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What have you been up to? ⠀ @sayacheeks with this beautiful reminder.  Often times we answer this question of "what have you been up to?" flippantly and causally "oh, you know, not too much." And keep things so surface level relating.  Why not go deeper?  When asked "how are you?" Take a moment to tune into your body and mind and respond with precisely what's going on for you.  Flippant and surface level relating has its place yet we can often use it as an avoidance strategy.  The longer we avoid doing the work the more incessant the problems and bigger the issues become.  When we welcome the discomfort and go IN and do the work, upgrading our system in the process - we create an environment for more of the goodness to flow to and through us.  What have YOU been up to lately?  Shout out to everyone who is on the path doing the hard, gritty, painful, dirty, uncomfortable, vulnerable and transformational work of self discovery and personal growth.  Tag a friend who is on the path ⠀ 😍🔥❤️🙏🏽
Paint the sky with clouds! PotteryBarn@Gulfstream #theskyisthelimit#endlesslove#nofilter#beauty#authenticity
It was so lovely to get the chance to chat with fellow storyteller and conscious connector @jess_demunck about all things passion, purpose and joy. Make sure to check out our chat. Link in bio. ・・・ Has this ever happened to you? . . You’re scrolling Instagram, not really investing in anything in particular, and then you come across a page that makes you stop. You feel moved by the person on the other side of the screen. You know that what they are doing and creating is powerful. You consume all the content of theirs that you can, click follow and the rest, as they say, is history. . . Lara Ekuwa Baidoo of @thewellboho provoked this reaction in me. She is a writer, speaker, trauma-informed facilitator and founder of The Well Boho. She facilitates safe spaces for women of colour to bring their magnificence into the world, runs wellness workshops and shares inspiring lessons of lived experiences through her writing. To check out our interview, simply follow the link in my bio. . . And to follow Lara’s lead (head over to her page to see what I’m talking about)- let’s acknowledge those that have inspired us via social media. Who made you stop your scroll and take notice? ✨ . . #consciouschats #thewellboho #authenticity #perthlifecoach #womenowningtheirpower #authentic #personaldevelopment #jessicademunck #interviewseries #wordsareourmostinexhaustableformofmagic #lifecoach #socialmediainspo #byca
Practicing self-love; can be sometimes more challenging, than giving all of our love and energy to other people ...don’t forget the most important person in your life, is you!!!💘 #selflove #goddesswarrior #takecareofnumberone #bethepersonyouwanttobe #bethepersonwhoyouwouldliketomeet #loveasyouwanttobeloved #yourtrueself #authenticity #beauty #ineedtobewithyou #iwanttobewithyou
When you are in a total funk because you have 2 sprains in your feet, and need to be on the DL from working out, you break open an oldie but goodie (and just go with the flow). Good news - #santamonica tomorrow! ☀️🌴🙏#cannotwait #oceanviewroom #livingalifeofluxury #fit4janine • @mollydookerwine 🍷you never cease to amaze with your awesome vino blends! #theboxer #vinotinto #medicinal #justkidding #enjoyment #australia #onedayiwillgetthere #mollydooker #travellife #authenticity #injuredreserve #sprainspraingoaway #sundayvibes #instawine #instalike #picoftheday
Matt Sesow and his wife Dana Ellyn visit the site of Matt’s grandfather’s original WonderView Log Pavillon which became Johnny Seesaw’s in 1938. Igniting soon! #familyhistory, #seesawsopening, #continuity, #authenticity
I want more people to absorb what I’ve learned, that you have the power to feel better. Unfortunately, people are often left feeling the solution to treat their mental health lies solely in finding the perfect pill combo. I may not have a huge page to spread my word but I want to do what I can. - ☾ Starting today I’ll be publishing a #60secondmindsetseries on IGTV. I believe everyone should have access to affordable mental health care and proper education on lifestyle habits to support a healthy mind. - ☀︎ Today’s episode is all about dealing with depression triggered by social media and FOMO. I’d love and be forever grateful for your comments and shares to help get more people who need help to see content like this!💗 . . . . #mindsetshift #mindsetcoach #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthtips #perspectiveiseverything #societyfeelings #socialtime #timeline #breakthestigma #breakthenorm #itsnottoolate #mentalhealthadvocate #unapologeticallyme #authenticity #authenticityguaranteed #realtalk💯 #keepit💯 #womenwhoempower #empoweringgirls #educatingtheworld #savetheworld #helpyourcommunity #lifehack
#sundaysalute Regrann from @aehfashion -  I realize everyday that I am more like this man than I want to accept. Hallmark created a holiday for fathers where people will be posting all weekend giving honor and appreciation to the men in their lives. Well, whenever I step into a room, or speak publicly you will hear me mention this man, my daddy, my father. For the first 12 years of my life we were inseparable! From rubbing my belly if it ached until I drifted off to sleep, going to work everyday and coming home with a smile as I waited for him at the door to give a big hug, pushing me to be a self starter, Teaching me how to fly a kite, bait a hook and catch as many fish as he could clean, dropping my first transmission in my car, changing my oil, jacking up a car and changing my own tire, going to the store to purchase every hygiene product available when I stepped into womanhood to educate me the best he knew how, giving to others that had less than, knowing how to walk in a hole in the wall spot and win a few dollars playing poker or spades (yes I can talk a lil trash), allowing my grandmother to expose me to the world of fashion, beauty, entrepreneurship, etiquette, travel and so much more. All children need, deserve and require great fathers, & leaders! I was extended unorthodox tough love, which created division here and there, as we aren’t in any way perfect but I can’t imagine what life would have been like without him. I am who I am because he was not a crouch, & had no pity because I wanted to be grown as a teen mom. Thankful to be present with him until God says different. To all the men out there, please know that the desires of your heart should be the desires that are pleasing to God. 1 Timothy 5:8 Psalm 127:3-5 #findonereasontosmile #authenticity #aehfashion #lifeinfluencer #daddysgirl
❤️🚀Thank you for being you.
