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“life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” | autumn is making its way into this home (even if the weather isn’t on the same page!) + I’ve been doing all the redecorating and organizing to clear my mind. anyone else find decorating/organizing therapeutic with a good hot cup of coffee in the early morning?
Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.  Sai Baba
Life is not easy, and constantly we are tested on our strength but we must stay strong, fight and don’t let  bad times get you because remember it’s only a bad day and it will pass and soon will be better again 💖.
Currently editing Kusen by Robert Livingston Roshi.
Some editing time. Kusen by Robert Livingston Roshi.
The lovable @jeffcostafitness is playing in the sandbox with me in Providence! Teamwork makes the dream work!  repost from @allthatmattersyoga It is a joyful honor to welcome our new Providence Studio Director, Jeff Costa. Jeff is a well respected yoga teacher with almost 30 years in the fields of health, wellness and movement, born in dance and followed by an accomplished career as a personal trainer in Hollywood and around the globe. Jeff returned to the East coast and in 2013 graduated from the Kripalu School of Yoga 200-hr Teacher Training where he met Pranotthan creator, Devarshi, and founder of All That Matters, Joan Dwyer. Jeff’s long standing relationship with Joan and his background are the foundation for what we intend to co-create with the Providence yoga community. Be sure to introduce yourself when you see his smiling face.  @joandwyer @devarshi.yoga  @jeffcostafitness @blossomingsole  #allthatmattersyoga #findyourcenter #beherenow #riyoga #ri #rilocal #rhodeisland #yogari #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #stayinspired #peaceinpeaceout #sk #pvd #eg #practiceandalliscoming #loveyourteacher #liveloveyoga #thepracticeofmovingintostillness #holistichealth #homeforholistichealth #yogahome #ornot
💜 Tomorrow evening @dwelldc 👉🏽 Allow yourself some time to relax, soak in the good vibes of community at Dwell, and then take some time to just Be with your Self. 🌌  Bring water, yoga mat, blanket, & pillow or additional blanket for bolster under knees. We will gather at 7, have tea, & get elevated with a 420 herbal blend, if you wish to partake. Soundbath begins at 7:30. 🌌 Doors will be locked at that time... (There are a few extra mats at Dwell if you don't have one.) Lay down, really connect with your body, & explore the inner dimensions of your mind as your guide Artis Moon leads you into meditation and a soul-massaging sound bath. The healing sounds - of wooden flute, drums, rattles, metallophone, crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, and chimes - wash over & through you, clear the energy field, and gently guide you on a journey home to your True Self. 🎶🌌 🙏🏾 Requested donation $20. 🙏🏾 💚 Dwell is an off-grid, counter culture, privately owned, cannabis-friendly space in NE DC. 💚  Please DM to register, receive location & further details. Space is limited. Pre-registration is preferred so that we can best prepare for you. Although walk-ins will be accepted, space permitting, late arrivals will miss out. DOORS WILL BE LOCKED AT 7:20. • • • #elevatedmeditation #elevate #soundbath #soundhealing #justbe #meditate #meditation #beherenow #consciousness #higherconsciousness #cannabisismedicine #cannabisculture #cannabis #marijuana #stopthestigma #cannabisformentalhealth  #mindfulness #journey #selflove #selfcare #peace #healtrauma #healptsd #healaddiction #sleepbetter #evolve #lifecoach #reikimaster #cognitivebehavioraltherapy
Falls du das Schreiben bisher noch nicht für dich entdeckt hast, kann ich dir das 6-Minuten-Tagebuch für den Anfang empfehlen (*Werbung- selbstgekauft). Ich führe es jetzt seit einigen Monaten, muss aber zugeben, dass für mich die Fragen nicht sooo passend sind... Aber zum Einstieg ins Journaling kannst du es auf jeden Fall mal ausprobieren! Denn von einem bin ich zutiefst überzeugt: Schreiben heilt 💛 Einen schönen Abend für euch in die Instawelt! _______________________  #universum #energie #schwingung #spiritualität #achtsamkeit #bewusstsein #meditieren #atmen #körpergeistundseele #heilung #spirituellepraxis #kreativ #kreativität #schreiben #journaling #beherenow
I never told you about the night I sat next to Einstein in the middle of February. It was late, and I laid my head on his lap and spoke to him for a long while before finally asking for a picture. I like to ask. In the same way I asked Abraham and Mary to always keep you as I’ve learned to hold you close to the chest. Right here, feel it? Cut me open and see what spills out. Rip me open and then again down to each cell and examine what dreaming with eyes open looks like. Forgive me, I’m prancing ahead, I do so often. I’m ten steps and you’re still gracing the wall with your fingertips. “Isn’t it marvelous” two thousand two hundred and seventy eight feet in length, stopping at the pond and continuing westbound towards the highway. “Here’s a piece of it” I find it curious the wall’s path winds through the trees instead of alongside, perhaps it’s the wind. Now I can sit and over analyze and wonder about the significance of this wall but if I’m remembering, I’d quote a line said that stated “there are no walls, for you have no defenses” and I throw my head back and laugh because I never needed one. The night I sat with Albert, I said onto him “how do you love something you don’t want to ever lose” and I wept because I realized there was no way to. In nature, every gain is a loss and every loss is a gain. Just like that old rustic farm in Moodna Creek overlooking the trees that led to its fall. Trees that eventually withered and died, until the saplings spread across and throughout the pond where Andy would later give rise to what creation looks like. The place it births from. And I laugh again because I forsook and resigned the possibility lingering on the left side of my wrist. Gave the wind the cross and prayed for its never return. But saplings are funny things, they go where they can feed. They spread not to where they can survive; they continually teach us they can do fine without man cutting them down once maturity is
