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My handsome companion for the evening #mammamia #theatrekids #awiseinvestment #springeroperahouse
Either @megcascone and I are laughing at something hilarious, or we are both about to sneeze on each other. Either way, I couldn’t love someone more. YOU are JOY! 📸: @arcenikko . . .  #awiseinvestment #foreverspringer #academyteachers #family #banquet
For Arts in Education week, I have been challenged to show how Springer Theatre Academy has changed my life. It's through my children's growth and development, especially their confidence and willingness to say "yes, and" and "not be afraid to fail boldly." I challenge them @jackson.waz.heer @cyd.morgan  and former student @jamesmoshier_04 to do the same #artsedga #awiseinvestment #foreverspringer
It's Arts Education in Georgia week! My life has been changed by the Springer Theatre Academy and I am so glad that Rita suggested for Zay to attend 3 years ago! And my husband and I have recently joined the Springer Theatre Education Committee! I'm posting 3 pictures that best describe my experience at the Springer. #artsedga The arts are #awiseinvestment and I am #foreverspringer! #lifeskillsthroughstageskills @springeroperahouse
It’s Arts Education in Georgia week! My life has been changed by the Springer Theatre Academy! I am posting three pictures which describe my experience at the Springer, and I challenge @thefirstwife @ksudman @quinlan_leak @c_mccullar to do the same ! #artsedga #awiseinvestment #foreverspringer
It’s Arts Education Week in GA!  This week my posts will be dedicated to the thing I love most; the Springer Theatre Academy. ❤️ My life has been completely changed by this organization. As a young teaching artist, it helped me feel confident in my teaching by surrounding me with some of the most brilliant people I know! And now after four summers teaching, I am still learning from these extraordinary thinkers and world-changing artists. I want to say a huge thank you to this incredible collection of people. ❤️ I would like to challenge @nick_i_ard @ansley_lynn12 @dat_guywill and @jasper3stacks to post 3 pictures that best describe your Academy experience! And tag 3 friends!
Happy Arts in Education Week in Georgia! Here’s to the friends, the students, and the lives that have been changed through the arts in our schools and programs. Here’s to moments like these that change you. #awiseinvestment #artsedga
REGISTRATION IS OPEN ✨✨ Join me every Saturday in October back at the Academy!!! Visit the Education Page of the website for more info!! www.springeroperahouse.org #awiseinvestment #foreverspringer #mraustinmakessillyfaces #fallclasses #workshops
camp was so great this year and i really miss springer and all the amazing people there a whole heck of a lot :/ #awiseinvestment #springertheatreacademy
Safety First 👀🚗🤚🏻🛑 📷: @arcenikko  #academythrowback #lookforyourcar #trafficqueen #awiseinvestment #foreverspringer #blockade
everyone needs a lil deebs & neeks in their life if you ask me #foreverspringer #awiseinvestment
i couldn’t have been so “outstanding” if it weren’t for the inspiration, love, and support of A2 and the teachers and staff of the springer theatre academy. until next summer, i love you 💛. #awiseinvestment
To my partner, my friend, my work wife, and fellow adventurer: Thank You. Thank you for every moment. And here’s to many more together! #awiseinvestment #foreverspringer #banquet #missheada #breathe #mylove #prom 📸: @arcenikko
Quinn celebrates the end of a fantastic summer and the beginning of his next adventure. What #awiseinvestment !#springertheateracademy
What a night! I hope my children continue to not be afraid to "fail boldly," to know that "they are enough," to be "not great actors but great people", and to be kind above all. I love you and I'm so proud to be your mother! @cyd.morgan @jackson.waz.heer #awiseinvestment
-an acknowledgment to A4:  oh, how the time has flown by. i cannot believe our session at academy has come to a close. it seems like just yesterday i flew out to columbus (skid row?), anxiously waiting for the plane to land so i could begin my first four week program. springer has always been the highlight of my summer, but this year was much more than a highlight. it was framed with swirly gold because of all of you. i know being in A4 means all we care about is love, but i need you all to know that i have much love for every one of you. thank you all for being a friend. thank you for all of our love. until we meet again, salutations. 🎭💙#foreverspringer #awiseinvestment
Got some Springer Academy photos done this morning! I’ve been busy this summer so there aren’t many but they’re up at  https://jorikent.smugmug.com/Springer-Academy-2018/ More to come... #springerforever #awiseinvestment #stage #photographersofinstagram #theatre #theater #theatrephotography #springer #theatreacademy #photography #photos
This is what it’s all about! Thankful for the friendship and growth found this summer #a3 #springertheatreacademy #awiseinvestment #thatwouldtakefourweeks
My last year of A3 was truly remarkable, I love you all💙🎭!!! #awiseinvestment #springer
It’s an honor and also a little terrifying to be working on this T-shirt quilt for a former Springer Theatre Academy student.  My kids treasure their #springer shirts and each signature is a precious memory of a time that helped to create who they have become.  Each shirt, signed at the end of each summer session, becomes a keepsake of their time there.  I do not cut through these lightly.  Actually, this project makes me slightly giddy!! Incidentally, @springeroperahouse is the State Theatre of Georgia and has one of the finest young theatre academy programs in the country.  We are so lucky to have this local gem in Columbus, Georgia.  #columbusga #tshirt #tshirtquilt #awiseinvestment #springertheatreacademy #quilt #karigoodwinquilts #foreverspringer