuts. It all seems to help gain that focus back. #goodmorning #fitfam #fitsisters #obesity #noexcuse #onedayatatime #showthescale #accountability #measureeverything #planaheadoftime #pcosweightloss #gotgoals #itsfridayyay #myweightlossjourney #myfitnesspal #85percenthealthy15percentfun
Day 445: #face2facefriday  August 2017 Vs August 2018 What a difference a year makes!🦄 Happy Friday 🤗 * #accountability #keto #if #lchf #ketoweightloss #ketosis #keepinitketo #ketoaf #ketomaintenance #before #after #progress #ketowoe #ketoglow
AAAAYYYYYYY BIG NEWS!! 🔥🔥🔥 Guess who is a proud new Dumbbell Dynasty Athlete!? THIS CHICK!💁🏻 🐣🐣🐣 . If you guys haven't checked out @dumbbell_dynasty go to the link in my bio! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 . - They're AFFORDABLE and have some AWESOME stuff! . Like discounts?? ➡️➡️➡️Code: KYRA1
We are uber excited that in 28 days Naked & Unafraid Women's Empowerment Movement will host our inaugural retreat in #dallas #texas.  It's going to be a transformative experience for the women attending, life will not be the same, they will walk away with skills to improve their relationship of all kinds.  #nakedandunafraid #grindgrowdeliver #grind #grow #boldandfree #getnaked #smallbiz #smallbusiness #womenretreat #businesswoman #womenempowerment #businessbabe #bossbabe #entrepreneur #highfrequency #action #momentum #accountability #focus #consistency
We start tomorrow! Come by and register. If you are planning to come and register tomorrow before the meeting, make sure to come early so we can get you taken care of before the meeting starts. We’ll see you then!  #ican_canyou #weighloss #huntsvilletx #motivation #accountability #results #walkercountytx
“A ship is always safe at shore, but that’s not what it’s built for”. #irefusetosink ⚓️ . Almost two years ago, I was faced with one of the biggest decisions in my life. I received news that I could take a severance package or relocate to continue my career. . Honestly, I was a mess of emotions. Fearing the unknown was overwhelming. My mind was going 100MPH in the few weeks I had to decide. The way I looked at it... I had two choices. . I could live through fear - stay in my comfort zone (NY), start my life over & miss this opportunity... OR I could learn through love, move out of my comfort zone & FACE my fears. . So, I sold everything I owned and chased pavement for 750 miles with just my clothes & shoes. I moved to a city without any friends or family. & you know what? This journey has been the MOST rewarding experience in my life. . I say that, to say this... in life you HAVE to take risks, face your fears... JUMP and hope to hell you can fly. Cuz’ what’s the alternative?! Standing still? Missing opportunities? STOP living through fear and START learning through love. 💚⚓️🙌🏻
Your friendly reminder.