It’s much less about cleaning a house and a lot more about keeping a home. See, sometimes cleaning a house can contradict keeping a home. When I first got married, I could clean our tiny apartment for hours and hours and hours, all for my precious husband to notice it was clean but maybe not notice I did the blinds, and light bulbs, and the little knobby thingys on the stove too. It was good enough with just a pretty quick “pick-me-up” so I was giving hours of my life to things that made very little of a difference when it came to our house feeling like a home. I pretty quickly caught onto this and gave up the 5-10 hour cleaning days in exchange for like a 2 hour cleaning day and 15 minute pickups. What I also got in the exchange was time to act like an introvert and read books, I get to enjoy sitting and watching movies with my husband instead of feeling bad things aren’t perfect. To every yes, there is a no. I just wasn’t going to say no to movies & books & walks & such anymore. I hope you don’t feel the pressure either to keep things perfect. Keep the home, not the house. I think some questions to consider to process whether you may be keeping your house instead of a home are: do you resent your person because you don’t feel like they are cleaning enough? Do you feel bad that you are not cleaning instead of other things that mean something to you? Could it actually be considered more wise to use your time another way?
Regrann from @garyvee -  One of the things that has clearly helped me achieve some of my biggest goals is my inability to be anything but myself. People told me I couldn’t curse People told me I couldn’t dress casual and be taken serious People told me that social media was silly that I should engage with people who don’t matter or have small followings or that a vlog was stupid for a guy like me.. people told me, people told me. - So many of you are overthinking your content, your businesses and the things you say and how you say them. Once you learn to tune everything out except who you are, shit gets really good. - #authenticity #authentic #garyvee #passion #mindsetiseverything #mindset #entrepreneurs - #regrann
The thing I am realizing is that we truly have no idea what pain someone else is facing. :) Behind the smiles of everyday hellos we have no idea what battle someone is deeply journeying. And the thing is with pain, most of the time it’s confusing, and because of this sometimes things that once felt safe no longer do. :) So let’s hold the space for those around us to be themselves, to share their hearts without judgement or wanting to fix them. Let’s be kind, and remember we are all actually in the same boat. 🌸💙 Even your warm smile at a stranger this morning could help them feel they are not alone. :) Thank you beautiful @meredithgaston for this, your work is so important and brings joy and life to our world :) 🌎🌸🦋 Love you friends and whatever you are facing, I’m feelin ya and I’m with you in it too. 🌷Nat xoxo
🖌📲📚 IT’s HERE 📚📲🖌 eBOOK: Balancing the FATS of Life  Pre-Order give away sale... 💰  Click the link in bio!!! Read below what ALL preorder clients receive, packed with value!!! . eBOOK only, file in PDF format and will be made on available electic ereader software.  Coloful book with a 4D type of writing to make it interesting and keep the attention of the reader.  eBOOK is full of shorts stories, facts, assignments, and educating elements to help empower you.  Every eBOOK has at the end of book a variation of 5 meal plans for free, 5 recipes created by writer, and a service voucher for $25 dollars off and service over $100 or 25% off any service over $300. . In addition 4 weeks additional FREE online personal training and meal plans!  Vouchers pop up once purchased! . #ebookrelease #ebookreader #authorsofinstagram #authenticity #blackfitness #melaninmagic #onlinecoaching #plussizeblogger #plussizewomen #plussizeshop #plussizefitness #onlinetrainer #lifecoachforwomen #biggirlswag #biggirlsworkouttoo #fupa #curvyfit #curvywoman #fullbodyworkout #fullfigured #preorders
Sundays I rarely spend any time on my “day gig” in order to chase my real dream. I can see the headline now “Grandpa leaves the banking technology industry to become world famous recording artist.” I told you I crack myself up 🤪 . . . . . . . . . .  #podcast #instapodcast #startup #startups #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #life #worklife #happiness #learning #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #journey #myjourney #yourjourney #redemption #hardwork #hustle #grind #getsome #motivation #streetsmart  #mindset #passion #authenticity
Waiting for the photographer
REAL TALK, Episode 2 — we’re brining you more. | I am so grateful for these guys coming out & showing who they are! This episode is packed with personality, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! The full episode will be live on YouTube, tomorrow 6/25, 2pm PT. In the mean time, y’all go check out my guys @ohkay13, @_jakedeanda_, and @tin.ninja to get some background! Clothing, music, photography, fashion — these guys are all-around amazing artists. 🔥 * * * Aaaannd as always, we’re bringing it to you & we’re bringing it to you hot! * * * #justcarr #antihero #realtalk #realtalkcypher #realtalkep2 #theintro #host #meetthedancers #webseries #freestyledance #ladancers #authenticity #staytuned #ncvstheworld
True beauty is on the inside 💙  #scripturesunday