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Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh chile. This "leveling up" thing sure does come with some crazy growing pains. I'm not the same me that I was three years ago. Heck, I'm not the same me from a month ago. As God keeps pushing me in the direction of my purpose, folks want to keep trying me, keeping me on their level. This vacation to Oregon could not have come at a better time. I need to clear my head. Refocus. Meditate. Breathe. Play. It takes energy to shine bright, so let me get this charge up real quick. #couragetoearn #entrepreneur #momlife #blackgirlmagic #levelup
"When it comes to your dreams, no is not an answer. The word no is not a reason to stop. Instead, think of it as a detour or a yield sign.” . “No doesn’t mean that you stop; it simply means that you change course in order to make it your destination.” . “Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what life throws at you, you are in control of the fight.” ~ Rachel Hollis
Welcome to August! In our closed communities our focus is #levelup! . A snippet of what was shared in our #couragetoearnmore community: “This month I don't want to hear that you can't. YOU CAN. You know what you need to get to the next level, so I want you to be honest about those things and GET IT DONE.” . Whew! Who is ready LEVEL UP with us? . . . #ctetribe #couragetoearn
I've been struggling a bit lately trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. My kids think this is funny. They are not amused when I tell them that no one ever really has life figured out. . . I have this quote above my desk and I've been reading it a lot lately. My kids will all be in school this year. It's a big change. For the first time in 15 years I'll have part of my day open. I love that this will leave time for uninterrupted blogging and other projects because I can (hopefully) really be there once my kids are home. I'm looking beyond this year though. When my oldest son was born, I was a teacher. I was finishing my certification through an alternative licensing program, but I didn't finish. I told my son he was just too cute to leave all day long. I've never regretted my decision to work from home so I can be here with my kids, but I've often regretted not finishing my certification. I'm changing that this year. I was just accepted to the Alternative Licensing Program and working towards finishing what I started. With any luck, I'll work on some of the requirements I need to finish this year and find a teaching position for the following school year. My teenager tells me that high school students are going to eat me alive. He wouldn't have recognized me during my time teaching high school in residential treatment. . . I'm doing things that make me just a little big scared but make me very excited for what is to come. I will always keep blogging. My blogging income actually makes it possible to take a job like teaching and not worry about the pay. I'd be teaching because I want to. I think that makes me the best person for the job, don't you :) . .  #momlife #parenting  #motherhood #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodrising #joyfulmamas #motherhoodthroughinstagram  #utahmom #momblogger #utahblogger  #motherhoodunplugged #workingmom #teacher #aspiringmom #workathomemom #couragetoearn #dailyparenting #workingmomlife #worklifebalance
There are a lot of great influencers out there that it’s hard to know them all. I wanted to bring your attention to a few that I absolutely adore. I come in contact with countless talented women every day in my blogging network. These are 3 women I feel you should check out: @amiyrahm @brandijeter @michelledgarrett . . . #women2follow #entrepreneurs #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #mompreneur #ladyboss #bosslady #femaleentrepreneur #momboss #supportsmallbusiness #communityovercompetition #womensupportingwomen #smallbusiness #girlpower #motivated #handsandhustle #savvybusinessowner #bossbabes #womenentrepreneurs
Here we go! How are you kickstarting this new week? . Members of our closed community are sharing their action goals for the week and it’s thrilling to see the support, encouragement among our rockstar #courageousearners! . #mondaymotivation #ctetribe #couragetoearnmore #couragetoearn
We cannot wait until #couragetoearnmore’s 2nd Retreat!! Details coming soon! 💜 #repost @laurat_funk ・・・ Sitting at the #couragetoearnmore retreat, surrounded by incredible women, learning, laughing and even shedding some tears of honest reflection and truth.  Y’all, I needed this and I am so thankful for this group of ladies that are educating me on how to be a better me.  #tribe #blogtrip #blogretreat #couragetoearn
We love these #selfcare tips from @drmcjconsulting 💜 #tiptuesday #ctetribe #couragetoearn #couragetoearnmore ・・・ Make the most of your day today.  This to do list is an ongoing work in progress. What's on your agenda for today?  #goals #mindset  #career #careercoach #careertip #positivevibes #careerjourney #makeithappen #beyourself #selflove  #peace #joy #love #authenticleadership  #longtermgoals #keepitmoving #letitgo #beauthentic
Help me resolve something? First, I won’t disclose the brand bc it’s irrelevant & will miss the point of what I’m getting at here but this has been bugging me for awhile so I’m sending it to you. . We received an email awhile back from a brand we’ve done some work with. A brand we’ve loved for years & who has known us for nearly as long. The brand was pulling back their paid offer to participate in a campaign we’d been invited to join. Here’s what they said: “Would you consider showing the kiddos’ faces so we’d be able to repost on our channels as well? Or provide two photos, one with faces for our channels, and one in your style for your channels? We just can’t really post kids with no heads on our channels. And if we are paying for content, we really need this to be mutually beneficial.” This was not a new discovery for this brand-they were aware of how important privacy is to us & that, while we do show heads, we don’t show faces. So here’s my question land of Instagram content creators, consumers, “influencers” & “influenced (? I guess)”...does it matter to you? What say you about how likely you’d be to buy from a brand that doesn’t show faces occasionally? What values do you look for when leaning toward brands or products or influencers or folks in these digital spaces. I have a very strong opinion here but will share later. I’m genuinely curious to know if an image like this one (no faces) dissuades or persuades or even just piques your interest? TIA! #twomoms #mom2summit #altsummit #couragetoearn
Let’s hear it. What will you courageously kickstart this week? . . . .  #mondaymotivation #monday #inspirationalquotes #ctetribe #couragetoearn #couragetoearnmore #couragequotes
Sometimes when you work from home, you have to take a break to attend to kid emergencies. Today, it was to operate on my son's favorite stuffed animal. He came to me crying because the head was ripping off. I finished the task I was working on, then sewed his stuffy's head back on. I'm not a talented seamstress so here's hoping my stitches hold up for awhile.  #momtruths #momlife #motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #workfromhomemom #wahmlife #couragetoearn #kidlife
This! As #courageousearners we are balancing A LOT! Remember to give yourself grace and the necessary downtime to rest and rejuvenate 👍🏽 #repost @mommytalkshow 🤗 . Thank you for this reminder!
