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Каждый раз проходя мимо кладбища проверяю себя на предрассудки. И вот вопрос для тех кто видит это: Стал бы есть яблоки возле могил? Жизнь это сейчас!  Every time I walk past the cemetery I check myself for prejudice. And here is the question for those who see this: Would you eat apples near the graves? Life is now! next morning. Life is now! #motivationalquotes #motivation #mindset #quoteoftheday #coffeetalk #learnenglish #getstronger #getsmart #wakeup #selfdevelopment #fun #funnyenglish #think #goodthoughts #letstalk #fun #mnogogrankin #lifeisnow #interesting #vidnoye #apple #prejudice
- Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee - Is this true? Lol . I am flat-white drinker and everyday at least 1-2 cups of coffee will make my day sway! My day hasn’t been started without a cup of coffee and my brain feels like numb and dumb hahaha. Do you feel that as well? . Well, 1-2 cups a day would be good i guess. Lets drink coffee together next time. . #coffeelover #coffee #coffeetalk #coffeeshop #coffeegram #manofcoffee #flatwhite #dailydose #everyday #portrait #photography #photogram #photo #hongkong #singapore #indonesia #menofhonor #lifestyle #yolo #letsdoit #coffeetime
Such a pun-ny name for a coffee shop @brewhaha_coffee_roasters! Ha ha! 😁👍 . . .
Here’s a toast to the weekend that comes earlier! . 📷: @isaaaldz
We love talking about coffee almost as much as we love roasting and drinking the stuff.  Every month we have a special videoconference for our Founder’s Club and tonight @rl_linden got to wax poetic about sourcing and cupping beans. It wasn’t all coffee talk; we also got to learn about his victory in the very prestigious Hoof ‘n Slosh this past weekend 😂. 📷: @des_linden  #cupping #coffeetalk #roasting #hoofnsloshchampion
We start early on Thursdays! What’s your morning routine? . . 6:30am Mindful Yoga w/ @allisonsbroughton  8:15am Yin/Restore w/ @yoga_w_shree  10am OFF the Mat w/ @moveunbound  11:15am Flow&Grow w/ @linnea_yoga  5:30pm Flow&Grow w/ @linnea_yoga  7pm Reiki Healing Circle w/ @sacredlightministries . . #morningcoffee #namasteaway #funny #jokes #coffeetalk #goodmorning #morningyoga #offthemat #moveunbound #mindfulyoga #morningmeditation #wakeup #awaken #bewell #thewell
Today was a gulp down coffee and MOVE kind of day! Laundry. A toddler whose new temper tantrums sometimes make me wonder if he even likes me?🤣#momminainteasy . ALL the things can be so overwhelming, right? That said, having the opportunity for busy seasons is a blessing in my book because it means we’re learning and living! . I’ve found a short cut to distressing and staying motivated though! It’s tapping into other people who have similar goals and walking step for step! . That’s why I’m looking for 5 ladies to mentor that want to attempt life together and hold each other accountable! . I’m talking about go-getters - those who have big dreams but are balancing BUSY. Maybe you have kids! Maybe your career is your baby right now. Or maybe you have a fur baby or are trying to get finances in order! (The #debtfreecommunity helps SO much with that!) . But deep down, I’m thinking you’re like me in that you’ve been searching for something more. Something to add to your life for YOU that brings you joy and makes you feel good in your own skin! . I’m talking about ditching overwhelm TOGETHER and finally making health a consistent thing. I know that’s scary - but everything is scary until we actually get in it. It usually isn’t as scary as we thought. . Together we’ll have more positivity. Community. Encouragement. Couldn’t we all use a little more of that? . If this sounds intriguing, I’d love to talk to you about my fit crew for 10 minutes! That’s all it takes for me to listen to your goals and make a health plan for you while sharing the love of this health biz! And just maybe a cup of coffee by speaker phone too!🤣☕️ . If I don’t convince you that together we CAN overcome your obstacles with prayer, motivation and a little sweat - the next cup of coffee is on me sister!#coffeetalk #accountabilitypartners #youcansitwithus
I crave nothing more than to be set free. Free of negative thoughts, envy, comparison. Some days I am, some days I’m not. If you think of yourself as not good enough, you’re always going to believe you’re not good enough. Those thoughts are there, they creep back when you least expect it. Usually right when you finally feel good. But I really hope you know you’re not alone & you’re more than those negative thoughts — you can change them you just have to believe you can. sending you love!!
This song used to mean the world to me. Used to be a reminder of what love was: how simple, how honest - and I promised myself this show would be the last time I’d listen to it.  Special thanks to @azdalecio for recording it while I screamed and crowdsurfed. You da real MVP 🖤
This one thing that I am learning right now, keep moving forward or just keep moving.  Right now you have to motivate yourself. You are the one that makes things happened.  When moving things, it is easier to control something in motion versus moving something that is not in motion. The hard part is moving it so it can be in motion.  So move yourself and get your butt out of park and into drive! . . . . #coffeetalk #motivationalquotes #motivationwednesday #humpday #humpdaymotivation #coffee #coffeeaddict #coffeeenthusiast #coffeelover #ckont #chathamkent
Anna sharing her thoughts on trusting your barista. __ @marketstreetstudios  @groundwork.common  @pureintentionscoffee  @updogkombucha  @thebatchmaker
Coffee grounds are environmentally friendly slug repellant. ☕️ Follow @coffee_pics_insta for more pictures #coffeesnob #coffeetalk #coffeecake #coffeegram #coffee☕ #coffeetime #coffeelike #starbucksforlife #starbuckslove #starbuckscoffe #starbucksthailand #coffeegasm