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Extra treats today because I was a good girl and pooped twice this morning. Why is this such a big deal you ask? Well yesterday it was raining sideways and you know I don't do rain. It took mom everything just to drag me out to pee last night. So since I was good and didn't have any accidents I got extra treats. . . . #bostonterrier #bostonterriersofinstagram #squishyfacecrew #bostonterrier_feature #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #shylagram #shylaandsallyagainsttheworld #snortrescue #bostonterrierlove #bostonterrieroverload #adoptdontshop #bostonterriersforever #doyouslobbr #bostonterrierteam #btwolfpack #barkhappy #igboston #igersboston #ignewengland #dogsofinstagram #dogsofthesouthend #barkachusetts
Our friend Bethany really could use our help! She has pulled so many cats from euthanasia lists in New York. She drives all the way from Virginia Beach to New York since transportation does not go that far. Right now she has two very sick ones from the shelter and also has two more from the shelter with bladder infection. Bethany goes above and beyond. She cares for 18 cats and is willing to make more room when needed. She pays for everything on her own. This time she is struggling quite a bit. She has her cards maxed out and is concerned she will not be able to afford the other appointments coming up! Please if you can help 1 dollar is a huge help!!! I am sending whatever I receive for her straight to her! I even donated 100 of my own dollars, but am unable to squeeze any more since I have to help transport her 3 new ones. I have to use it for gas and tolls 😞  #adoptdontshop #savingseniors #fosterssavelives #seniorcats #diabeticcats #grumpyoldmancat #grumpygrandmacat #rescuessavelives #citycats #rescuedcat #catsofinstgram #instacat #teamfrida #savingcats #spayandneuteryourpets
Two year old lab mix, Kassie, lost her home when her owner had a medical issue and he could no longer care for her. She gives great kisses. She is an easy dog to walk, and even easier to love. She is a beauty who will win your heart! 🐾 #elpodallas #adoptdontshop #rescuedog
🐾Got to stopping watching the news....it’s bumming my unperturbed ‘tude.🐾 • • Happy hump day. • • #thiscantbehappeningdude #ughughugh #adoptamutt #adoptdontshop #seniordogsrock #yikesalmightyyikesalmighty
sometimes you wake up in the middle of a terrifying nightmare and can’t fall back to sleep and you wanted to start your day in a more positive way so you wipe the tears 🤧, grab a coffee ☕️, and watch some bravo with your poodles 🐩🐩on the couch. 🛋 And even though you’re scared of your nightmares and your eyes are swollen and you’re sleepy as all heck, you’re a little happier with those pups than you were sleeping through the nightmares so maybe the day won’t be half bad after all. 😏👍🏻
COOKY, 1 anno e mezzo, maschio, taglia media... PROV.di BERGAMO.. Guardi queste foto e capisci che e’ inutile dire che COOKY è di una bellezza mozzafiato, ma ti soffermi e capisci che la bellezza non è nel suo viso, la bellezza è nella luce dei suoi occhi che dipingono un cuore che è l’immagine e l’essenza di una creatura buona e dolce..!!! Vederlo in box fa davvero tanta tenerezza, fa di tutto per attirare la nostra attenzione, una stretta al cuore ogni volta..!! COOKY e’ davvero un buon cane, conosce le regole di famiglia perché e’ cresciuto in casa e dunque e’ adatto anche a chi è alla prima esperienza..!! COOKY e’ compatibile con altri amici a 4 zampe ( con le femmine e’ un vero Latin lover..!!)...Con gli umani e’ un vero ruba coccole..!!! Per info 338.4524334 Animalibera.appelli@gmail.com #animaliberaonlus #caniledigrignano #cercacasaetantoamore #adoptdontshop #pelosiadorabili #lovelydogs #shelterdogs #dogs #dogslovers #dogsofinstagram #adotionislove #adottauncanedelcanile #adottareuncanefabenealcuore
He was just a beating heart in the world. A hurt soul, not by any physical pain, but by a deep sadness. Forgotten by everyone, in the deepest loneliness which he thought couldn't be healed, he decided, perhaps, to abandon himself.  _ He lay in the middle of one of the busiest metro stations of São Paulo and remained there for days. Many people walked past him seeing him only as an obstacle that needed to be dodged so as not to be late for work.  _  Everyone saw him but nobody noticed. Nothing was given to him but indifference.  _ Last night however - we rescued him. After our assessment, we have concluded that the only remedy he needs is for sadness so we will try an overdose of love and affection. His heart now beats with ours* ❤🐾 . _ #a_lallie_ Via @emmateu *Translation from @institutoluisamell original post
🎶I’ll set FIIIIIRRREEEE TO THE RAAAIN🎶 🎶Let the RAIN FALL DOWN, I’m comin clean🎶 🎶You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh🎶 Mommy: Lila, are you done? Me: NEVER 🎶Purple RAIIIN PURPLE RAIN🎶 **************************** #rain #storm #singingintherain **************************** 🐾Go check out our pawtners🐾 @littlebittyinthebigcity @mother_of_chihuahuas @elsaatyourservice @bella_thechihuahuauk @zeustheinstadog @tintinchihuahua @banjoacd **************************** 👯‍♀️ My Homies 👯‍♀️ @crewfromthezoo #freedompets1 #petgagement18 @glamsquadcrew #glamsquadcrew @woofpackbros **************************** 💰 Mine and Mommy’s Codes💰 -LILA10 for 10% off @jakobakandles -EmLow25 for 25% off @sand_cloud -elowe20 for 20% off @betreelyfe -Emily30 for 30% off @abellaeyewear -Click the link in my bio for a free @BarkBox if you sign up! **************************** #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #petsofvetstudents
This baby makes my heart melt ❤️#greyhoundsofinstagram #dogswithfrekles #adoptdontshop
I’ve been working with the puppies of sitting when they want attention instead of jumping up on people. Like most things, Macy is catching on really quick while LJ takes her sweet time. Macy has been doing really well with it and as soon as you stop petting her she will stand up and sit back down real quick and look at you like “okay, I’m sitting again. Pet me, please!”😂 Macy, Liza, and LJ will all be at the Petsmart in pace on Sunday. Even starts at 12 but we won’t get there until about 1. All three would LOVE to meet you! Or if one catches your eye before then, let me know😉 #adoptme #bulldogmix #6monthsold #puppy #macymoo #adoptdontshop #southbarkfoster #fosterpup #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #saveadogkeepyours #chickennugget
Oh hi there! Hoppy #whiskerwednesday everybun!