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Incredible first experience of competitive crossfit @celticseries yesterday!!! So proud of my boys @23cameronwilliams23 and @____thomast____ gave it everything!!! Team extreme will return!!! @cfvarangian @reebok @crossfitgames @nocco #crossfit #crossfitter #crossfitgames #crossfitfamily #crossfitlifestyle #fitness #barbells #burpees #amrap #fittestonearth #gymnastics #olympic #weightlifting #strength #fit #team #family #varangian #gym #hardworkpaysoff #hwpo #motivation #calisthenics #running #betterneverquits #box #strong #northernireland #inspiration
Rest day 🙌. . Put the same effort into your recovery as you do in the gym ✅ . Reflection, weekly goal setting and rest... plenty rest post comp. . Actually feel good after pavlova last night 🙌. Can’t wait to try out my new vest @wodsox_uk. . Enjoying training so much more because I’m actually feeling strong, got energy and leaner eating so much more. @wedominatenutrition are so clever 🙌. . #crocsfit #wedominatenutrition @fresh_fuel_ayrshire @freshfuelforthvalley
Lovely day at Brighton Marina yesterday with the family. Ate waaaaaay too much but it was definitely worth it and needed!!
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. از عهد یونان و رم باستان تا به امروز تفکر غالب بر این است که رابطه جنسی باعث کاهش کارایی و عملکرد ورزشی می‌شود. بر اساس همین تفکر، برخی ورزشکاران حرفه‌ای مُرتاضانه از هرگونه فعالیت جنسی چند روز تا چند هفته پیش از مسابقه خودداری می‌کنند. هدف از این مقاله جواب این پرسش است که مطالعات علمی چه نظری در این مورد دارند. . مطالعات خوبی در این زمینه به چاپ رسیده شده که یکی از ارزشمندترین آن‌ها مقاله سیستماتیک ریوو (systematic review) است که توسط محققان ایتالیایی به چاپ شده و تمام مطالعات پیش از این را مورد بررسی قرار داده است. . براساس نتایج این مطالعه جامع، تاثیر منفی فعالیت جنسی بر کارایی ورزشی کمتر از ۲ ساعت است. به بیان ساده‌تر درصورتی که رابطه جنسی ۲ساعت یا بیشتر از تمرین یا مسابقه فاصله داشته باشد تاثیری بر عملکرد ورزشی ندارد. . اگرچه این فیلد تحقیقاتی جدید است و نیاز به مطالعات در آن احساس می‌شود اما نتایج علمی تاکنون هیچ‌گونه تاثیر معنادار منفی از رابطه جنسی بر ورزش گزارش نکرده‌اند (با حفظ فاصله دو ساعته). بنابراین، این تصور که اگر ورزشکار در روز پیش از مسابقه رابطه جنسی داشته باشد باعث اثر منفی‌ بر کاراییش می‌شود صحت ندارد. . پ‌ن: حساسیت رابطه جنسی در کارایی ورزشی برای ورزشکاران حرفه‌ای است که باید
Какие продукты нужно включить в свой рацион, чтобы помочь своему организму быстрее и качественнее восстанавливаться после физических нагрузок? Что нужно есть, чтобы стать выносливее? Занимаясь кроссфитом, со временем, мы должны начать разбираться в составе продуктов, ведь именно эти знания помогут нам подобрать для себя максимально полезные продукты, которые позволят нам быстрее восстанавливаться и мощнее тренироваться. 1️⃣Скир 2️⃣Вишня 3️⃣Киноа 4️⃣Миндаль 5️⃣Авокадо 6️⃣Шпинат 7️⃣Свекла Узнай подробней об этих продуктах в нашей статье по ссылке в описании профиля⬆️ #cross_fit_ru
I have a ridiculous capacity for work, for pain and for discipline. Most of the time these things are remarkable assets that I understand and control to my greatest advantage and the greater good. Sometimes these things are a monumental curse. When I become supremely focussed on a goal (eg Crossfit Games), I can push myself beyond my ability to accommodate and recover from the stimulus or stress. Last week I did just that. I did 5 monumental training and work days back to back. With some personal/emotional stress thrown in for good measure. I knuckled down, dug deep, worked hard, stayed focussed, kept turning up, honoured my commitments, then fell in a massive heap of nervous system fatigue and exhaustion. Boom. Shop shut. Gone for all money. It took me another 24hours to accept that this wasn’t just my head being lazy...I was actually empty, depleted, broken. I believe that I have to be willing to go too far to find out how far I can go. I also believe that catching myself before I do serious harm is my other big job...I always manage to do it, even if it gets a bit gnarly toward the razors edge, I have developed the tools to know exactly how to put my nervous system back together again quickly. 48 hours of worldly withdrawal, sleep, sauna, steam, massage, quiet company, movies, hydration, good food, self-nurturing and trusting my process. We’re all a bit weird, we just need to know what kind of weird and what to do with that weirdness when the shit hits the fan... @fit_hotfitnesswear 💥☠️🦄 #donoharm #firstthingsfirst #takerisks #igotthis #discipline #recoverymatters #specialkindofweird #sohuman #fithotfitnesswear #forceofnature #benotafraid #earnednotgiven #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitmasters #wodhopper #skinnourishment #byronbay #byronlife #inkedgirls #tattoo #onlyfitgirls #mastersrock
Dammit! I got caught by @crossfit_medway 😂 . #tv #watchingfilms #film #workout
Great work from Liam Holborn taking his second event win at the @FrenchThrowdown in WOD 4 and securing 1st place overall moving into the final day #glc2000 #loveyourjoints .  FTD WOD 4 (M35-39): 1000m Bike erg + 50 Dumbbell hang clean & jerks w/ 2x22.5kg Dumbbells .  Athlete: @TheDogOfTheNorth 📷 @frozenintimefr
Good habit - Moving Habit 🏋️‍♀️ . . . . @crossfit_aschaffenburg
🙂 #extremeexercise  For Fitness Freaks ➡ @extremeexercise . . .  Credit by @katibreazeal  Learning Muscle-Ups? . 👉🏾Give this drill a try. ••• The Hips to Rings is the position you hit right before transitioning in the ring muscle-up. . Timing is critical, and you need to be patient. ••• As you pass through the kip swing, and reach the point of being parallel to the ground, you’ll squeeze your glutes, & begin to pull with your arms. . Pull until you reach the point of “weightlessness” (the peak of your ascent), which is where you’ll eventually transition in your muscle-up. ••• The higher you pull, the closer your hips get to the rings, the EASIER YOUR TRANSITION. . Why? . 💡The closer you get your body to the rings, the less distance your shoulders have to travel to transition up and over the rings. ••• 👉🏽One more key— Keep tension! ••• The tighter your body, the more tension you have, the more power you’re able to generate for the muscle-up. . Not to mention you’ll be able to control the rings much more easily🤷🏾‍♀️. ••• Your body is a rubber band— the tighter you are, the easier you’ll fly. ••• Hips to Rings are great drills for both those working towards getting their muscle-up, and perfecting technique. ••• Always train the basics. ••• . . . . . . .  #breazealgymnastics #breazealgymnastics #crossfitgymnastics #cfgymnastics #crossfit #fitness #austin #austintx #austinfit #thingstodoinaustin #victorygrips #grips #grip #pullup #strength #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightworkout #bodyweight #ringmuscleup #mucleup #ring #hipstorings #virus #calisthenics #crossfitgames #intheopen #theopen2019
#nswblues #bluesvictory #snatching #thewodlife #crossfitgames #bluesforlife @crossfit_tannumsands