Okay so let's talk about depression.. and healthier ways to manage or alleviate depression. . . These little bad boys are nothing other than broccoli sprouts. That's right.  Broccoli. Sprouts. . . Why am I banging on about broccoli sprouts.. well.. it's something that my OH has been trying to get me to try for a while. However it's been a slight trial and error getting them to sprout to say the least. . . So studies have shown that the sulforaphane in these (and other dark green veggies) alleviates inflammation, in turn have positive effects on depression. A recent study has shown that it may be more effective than prozac and other anti-depressants which are usually prescribed. . . . I am NO expert in these, i literally know what my boyfriend tells me, what I've read and how I know they're affecting me. however after struggling with depression for well over a decade, I gave in and thought that I'd give them a try, why not right? I've been digesting them for maybe a week and they do have an uplifting effect, much like coffee but without the the anxiety and shakes you often get from caffeine. I also seem to have more 'get up and go'.. more motivation and generally a better outlook on my day. These little bad boys have evidenced that they can create new nero-pathways in adults, ultimately boosting brain function by... well.. alot. . . I've attached a link below where Rhona Patrick describes (far better than I ever could) the complete superness of these little sprouts. Please give it a listen and let me know if you give them a try! I would love some feedback on how you guys have got on! . . https://youtu.be/GxqoVXpAXo8 .  Basically broccoli sprouts are the future. . . . I will try and do a photo diary of the different stages and how to grow them 💕🐳 #momlifestyle #motherhoodintheraw #positivemindset #positivemood #selfgrowth #manifestationbabe #inspiredwomen #spiritjunkie #beherenow #souljourney #loveandlight #iamwellandgood #wellnessjourney #holisticwellness
When's the last time you gave yourself room to BE? 🌊🌊🌊 Moving to Portland, I was able to pause working for a full MONTH. (Unheard of in my friend group.) I knew I needed the time to reflect and rest, but I didn't realize it would be so hard letting go of my structure and security. What followed was even more unexpected: the rush of energy, connections, inspiration, and confidence I received from giving myself some breathing room to reset. 🌊🌊🌊 Being busy is a drug. You tell yourself you're being productive and doing lots of things, but if you check in with yourself; is that actually true? How much are you working toward your ideal YOU? Could you DO less and BE more? ❤️
• la básica blanca que resiste ẗ̤ö̤ö̤ö̤ö̤d̤̈ö̤  existe ⤴️ • no deforma ni cambia de color (dicho por las que ya la llevaron que la ä̤m̤̈ä̤n̤̈n̤̈n̤̈n̤̈n̤̈ ) • pedila ahora por mensaje directo • - -  esa camisa 💥 es de @telmauy - #beherenow #soyhimno #himnoshop #tees #basictees #musthaves #outfitinspo
New day. New ray. . . ~Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly Into the mystic~ . . 🎧 Into the Mystic - Van Morrison . . #love #work #run do #sunset #budokon #yoga in #nature #beherenow and #justbreathe if #iamayogagirl #everyonecanbeayogagirl #weareallinthistogether
Pause. Breathe. Meditate. Connect with this moment. The only moment there ever is.  Stop thinking about the future and what it brings. Bring your awareness back and be here now. Master your breathe master this moment💗👣🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏼 #breathe #grattitude #masterpeace #meditate #connectwithsource #beherenow
It's when all the tree's die, man bids farewell... . . . #savethetrees #untroddenpath  #roam247 #forestscape #beherenow #travelwilderness #forestryfortomorrow #exploreeverywhere #wildborn #beautifulnature #natgeo #gowhereyoudontbelong #globalwarming #livefolk #intotheground #explorethepathuntrodden #exploretocreate . . . @folkgood @livefolk @mountain.stories @tribearchipelago @thecoolmagazine @outdoortones
~Bucket “A” Limits are Nonnegotiable for Safety of Self & Others: Your bucket “A” limits are so clear to you that you can say: “I love you too much to let you…” And you are so sure of the necessity for that “A” limit that you would use every resource to hold ensure the boundary is not transgressed. ~Bucket & Plan “B” Limits are Negotiable:  Some language that works: Although I’d love for you to _____ (get off the computer right now) I imagine you need transition time. ~Bucket “C” Limits are Ignored for the present:  You are letting go of the rule/limit and letting the child decide/say/do. One way to decide which rules to consider ignoring - the “C”s: Which are the rules/limits that you have that, if you were to let them go, you would create JOY | LOVE | WELL-BEING | CONNECTION ? . . . . . #conciousparenting #parentcoach #gifted #2e #twiceexceptional #autism #autismmom #autismdad #giftedchildren #adhd #adhdmom #stayathomemom #stayathomedad #momsofinstagram #giftedchild #problemchild #positiveparenting #positivediscipline #paradigmshift #busymom #learningdisabilities #intensity #dailyparenting #motherhoodsimplified #momlifestyle #joyfulmamas #bedeeplyrooted #beherenow #cleanenergy #selfcompassion