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Tex Gigante nr. 33 - Majo e I rangers di Finnegan , in galleria tavole originali e bozzetti.  Studio di personaggi dalla matita di Majo .  #majo #i  #comics #firma #scketchbook #texwiller #west #desert #passione #lugano #artbook #disegno #matita #art #majo #indian #eagle #desertvibes #drawing #pencildrawing #pencil
Back in the office gotta get some work done tonight. #artistwithproblems #latenights #artwork #comics #dreams #life #tablet #digital #mine #working #art #drawing
Why doesn't Bruce Wayne give up on Gotham and live a normal life? The interesting thing that many non-comic readers may be unaware of is that Bruce actually TRIED to live "normally" for a substantial period of time, and this was during "No Man's Land" right after he failed to convince Congress to rebuild Gotham. When the politicians decide to cut the city off from the rest of the US and declare it a wasteland, Bruce falls into depression and does a very un-Batman thing - he tries to run from his problems. Without telling Alfred, the Bat Family or Commissioner Gordon (who later chews him out for this - see my other posts this week), Bruce travels around the world to see if he can live like a regular human being. But without a mission to devote himself to, we actually see Bruce slowly losing the will to live. He feels completely out of place in the casinos and bars that men of his status normally frequent, and he can't help but analyze everyone he encounters with the mind of a detective, instead of a playboy. He also engages in destructive behavior, like boxing a punching bag until his knuckles bleed and getting into street fights, and it takes a visit from none other than Talia al Ghul to snap him to his senses. Talia reminds Bruce that his parents would be ashamed if they could see him now, and this realization is enough for Bruce to remember that Gotham is still worth fighting for, even if the rest of the world has abandoned it. Talia is often presented as a villainess these days, thanks to Grant Morrison's writing, but it's important to remember that she loves Bruce as much as Selina Kyle or any other woman in his life does - just in a different way befitting her status as the daughter of one of Earth's most dangerous terrorists. Here, she did the Dark Knight a much-needed favor, and one gets the sense that if her father Ra's al Ghul had seen Bruce during these moments, he too would have been DEEPLY disappointed in how far his greatest foe had fallen. (Art by
Bunny hops 🐰 @just_bacon_ • • • • •
SHOW REVIEW: Luke Cage, Season 2.  This is one of the best seasons of a show Marvel has ever done.  Typically, these Netflix shows can take a couple of episodes to get off the blocks and pick up speed, but not this season. Immediately, we are thrown into a time on Luke’s life where he’s trying to do right by everyone, by himself, but also keep true to his values. That is a narrative vein runnin through this whole series.  It’s also an incredibly brutal and graphic season. It shows the true lengths people will go to in order to claim their legacy, reclaim their legacy, or even deny their legacy out right. Vengeance plays an huge part in some of the character arcs, but so does love and justice. There such an amazing sense of believability to the story and the characters.  As fleshed-out as this story is, the characters feel perfectly slotted into it. Colter feels so natural in the role this time. He’s charming and you root for him, but he’s the lead. A great lead. Not the lone star.  Woodard’s Black Mariah evolves into arguably the most despicable villain Marvel have put to screen, and it is a truly clinical performance. She drags the hate right out of you.  I could go on about Missick as the returning and essential Misty Knight, with all her complicated integrity, or Rossi’s quietly pivotal role as Shades, but if I had to pick an M.V.P., it’s Shafir as Bushmaster. Every single second this guy was on screen he welded my eyes to his, and to the screen. He is captivating, magnetic, scary as fuck, and has a true purpose. I loved the cameos, one especially, but I won’t spoil who or why.  As for flaws, sure, there are moments in the later episodes that drag, but it’s mostly laser focused. It wasn’t as ruthlessly efficient as The Punisher, but it used every episode it had.  The themes this show shines light upon, and how it presents such multi-layered storyarcs for a huge and talented cast, is scintillating.  It’s not just excellence. It’s black
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Day 25 of my manga challenge! The first manga I ever bought was Fruits Basket Volume 1! Still my favourite series of all time 😍😍😍😍 #manga #anime #nerd #geek #reading #books #comics #mangachallenge #mangatag
Pequeño adelanto de lo que fue el día domingo en el evento @comicink.cl  Próximamente todas las fotos en Flickr y la fan page de Facebook 😁✌️. . . #comicink #comics #captainamerica #wonderwoman #antman #wasp #spiderman #mantis #domino #nightcrawler #plasticman #wolverine #arrow #flash #marvelcosplay #dccosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaychile #chilecosplay #cosplayphotography #photography #photos