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Go Rockdogs!  Repost from @reclinkcommunitycup using @RepostRegramApp - A true #rockdog!  #reclinkcommcup #rockdogs
Doggy in dreamland. ❀🐾 #billieleen #chaseallthethings #gooddog #adoptagreyhound
While I'm off playing with the horses, Piper is thoroughly enjoying his time with his auntie Sydney ❀️ #greyhound #retiredracer #adoptagreyhound
Our girls were great ambassadors for greyhound rescue at the launch of Be Bold Be Brave Be You last night - we have the best girls πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
ALLAN’S STORY: Allan was retired from racing last June at the age of 3. He was rescued by @greyhoundangelswa and went to his first foster home with Jess in December where he learnt how to dog (he learnt so much!) and I first met him with Kairos (there’s some pictures on my page). He was there for many months until being adopted by a family in May. Unfortunately, they had neighboring chickens at their back fence, and Allan was too distressed so he was returned to Jess. In the meantime, Jess had taken on a new foster boy Ernie, who she adopted. Ernie and Allan sadly had a bit of an altercation over some food where they were both injured. Allan then had to go to the kennels, where he stayed for a few weeks. Then I was asked to take him on! Allan is now 4 and practically the perfect pet.
Nellies teeth before and after. She got a natural cleaning without having to go under anesthesia (in the comfort of her own home) and she did amazing. She’s still got some red gums but we’re hoping they get better and we will keep up with cleaning them! Overall it was very successful. (To everyone saying that this isn’t a good idea I want you to know that we WILL take he proper steps with the vet if needed but we wanted to try this first.)
Doing my morning stretches!! 😊#downwarddog #happysunday
My Hoomom is VERY proud of me. I attended my second NLGA Adoption Event today and was a quite the good doggo. #nlgahounds #retiredlife #posterchild #adoptagreyhound
Legs. So many legs.
Our girls were so good at the book launch last night - they charmed everyone and were a fantastic advert for greyhound rescue - lots of extra treats for them today πŸ–€ #proud
Neither of us wanted to get out of bed until 10am today 😴
Atticus (RP Atticus) and Kanye (Atascocita Kanye) are two retired boys who are just as loving and cuddly as can be! Also, that last pic has to be shared so make sure you swipe to the end. #puppucinolove πŸ˜‚ Thank you @annaliiseh for sharing the pics, love these sweet boys! πŸ’ž #greyhoundadoptionofohio #greyhoundsmakegreatpets #adoptagreyhound . . . We would love to share more pictures of our adopted retired greyhounds— please DM us your photos πŸ’–
Breakfast in bed πŸ‘ŒπŸ» —————— Please rest assured that this display of head-eating was consensual. This is one of Blue’s BFF’s, Spice, and one of their fun games involves her worming over to him and him mouthing her head very gently. She often will literally stick her head inside his mouth if he pauses. Greyhounds can be mouthy dogs — that doesn’t mean they’re dangerous, they just experience the world with their mouths (rather than their feet for example) so they often play by mouthing and it’s very cute and gentle. And a bit weird sometimes but each to their own πŸ’πŸΌ‍♀️ ◽️ ◽️ ◽️ Credit: @bluethegrey  Follow us for more awesome Italian Greyhound Dog videos and pictures πŸ˜πŸ’˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ’ #greyhound #italiangreyhound #greyhoundsofinstagram #greyhounds #italiangreyhoundsofinstagram #greyhoundlove #italiangreyhounds #greyhoundrescue #adoptagreyhound #greyhoundcorner #greyhoundsmakegreatpets #theinstagreyhound #italiangreyhoundpuppy #greyhoundsaspets #greyhoundsofig #greyhoundadoption #retiredgreyhound #greyhoundoriginal #playhoundbygreyhound #greyhound_feature #greyhoundlife #blackgreyhound #greyhoundcafe #spanishgreyhound #greyhoundmix #greyhoundofinstagram #italiangreyhoundofinstagram #italiangreyhoundmix #italiangreyhoundlove #greyhoundsofinsta