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More Bars ft. Buzzer Beater by @th3oryhazit off the Halftime Slow album
“Every towering gift, every supernatural power, every sacrificial act, every musical performance; you name it friends; it will all, all end up on the ash heap of eternal insignificance, without Love.” . . #love #beautifuleulogy #mandolin #music #eternalinsignificance #michaelkelly #nikon #lightroom #abalone
More Bars.
@beautifuleulogy (Omnimpotent)  #beautifuleulogy
I'm a believer sometimes I believe the lies of the deceiver. The lies are seeds, when they sprout they lead to seasons of spiritual amnesia. Deep seeded self doubt that creeps in my conscious feeds my fear. And keeps me up at night conquered by critical thoughts my mind is prone to conjure when it wanders. Watching my failures play back, on repeat. I'm trying to change the chain of events but can't rewind or find the delete. Button to push, I'm on the edge. It's like the world is about to end. I'm in the middle of Armageddon with no arms, no weapons, no armor for protection. It's the testing of my faith and I know the answers but instead I'm just guessing like I forgot that God was my father. And I was set apart for His own possession. His Word is my armor and my protection against the enemy's deception but I still question How could I receive such an incredible blessing.  #beautifuleulogy
More Bars
More Bars.
“we worship a God who can speak to the world’s pain because salvation for us came through the Lamb that was slain.” • • • #vsco #bluesky #sunset #beautifuleulogy #slain #lyrics
June 19th: 2001- Gorillaz- Gorillaz 2012- Foina Apple- The Idler Wheel 2007- Chrisette Michele- I Am 2013- Kanye West- "Black Skinhead" Single 2001- Mandy Moore- Mandy Moore 2012- Beautiful Eulogy- Satellite Kite 2007- Brad Paisley- 5th Gear 2017- HAIM- "Little of Your Love" Single 2007- Sara Bareilles- "Love Song" Single 2007- Avril Lavigne- "When You're Gone" Single
More Bars.
Art Azurdia preaching faithfully. Luke 15:11-32 #artazurdia #beautifuleulogy #reformedtheology #jesuschrist #doxology #trinity #bible #theology #preacher
More bars
Sorry for the up close/awkward angle. More random bars.
How did I not know that @beautifuleulogy had a new album?  On that note, PLEASE come to South Africa!!!!! #onrepeat #beautifuleulogy #oddthomas #braille #worthy #jesustillidie #myfavouriteband #johannesburg #southafrica
Wifey and I went on our first date since Zechariah was born, on Saturday. (🙌🙌🙌) This movie is amazing!!! Super intense and really emotional. Go see it! (Even though it's probably out of most theaters at this point) #catchinguponmovies #wejusthadababy #lifeaintthesame
El tamaño del pecado es pequeño como un grano de arena pero que separa entre el gran océano y la tierra seca.  Es más s grande que los malos hábitos,  Es el asunto de el hombre buscando el lugar que le pertenece a Dios siguiendo el mismo patrón de Adan.  Araigado en lo que somos, la semilla del arbol de una familia rota ramificandose en extremidades de dolor y enfermedad.  El tamaño del pecado es tan grande que causa una fractura cosmica y el infierno es el único que reacciona de buena manera.  Ésto es lo qué hemos ganado con nuestras acciones pecaminosas, pero Dios tomó sobre si mismo éste peso reservado para nosotros, peso tan significante que solo la sangre de un inocente es aceptable y digna.  Así que en lugar de tratar de hacerlo ligero o minimizar su tamaño, debemos más bien maravillarnos de la magnitud de la misericordia. #oddthomas #beautifuleulogy #thesizeofsin
Wow, this is good Music. #worthy #beautifuleulogy #mosaic
You can take this world, it's joys, and it's fleeting pleasures  But give us Jesus, our future hope and our greatest treasure #beautifuleulogy
🎧🎵#beautifuleulogy such #anointing