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These two!  Loved their “elopement” in reverse!  They traveled from Ohio to Asheville for a long weekend of adventuring, exploring breweries and meeting me on the Parkway for a sunrise session and afterwards went on a hike.  When they returned home they were wed at their courthouse!
The Co-Op ain’t over yet! Check out capitalatplay.com/coop for the list of FREE goodies you can pick up with the code. In the meantime, check out the full story that inspired this month’s Co-Op on food trucks-turned-brick and mortar, like in profile. Story @emilyjanethewriter . . . . .  #magswelove #mymagazine #bookstagram #writingcommunity #wordgasm #igreads #biltmore #biltmoreestate #biltmorevillage #asheville #ashevillefolk #ashevillenc #wnc #avl #828isgreat #visitasheville #visitnc #travel #instatravel #travelgram #foodtruck #eatlocal #supportlocal
I’m currently sitting with Hawk while we wait on Todd at the dentist. It’s amazing how quickly toting an infant around becomes your norm. It challenges me daily but I really love being a mom. He is making me a better person that’s for sure ❤️ I’m so excited to show you all some of the Upholstery projects we’ve been working on but in the meantime have you seen this beauty??? Danish Teak Sideboard/Credenza with Sliding Doors and Adjustable Shelving, $695 73"x19.5"30"H Art by @emilyjamisonart
Y’all. IT’S NATIONAL LUCKY PENNY DAY!! Yes, that’s a thing. And YES I am jacked about it. In honor of this glorious holiday, I thought I’d share some things that got me through 5 years of business ownership because we don’t talk about the facepalms in relation to the wins nearly enough. 🎉 Two years ago I literally got fired by a client (and then almost got fired by another one). They were rad and it broke me for a few weeks. And I will forever be grateful for those experiences because they forced me to (very uncomfortably) consider what needed adjusting. Not just in my business but in my life. It brought me to hiring @cnwarner (the best assistant in the universe) to handle the pieces that I wasn’t great at and I reevaluated what success was for me. I think there’s a misunderstanding in the world of small business that dictates we must WANT to exponentially grow our business in order to be seen as successful. But I’m here to tell you this... 🎉 ...our books took a massive shift toward profitability the day I decided we were capping bookings at 15 weddings a year + only booking full service clients + taking all of July and December off from bookings. It was scary and seemed completely bonkers/counter-intuitive. But it worked because it’s SUSTAINABLE. And to me, sustainability = success. 🎉 In that shift of focus, our ‘why’ became crystal clear and we haven’t looked back since. We show the fuck up for our clients now. They KNOW they’re well taken care of and I have never been more proud of what this business stands for in the wedding industry. I can see and truly know growth has taken place. The sails were adjusted and our path was righted. 🎉 Let this be an example for you: Success isn’t booking 32 clients a year if you’re miserable, burnt out and half your clients are unhappy with your quality of work. YOU get to define what success is for your business. And I guarantee that if you listen to your gut and the universe,
Change feels good 🙌🏼😏 good morning loves ! 💋
@ricwilsonisme’s new EP, BANBA (Black Art Not Bad Art) is out!! 👏 I couldn’t help but share, because this is QUALITY art right here. @ricwilsonisme, thank you for creating such a soulful and unique EP 🙌 Will be sharing and blasting this work 24/7 ✨
Hey 👋🏼! Our first official Instasale will be Thursday May 31st @8pm EST. This beautiful basket will be there! Hope you will join in the fun 🧡 ———————————————————— #instasale #naturallight #bohodesign #wovenbasket #ihavethisthingwithbaskets #howiboho #orange #teal #wannabehandmodel #basketwall #decor #avldecor #ashevillefolk #asheville #wnc #livethelittlethings #colorful #lincolnandroost
Just a little geometric shape inspiration this morning!! I absolutely love anything a little different and I’ve never seen geometric shapes used like this but it’s so gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to explore and get a little funky with your wedding decor!
✨THE JANE JETSON COUCH✨ [$1,200 local pickup/delivery] this is by far our most exciting find. Not only is this the sectional of your dreams, the perfect neutral mauve threaded with glints of silver (yep! she sparkles in the sunlight!) and in near perfect condition... today is Jane’s 60th birthday!🎂 We found her manufacturing slip still attached and have waited until today to post such a special piece🔮DM for purchase! . . . . .  #losthuntvintage #losthunt #ashevillefolk #828isgreat #mycuratedaesthetic #vintagestyle #modernjungalow #jungalowstyle #modernhome #apartmenttherapy #plantsofinstagram #vintagefinds #howivintage #vintagehome #zerowaste #houseplantclub #plantsmakepeoplehappy #midcentury #midcenturymodern #bohemianmodern #newbohemian #mystylishspace #bohemianhome #foundforaged #finditstyleit #vintageinterior #howwedwell #avltoday
Display the things you love. .  #hearthandhomeinteriors Photo by: @jennapeffley
Heading into this Wednesday with a healthy to-do list, a GIANT cup of coffee and my new laptop. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s efficient time management. I don’t like for you all to have to wait more than 6 weeks for your images. In fact, immediately after each wedding when I get home I edit a few and text them out, so that y’all can have something to share on social media, or with friends and family. These are YOUR photos, and while you may have chosen me to creatively decide how to capture or arrange moments in time, at the end of the day YOU GUYS are the ones enjoying these in the hallways and on the coffee tables of your homes. So, 🥂 to Wednesday productivity and a week full of new clients, a weekend packed with weddings and that giant cup of coffee.
G e t t i n g  a l l ❤️⚪️💙 up in here today. Who’s ready for a long holiday weekend? • • • • Come see us today @summitcoffeeasheville 11-2 ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ On Tap today 💐 ✨Local peony ✨Local snaps ✨Local bachelor buttons ✨Thistle ✨Pretty pink & white carns ✨Honey braclet foliage ✨Silver dollar eucalyptus @fullsunfarm • • Note-we will be closed from sat-tues
Ivy joined us recently for our first visit of the year to the local ice cream joint. It's funny how taste preferences start so early. She wasn't a fan of Daddy's cotton candy ice cream, but thought brother's mango cone was a hit. 😁🍦
What do I do for fun, you might ask? Drink iced coffee and roam around Lowe’s garden area... I cannot wait for the day I own a house to have my own garden.