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We write about what we know, and we know #contractrecruiting  http://wshrc.com/blog/
Successful project teams have #goodcommunication and that is the recruiter’s responsibility. Objectively presenting timelines and facts in weekly (or bi-weekly) status meetings with the hiring team keeps the team organized and on track. Openly sharing this data makes everyone aware of each candidate’s situation, the timelines developing between process steps, the next steps to be taken, and the assigned responsibilities. This keeps everyone accountable and exposes issues that should be addressed. When a req is filled, everyone on the team gets to experience “the win”. - Bob Williams, Co-Founder, Williams & Sewell #contractrecruiting #recruiting
Such a GREAT series, "10 Traits of the Best Contract #recruiters" Part 1: Pursue Contracts that Leverage Your Strengths "In most circumstances, contract recruiters are hired for specific projects, to fill a competency or bandwidth gap, or as a means to evaluate someone for full-time employment, after a period of time. Contract recruiters should be hired for their recruiting expertise and experience related to the client and market. The best recruiters take the time to research the company, the product or service, the potential manager, and any network or social media feedback that is available. During the interview process, they are great at listening and diligent about gathering more information – understanding deliverables, types of jobs to be filled, req volume, assessing the culture and working environment, learning about the process and tools, expectations, challenges, leadership style, company reputation, and ability to compete for candidates on the market. It is vital for the recruiter to objectively assess all aspects of the contract and only accept projects where their confidence level of success is very high." - Bill Sewell.  #hr #contractrecruiting
IT unemployment rates are at historic lows across the US. Rather than settling for a less-than-perfect hire or letting a position go unfilled, today’s forward-thinking companies are choosing a new option: contract talent. Get started today! . . #tuesdaytips #it #tech #recruiting #careeradvice #contractrecruiting #lucasgroup
Introducing Direct-Hire Solutions: If you're looking to find candidates for hard-to-fill positions from niche technical to C-Suite executive, you've come to the right place. . . . #recruiting #directhire #permplacement #contractrecruiting #outsourcing #businesssolutions
We are ready to help you and your company find that perfect candidate!! Contact Richard Townes at rtownes@VitalCruits.com for more information.
We are recruiting heavily in Payroll - get in touch if you're seeking a new challenge #methodrecruitment #contractrecruiting #contractrecruiter #techrecruiter #dreamjob #payroll #payrollteam #payrollservice #payrollrecruitment #melbournerecruitment