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#16 Mt. Daguldol, San Juan Batangas. Minor climb 3/9, Trail Class 1-3 | By far, this is my first climb where I requested for many quick breaks. The day before the climb, I had a morning paddle training and 10km run in the evening. For a minor climb, I'm not prepared to deal with gradual assaults at the onset. There is no enough air on the first 2 hours which made me sweat and catch my breath almost immediately. Luckily, the group I joined were not so competitive to reach the summit in a short period of time. We got to enjoy the waiting sheds along the continuous assaults trail. It has been more draining on the second part, as the assault were steeper and longer with minimal flat surfaces. That means more break, more photo ops. We reached the summit after 4 hours but didn't stay longer as we are all looking forward for our reserved lunch at Kuya Onad's eatery.  Some of us had "adobong bayawak" but I preferred to have Kuya Onad's famous "tinolang manok". The descent was easier as the ascent was mostly assaults. We reached the jump off point at 12 noon and went straight to Laiya beach for the sea experience. I looked for a "halo-halo" store while the rest are preparing for their "walwal" session. The beach was quiet and not so crowded so I took advantage and have my quiet time under a tree just beside the nearby view deck. It was a fun and memorable summit to sea experience with great people I just met. It's not everyday that I get to spend a day in two places I always love to be at: mountain summit and beach. 💓
Sunday slowdown. 💙
Success at work is not about having more talents, it's about your character and integrity doing the job. Whatever God gave us, we have to stay faithful on it. As they always say, work for your employer as if you own the business. 👩‍💻
Believe it or not, this piece of art is made from varieties of beans like mung beans, red beans, black beans, white beans, unhusked rice and milled rice grains... wow right?...😲 #travelgoals #travelph #travelgram #travel #wanderlust #wanderer #juanderlust #amazingph #pahiyasfestival #pahiyas2018 #colors #art #artwork #dailyart #colorstreet #lovefortravel #instatravel #insta #instagood #instagram #createexplore
The shape of water
Colors are present from house to house showing the festivity that is in the air, i hope it's like that with the world; No wars, no racism, no gender inequality and only love, peace and colors persist.  #travelgoals #travelph #travelgram #travel #wanderlust #wanderer #juanderlust #amazingph #pahiyasfestival #pahiyas2018 #colors #colorstreet #lovefortravel #instatravel #insta #instagood #instagram #createexplore