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In honor of #legday today. 🤗 and the word given to me this morning. 👉🏽I was reading in the #newlivingtranslation this morning #luke8. The women with the bleeding issue who believed if she could just touch the #hem of Jesus' garment she would be healed. Not a new story, I've read it many times before... but this translation adds the word "deliberate". Jesus says "someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me". Makes sense because Jesus was in a crowd of people. LOTS of people were touching him. But there is something about being #deliberate ✨🙏🏽 . . She was deliberate in her actions meaning she fully considered what would happen, it was a well studied, calculated, very intentional and systematic action. And she expected results. . . I just want to #encourage you to approach your life similarly. Go into your #prayerlife in this manner, go into your #fitnessjourney in this way, heck go into a little baby 1 foot jump in the #warriordash in this manner. Whatever it is just #beintentional and #believe for good results... kinda like I knew this dope picture would be the outcome of this really unnecessary #dramatic jump I had been so excited to do 😏. Lol . . Sorry if my #deepthoughts were too much for you this morning. Maybe I shoulda just done the typical "headed into the #weekend like ..." caption.🤷🏽‍♀️. #notmystyle #deepthinker #spiritualthoughts
It’s the daily activities we do that either move us closer to where we want to be or move us farther away from where we want to be. Which way are you going? #beintentional #dailyhabits #goals #onedayatatime
Happy #facetofacefriday ! Some of you are new so I figured I’d tell you a little about myself! ☺️ 〰️ I am a Wyoming girl who married a Kansas boy 13 years ago. From there we have been in full time ministry in Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. 4 years ago kids entered our world and we now have 2 kids. Charlotte - 4 and Jasper - 1. My personal journey has been one from college athlete (soccer) to struggling intensely with an eating disorder, to inpatient treatment and then years of recovery. Learning to take care of myself sparked a deep passion to help others who struggled with food, weight, exercise or health. 9 years ago I went back to school to become a personal trainer. From there I began to understand the importance of deep nutrition and how our bodies won’t ever function optimally if don’t supply them with their nutritional needs. Kids sparked the need to shift my work to the online world and so I added Online Coaching to my resume! ☺️ My deepest passions lie in helping turn the tide of health in our country. From the food we eat to the medicine we turn to. I’m also deeply passionate about helping individuals in ministry with their health. I have big plans (or I should say God has big plans) in this arena...More to come of that at a later date. 😉 Helping women of all ages with their health is also my passion. From adolescence to motherhood and beyond...I want to inspire and empower women to take care and love their bodies and their health. 〰️ Through all of this, God has been my ROCK and running has been my outlet. I am fast... I’ve worked hard to be fast and I’m also curious to find out how much faster I can be.🤔 I love to race and I like to win! 🙌🏼 I make no qualms about the fact that I am incredibly competitive! 😆 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ I’d love to get to know you too! How do you drink your coffee (or tea) and are you a morning or night person? .
What were you like as a kid? . I strongly believe that children are the purest forms of themselves, before they become influenced by the world around them they show their true soul.👧 . When I was a kid I was very adventurous and imaginative.  I spent most of my time playing all kinds of imaginative games with my friends.  One was a game called Antarctica.  When it would snow we would take our sleds and tromp around the neighborhood collecting snow and ice samples so that we could test them because we were Arctic scientists.❄ . I would climb trees and wiped out on my bike so many times and still have the scars.  I wrote a lot of stories and plays, mostly influenced by my latest obsessions.  I loved American Girl dolls, Titanic, Victorian times, old movies, Romeo and Juliet, and the movie Grease.📚 . In school I often got in trouble for talking.  I always felt unfairly called out for it.  When we got to dress up as what we wanted to be when we grew up I dressed up as a movie star.💃 . As an adult I feel less adventurous, more cautious.  For a long time I tried to suppress my creativity in order to function in the "adult" world. . 👉But as I am making the change to really go after my dream life I realize that I have to come back to the pure soul of my childhood.  I have to remember what I was like and what I enjoyed to help clue me in on what my best life is like, what the best version of myself might look like.👈 . Are you like how you were in childhood or has adulthood changed you? . . . . . #fridayintroductions #fridayintroduction #rasianbeauty #abcommunity #selfcarecoach #selfcare #selfcareyoutuber #selfcarecommunity #instapositivity #instamotivation #instaselfcare #instaselflove #positivecoaching #selfiegram #instame #positiveyoutuber #realbeauty #lifestyleblogging #lifestyledesign #maximalminimalist #chosehappy #consciousleader #beintentional #femfeed #innerwork #discoverunder5k
I’ve always had a thing for words, when I give it, it means a lot 🖌 I listen keenly to the words people use when they speak and it tells me a lot about their thoughts, mindset, values and so much more 🖌 As a coach I’m able to hear things my clients don’t even know they are speaking. Words are very reflective, use them wisely.
