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Luxury branding is not about being fashionable, but about creative innovation. Its purpose is to be creative enough to set a new trend, yet something that will never become outdated. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Luxury products are not about buying something today that will seem tacky or irrelevant in a season, a year, a decade or even a century. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Think Chanel’s iconic jacket originally designed by Coco in 1954. It has been reinterpreted and copied by other brands over the years, but anyone would feel blessed to wear the original, classic and timeless Chanel jacket in 2018 and beyond.♥️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I mean who could say “No” to such a classy piece? Not me! SWIPE for a glimpse at what we are talking about 👉🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How about you? Do you have a favourite luxury piece that you list after?💫 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷 from Chanel Collections and Creations book ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #brandstory #timelessness #tradition #prestige #attitude #exclusivity #chanel #chaneljacket #chanelclassic #chanelsuit
I’m not one for New Years resolutions because I feel you can change your life whenever you want. But some time in December I decided that 2018 was going to be my year. I made that decision. •  So far I’ve trained for and run a marathon, started a business, rediscovered a special someone and have some incredible people in my life. I made it all happen. • How will you write your story? •  #personalbrand #personalbranding #personalbrandingonline #brandstory #marketingonline #socialmediamarketing #influencermarketing #influencer #improveyourbrand #brandinfluencer #createyourcareer #blogwriter #inspirationalcoaching #personalbrandcoach #coachingonline #personalbrandcoach #rewriteyourstory #storyteller #rewriteyourlife #tellyourstory  #storytellingmarketing #itstimetotellyourstory #whatatimetobealive #fuckfear #whatdoyouwant #getgritty #youreworthit #getafterit #whatareyouwaitingfor
ZYO MYO- so what’s in a name, you ask? A lot. There is a personal story to how our name and company came to be, and we want to share it with you. Settle in, this is a story, not just a caption. ⠀⠀ Before she was even born, our daughter Margaret was gifted a bunny “lovie” by my best friend. It was a gift from an experienced mom, someone that understood the importance of a comforting, soft and durable security toy. Little did we know how much of an impact this lovie would make in all our lives! We were just two excited newbie parents awaiting the arrival of our little girl. ⠀⠀ When she was old enough to sleep with it, Margaret instantly fell in love with her new bunny and held him close every time she was settling in for a snooze. The bunny quickly became a cherished friend.  So here’s the thing- I’m Polish, and Martin is Slovakian. We speak both languages, plus English at home. At that time, Martin’s mom Helenka was staying with us for 6 months, so she was a key part of Margaret’s early days. It was she who started calling the bunny “Zajo Majo” (the j is pronounce like a y). “Zajo” means bunny in Slovak (very similar to the Polish “zajac”), and because “Majo” rhymes with it, that’s just what you say in Slovak when there’s a bunny and it needs a name! And so Zajo Majo came to be. ⠀⠀ It took FOREVER to find the right name for the company we had a vision for, but as cliche as it sounds, it literally just lit up like a light bulb one day, and we wondered why it took so long to come to it. The original Zajo Majo became ZYO MYO, and our company was born.  Zyo Myo is the product of our journey as parents, and our genuine belief that children should have clothing that is as remarkable, beautifully designed, and imaginative as they are.  Thanks for supporting us! ⠀⠀ Patti & Martin Szabó . . . #whatsinaname #brandstory #startupbusiness #ourstory #familybusiness #vancouverstartup #newparents #mompreneur #dadpreneur
Words of wisdom. • • #brandpromise #ogilvy #brandstory #marketing #typography #design #brandcommunication
I was super honoured to record this TV show for the Brin.ai app with @businessblueprint and the amazing Jesse Forrest from @startcopywriting  We recorded 12 episodes all about how to write awesome copy - and the best news? It's 100% free!! if you want to check it out head to the WWW.BRIN.AI
Nothing like a refreshing glass of coconut water. Imagery for Cocofuel 🥥
Tonight I joined @agrifoodinnov members in celebrating some of the fantastic food and drink being produced right on my doorstep. . . Each of the food producers contributed to the feast, so that Roger et al @bedernhall could work their magic. . . It was great to catch up with @cooperkingdistillery and @vicbakes76 as well as meeting other Yorkshire food producers. People, passion and a plate full of food. What's better than that!?! . . . #food #york #yorkfoodie #yorkshirefood #shoplocal #indiefood #instaeats #instafood #foodwriter #copy #marketing  #content #brandstory #eat well #livewell #freelance
Only thing that ruins the moment is not truly owning it. Build your foundation. Daily. #inos
Having a brand without a personality is like finding a shell on a beach. Sure, it’s beautiful and you might want to look at it for a while - maybe even take it home - but, there’s no living, breathing thing inside of it. — Compare that to the experience of finding a shell with a hermit crab living inside of it, and suddenly you have a completely different experience. — As a business owner, you have all the power to decide what your brand’s personality looks like. While it can seem overwhelming at first, with the right strategy and tools in hand, it can turn into an exciting opportunity. — In my latest post, I go into the benefits of a great brand personality (using Wendy’s as a prime example) and how to create one for your own. — Click the link in bio to dive deeper into this concept! — What does your #brandpersonality look like?
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#mondaymoodboard for an October couple. The very moment of their proposal at Antelope Canyon was naturally the #weddinginspo behind an elegant romantic desert suite I’ll have the honor to design, all while tying in hints of traditional style. #moodboardsbyterri #madebyterri • • • 🎞Found images tagged in photo. Monogram: Tattered Vintage on Etsy.  #proposalstory #desertlovers #desertromance #shesaidyes💍 #futuremrandmrs #heputaringonit  #southerncaliforniabride #sandiegoweddings #lettheweddingplanningbegin #uniqueweddingideas #inamood #mondayblues #antelopecanyon #sdweddingplanner #flashesofdelight #attractyourpack #brandstory #weddingbranding #weddingcolorpalette #stationerydesigner #colorinspiration