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≪♡≫ this was a blessiNg  #adele
This is so cute. Awww honesty those girls are me and my friend all day long. ••• Love you bunches @adele
≪♡≫ magical  #adele
≪♡≫ wow just wow  #adele
≪♡≫ why can’t adele show us any photos or videos from her wedding like, just one photo that’s all I ask :(( #adele
≪♡≫ I miss this cutie so much aHh #adele
I've probably already posted this because it's so cute. But who's keeping track right. ••• Love you bunches @adele
"I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears."-Adele👸🏼💖💎@adele #daydreamer #blackandwhite #tb #adeleislife
≪♡≫ love this performance  #adele
This is cute. My fifth edit I ever made. Vc: @dellysteacup ••• Love you bunches @adele
Aw she was nervous we wouldn't like it. But man did 25 smash it. Smashed it real good ••• Love you bunches @adele
Building bigger booties with Spin 🍑🚴🏻‍♀️ Shouts to fellow trainers @kelli._.wilson & @pitasyourmother for coming in every week and putting in that work with me 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #adeleislife
Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande concert was exactly a year ago today. Twenty-two families are mourning today. Keep them in your prayers. VC: @queen_adkinsx ••• Love you bunches @adele
So I've seen this "Adele Shapeshifting Into Eight Foot Reptilian" report before, but today I watched the video and I can't help but die laughing. It's the most hilarious video I've ever seen.  Check it out https://youtu.be/Z9Z21nhEMxQ ••• Love you bunches @adele
This is so cute and sad at the same time. She was so happy aww ••• Day 17 love you bunches @adele
First edit I ever made @dellysteacup follow me if you don’t already! ••• Love you bunches @adele
“Bc I'm loving sidele rn! Anybody else? Hands down I ship them💑 “ VC: me @dellysteacup ••• Love you bunches @adele
≪♡≫ I can’t believe this is more than 2 years old  #adele
≪♡≫ always and forever an iconic moment  #adele