I used the have a bad case of FOPO — Fear of Other People’s Opinions. Luckily, I’ve fully recovered.  Don’t get stuck worrying about FOPO. FOPO is a silent trap that robs us and keeps us stuck. FOPO restricts our own personal & financial growth. Be you.  Cred: Michael Gervais #lifestyledesign #beintentional #gratitude #legacy #realestate #mindset
Good morning! We’ve made it through another week. How was it? Were you faced with challenges? Have any small wins? Or maybe some major ones. Whatever your week held, you’re still standing! That’s something to celebrate. Something to be grateful for. Even if you’re struggling this morning, gratitude and thanksgiving can go a long way in alleviating that pressure. So let’s start a conversation about gratitude. What are you grateful for today? I’ll start, I’m grateful for you and your life. Happy Friday y’all! #beintentional #gratitude #tgif #shesstillthere #thedoctorisin #fridaymood #motivation #inspiration #instagood #fridaymotivation #friyay #melaninpoppin #wellness #bewell #behappy #attitudeofgratitude
And it’s non debatable!  Happy #feelgoodfriday Queens! Let them know we will  Get it done.  Make sure it’s handled.  Follow through.  Endure.  Look past ignorance.  Look back and keep going.  #channellnaturallyroyal #beintentional #womenboss #focusedonpurpose #handleishgang
I’m not rich, beautiful, Brilliant, 💯 perfect but I do care❤️😊 I’ve been blessed with many wonderful people in my life in all the seasons I’ve been through and there have been many ❤️ And they all have made an impression in my mind and heart 💜, if I was able to express the gratitude for each of them it would take a long time. Make sure if you are blessed enough to have great mentors along the way you let them know what they mean to you! If I’m able to make a difference in one ☝️ persons life I will be grateful ❤️😊 We may never know the impact we have good or bad so make sure you are doing your best to be a good person daily! I don’t have riches, big beautiful vacation homes 🏠 to share with you, or tons of knowledge, but what I do have I’m willing to give! It’s better to give then receive right? I just wanna pass it on, pay it forward 💜, and hope it lands with someone who is in need. #passonthelove #passonknowledgeandwisdom #passonkindness #livelonger2072 #perserverance #faithittillyoumakeit #beyourownboss #beintentional #bepositive #behelpful
An anonymous author says, “Pay close attention to the people who don’t clap when you win.” . . . Ralph Waldo Emerson pens, “Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.” . . . While it’s good to always find the good in people, it’s also protective to find out when they’re not interested in the good that you have to offer. . . . This is a reminder to be #intentional about taking time to #stoplookandlisten...and then adjust your approach to the relationship. People are really transparent, if we’re being honest and aware. . . . #fakelove #intentionalactivities #teamintentional #beintentional #workingmom #stayathomemom #solopreneur #mompreneur #psychologist #lifecoach #executive coach #coachingandpositivepsychology #worklifeintegration #worklifebalance #theother40% #sundaystories #mondaymessage #tuesdaytip #wellnesswednesday  #thinkaboutitthursday #inyourfeelingsfriday #selfcaresaturday #adulting #selfcare #livewithintention #intentionallyauthentic #investinyourself #🔗inbio
This message is particularly important if you’ve been losing yourself on social media, looking at what other people are doing, maybe feeling slightly envious of their “success” or feeling a lack of momentum in your business or life. . I’m putting success in quotes here because there seems to be a movement (especially amongst influencers and coaches) where the focus is on bragging about one's achievements. . I love a good brag —  especially how Mama Gena teaches it as a way to uplift and inspire — but I’m questioning how successful those who constantly need to brag really are. #probablynotasmuchastheysay . I don’t know about your Insta feed but mine is bombarded with ads from influencers and coaches who are (apparently) making 6/7/8 figures and “made it” in their business in "6 magical months!” . Meanwhile they are leaving out the most important numbers: the long hours, the large expenses and the real profits. . Selling to a crowd that will be bedazzled by the "glitz and glamour" is not the game I wanna be in. . I’d rather have my work speak for itself. I’d rather lead with quiet power than brags. I’d rather highlight my clients brilliance than my achievements. . At the end of the day, we want to be discerning about what we see on social media. Your intuition will help you with that discernment. . If you ever find yourself wasting more time than you should on FB or Insta, know that you are taking time away from your great work and building your own business. . Keep your eyes on the ball — your ball — and stay focused. . And when you indulge in a few minutes of mindless browsing and an ad pops up remember: “Don’t believe everything you see, even salt looks like sugar”. . #beintentional #consciousliving #intuitivebusiness #intuivebusinesscoach #insideout #creativesoul #momentum #innerpower #innerceo #intuitiveguidance
I was a big diary-keeper as a kid, and even into my teens. (I found one of those recently and wanted to fall through the floor at some of what I’d written.  So embarrassing!) But when I took a Personal Spiritual Disciplines class in 2011, I gained a new understanding of and love for journaling as a spiritual practice. ▪️ ▫️ I now have a stack of journals that chronicle my life since that time (which happened to be when my husband & I were dating and beginning to discuss marriage.) But more than just the story of our lives together, these journals reveal to me the areas where I’ve struggled and overcome.  Prayers I’ve agonized over and how God answered.  Truths He revealed to me in His Word.  Patterns in my own behavior that have made it possible for me to change. ▪️ ▫️ If you aren’t a journal keeper, I highly recommend it!  You don’t have to be a good writer. You don’t have to have a pretty journal or the right pens.  It’s just about getting your thoughts and emotions on paper (or onto a device, if that’s more your speed). If you’re stumped on how to get going, join me in Stories for some tips and tricks!
#flashbacktoyesterday where both of their expressions fit how I feel about school starting📝  #backtoschool #backtoaschedule #richfieldelementary #thebirkslife #rollercoasterofemotions #2ndgrade #finalyearofpreschool #beintentional