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15. Una. _______ Movies like this don’t come around often. More people need to see this one. I know it had a limited release and maybe is hard to find depending on where you are, but I saw it. In a theatre actually. And it was really mesmerising. Mostly because I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. It’s a story I didn’t expect at all. And I’m not gonna give anything away. But I will say Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn are just spectacular together. Their performances are so filled with the drama that the script offers. It felt so natural and really eerie because of how you can feel them both in a panicked state throughout the majority. It’s the kind of film where you feel like you’re inside it, with these characters. See this movie, if anything for the actors because it’s just so well performed it knocked me out. RATING ON REVIEW: 9.5/10. _______
Quadruple feature at the #driveintheater  in #oakville with Dana tonight! #deadpool2 #supertroopers #blockers and #lovesimon if we somehow make it that far. Last movie i saw at that drive in was #forrestgump and D2 the mighty ducks, so it's been a while. #datenight #movies #movienight #cinephiles
Who else is anxiously awaiting this issue to drop? {#lwlies #cinephiles}
"With every good film I see, I feel reborn. It feels as if I made it myself, as if it were my creation. I identify with the director. I feel as if it's my story. That's how films carry me away. That's why they've become my obsession." #cinephiles #filmloversaresickpeople #voyeurism #nemayenazdik #abbaskiarostami #directorswhoinspire #filmislife #filmstransportme #myreasonforliving #findyourpassionandmakeithappen #dontstopwontstop
#repost @cinetecabologna (@get_repost) ・・・ ***** 🎞 "Forse non era altro che una fantasia su come avrei potuto avere una storia senza sensi di colpa. Una storia segreta. Un sogno universale. Tenere tutto chiuso dentro una stanza, l'amore, il dolore, il piacere. Due persone in uno stato di grazia. Solo questo". ***** #bernardobertolucci a proposito di '#UltimoTangoaParigi', dall'intervista di Malcom Pagani su @vanityfairitalia (citazione e immagini del post dal profilo @ultimotangotornaalcinema). Il controverso capolavoro di #bertolucci - con #marlonbrando e #mariaschneider - torna nelle sale in versione restaurata. A #bologna al #cinemalumière, il 21, 22 e 23 maggio (alternativamente in italiano e in lingua originale): www.cinetecadibologna.it "Così Bertolucci e Brando hanno cambiato la faccia del cinema" (Pauline Kael). Il film infiammò gli anni Settanta e, pur recando ovunque il segno di quel tempo, ancora turba. A Parigi, due sconosciuti sperimentano l'amour à mort, quel Sesso a lettere maiuscole che molto apparteneva alla cultura francese (Bataille su tutti): fuori dall'appartamento di Passy sono un uomo solo e un po' sfatto, una ragazza annoiata e inerte. Contributi cruciali di Kim Arcalli, di Gato Barbieri, di Brando e Schneider. Copia restaurata da @cineteca_nazionale in collaborazione con Grimaldi Film Productions e Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. #cinetecadibologna #twiperbole #mybologna #succedesoloabologna #igersbologna #cinephiles #cinephilecommunity #cinemalovers #moviestar #icon #filmlovers #cinemaitaliano #italiancinema #instamovie #cultmovie #historyofcinema #brando #lasttangoinparis #greenwichdessai
One Month until 💥Get your tickets ASAP ❄️Link in bio.  #incredibles2  Via: -@pixarstheincredibles #pixarstheincredibles #theincredibles
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Name this Film  and Name its Cast ... #cinema #namethemovie #netflix  #moviescenes #cinephiles  @honestfilmplots
Wimo Wenderso „Paryžius, Teksasas“ dar tris sekmadienius iš eilės – „Skalvijoje“! #paristexas #wimwenders #skalvija #kinoklasikosvakarai #cinephiles #cinemalife
That red jacket... An outstanding (as always) James Dean in “Rebel without a cause”, by Nicholas Ray (1955)
Today's alternative poster is dedicated to Vertigo.  Fun Fact: First ever film to use computer graphics (Intro sequence done by Saul Bass). What poster from my feed, did you like the most? Comment here or DM me!  If you like my work, please tell your friends about this page! I'd really appreciate it! If you want custom work done, I do undertake commissions. Please DM or Email me.  Prints available in the store! Hit the Link in Bio!  Double tap! Tag a fan! Follow @popatemedia for more!  Also Follow us on Facebook: @popatemedia.
#ccecinemateca l 👁‍🗨 l Es el último día de #17edoc, y en la #cinematecanacional lo cerramos con broche de oro: "Faces Places" de @agnes.varda y @jr a las 19h15. ¡Te esperamos! #tantoporver. . .  Sinopsis: Agnès Varda, de 89 años, una de las principales figuras de la New Wave francesa, y el aclamado fotógrafo y muralista francés de 33 años, JR comparten una pasión de por vida por las imágenes y la forma en que se crean, se muestran y se comparten. Juntos viajan por las aldeas de Francia en el camión de fotos de JR, conociendo a los lugareños, aprendiendo sus historias y produciendo retratos de tamaño épico. Las fotos se muestran de forma destacada en casas, graneros, escaparates y trenes que revelan la humanidad en sus sujetos y en ellos mismos. Caras y lugares documenta estos emocionantes encuentros y la improbable y tierna amistad que formaron en el camino. . .  #lacasadelcine #edoc #documentary #films #cinephiles #festivaldecine #documentaryfilm
Rendez-vous ce soir à 20h20 sur #frisson pour un nouvel épisode de #legrandfrisson, l’émission consacrée à l’actualité du cinéma de genre.⠀ En replay pour tout le monde ▶️ bit.ly/Replay_Frisson⠀ Sommaire à découvrir 👆 #emission #frisson #cinema #cinemadegenre #movies #films #film #movielover #movielovers #cinephiles #sommaire #cineplus
16. Good Time. _______ What a journey this movie was. And one with such gorgeous aesthetics. The lighting and cinematography in this film is just to die for. Reminded me of Drive quite a bit but with more documentary style filming. Robert Pattinson just keeps getting better lately and I hope he keeps this up because he was really amazing in this film. Carried it all so well. And joined by terrific performances by Benny Safdie and Buddy Duress. The film has a great storyline going because while it does focus on the circumstances happening in the moment, and not much on dramatic dialogue, it is a story that gives you a strong message about relationships and what lengths a person will go to in order to help someone they love. It’s really touching but also very sad in the end. Such an amazing film. RATING ON REVIEW: 9/10. _______
“Eric: [badly hungover] My head hurts.  Red: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.”-. That ‘70s Show (Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner& Mark Brazill)