What’s on your action plan for this week? If you’re in our closed community have you shared in our accountability thread so we can help you stay focused? . #couragetoearn #couragetoearnmore #ctetribe . #repost @niru1990 ・・・ What does your daily planner look like? I’m really trying to get back into organising myself, my life and the 100 things I do👍👍 #dailyplanner #motivation #organization #procrastination #organizationalculture #productivityplanner #productivitytips #productivityhacks #dailyplanning #schedule #lists
💥💥 "Life is like a firework. You gotta ignite the fuse and make it beautiful." 💥💥 . . . . . #quoteoftheday #happy4thofjuly #happy4th #4thofjuly #fireworks #courageousearner #couragetoearn #ctetribe #couragetoearnmore #quotes #quotestoliveby #courageousquotes
Yes! It’s #frinally Happy #friyay! . What are your weekend plans? . #ctetribe #couragetoearn #couragetoearnmore
My and @whitneycornelison’s kids official album cover and outtake. I love getting to hang out with internet friends who become #irl friends. My kids had a blast with hers and we only lost track of the baby a few times and found him rolling halfway up the block with a new buddy. . . So grateful for Whitney and her friendship. She shines and my blogging life would be dimmer without her. Who knew that meeting her in January at the #couragetoearnretreat would lead to our kids playing together like old friends? . . . . . #themandarinmama  #mandarinmama  #beautyinthemess  #couragetoearn #bloggerlife  #thatsalotofkids
We are thrilled to support Courageous Earner @lipglossandcrayons and the women who are just wearing the suit this summer! ・・・ 💕Can I get a little love for all the women who have ALREADY participated in #justwearthesuit? 💕 . The pictures, the stories I’m reading……we are not alone.  Seeing women support each other like this? Is so inspiring! Swipe through to see a few of my favorites from this week…..and don’t forget, Just Wear The Suit will be happening all summer long.  Post a picture of yourself in your bathing suit to join our community, to support other women who are struggling with their own body image, to start the journey of shedding your own insecurities. . I can’t WAIT to see more pictures as the week goes on, checking our hashtag every morning is my favorite way to start the day.
Background of this picture: My entire family is under the weather. Husband, little girl, baby, and me. It's just a summer cold, I think, but it got us good. Sundays after church are normally picture days where I get all of the shots for the week that I need. Yesterday, I took a long LONG nap instead. So today, even though I felt like crap, and if y'all would have seen me earlier today, you would be wondering how in the world I pulled this picture off, I did it. My photographer 9-year-old pushed through with me so that we could do what we had to do for our business. I'm not advocating putting work before your health. Sometimes, though, when you're an #entrepreneur who is working on building a long lasting legacy for your family...you make it do what it do. I know EXACTLY what this one hour of discomfort will do for my family, down to the penny. And it's totally worth it. #workingmom (Having easy to throw on from @stitchfix on days like this totally help, too!  Shirt and jeans from my most recent fix!) #couragetoearn #mompreneur #blogger #bloglife #family #baby #postpartum #stitchfix #boymom
Thank God it's Monday! The beginning of a new week, new opportunities, and a fresh start. See what I did there? Can I challenge you to do something a little different? Instead of complaining about the things you can't control, create a list of all the things you're thankful for. It truly changes your outlook on life. For example, I loathe doing laundry and complained about it ALL the time. Until one day God reminded me of a time in my life that I only owned the clothes on my back. So friends, what are you thankful for today? 💙
As an entrepreneur, I am learning how to step from behind the curtain to push and own the shine of my work. It's helping me in all areas of life.  It's good to take credit for the good things you do. It’s good to put yourself out there. It's good to ”let ’em know” about you.  When's the last time you stepped from behind the curtain? What ways have you been a little more bold lately? - - This a clip of my IG live on my business page @love_character. - - - - - #bebold #stepout #beseen #shine #entrepreneur #ctetribe #couragetoearn