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My next destination is to Costa Rica to assist the wild life and yoga retreat!!!! Sending it out to the universe that nothing stops me from this trip. I can’t wait. 🦋💗🔮🙏🏽
Watch out there’s a wild thang in the jungle. Purchase this vintage jean jacket (click link in bio) @crulune Also shout out to my girl @emily_katrina for doing wonders to my hair at @hairmalibusalon
EYECONIC Beret. If you want you can easily make this beret 1st buy a beret, 2nd go to the dollar store and buy googly eyes 3rd go buy fabric glue 4th glue that shit on like you see in the photo OR if you get lazy you can buy this beret for $15 click the link in my bio to purchase it!
All eyes on me. Get it? Lol.
Idk if it’s just me, but I have been feeling that positive innovations in a lot of people have been occurring. With all the madness going on in the world I truly feel like the world is about to make a major shift and evolve into something magical for everyone. I’ve been having these connections with friends and strangers talking about the universe and how if we put our mind to anything or just even ask, it will come to us. I strongly believe it and I know these people do too. I took a yoga class yesterday and the instructor offered up an intention which was, EVOLVE. The word and the meaning of evolve really resonated with me. Change can be good or bad, but it’s always important to notice the change and accept it. To evolve is to change, to change is to grow, and to grow is to become a higher version of yourself.  Anyone else feeling a transition in their life or the world?
We’re going back in time, 2000’s suck.
I hope I can sell this vintage red romper, hat, and sunglasses. It’ll be up on my Depop shop (link above).
I was really uncomfortable sitting on these stairs they smelled like piss.
Up for shiiizzzaleeeee click link in bio!
Oh this bag? I found it on the street to use for this photo. 🤷🏽‍♀️
I made this hat over a year ago for Coachella and now I finally have a decent shot of it. I was inspired to make this hat by @die__yung if you wanna get a little high check her shit out it’s fucking magical!
Wish I could say this picture was shot in NY but it was Venice Beach. This whole outfit will be up for sale on my Depop shop tomorrow morning! @crulune @depop
Sponsored by waste management. 😂Please remember to always recycle, seriously.
Looks like I’m waiting to whoop someone’s candy ass. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Link In bio you can purchase on our Depop! www.depop.com/crulune
🍒vintage Coca Cola Sweater🍒purchase on Depop🍒 size large (model is a small)🍒great condition🍒free shipping
I’m from a tribe, I’ll check a hoe. - KW
Bitches love flowers. 🌻
Bitches love flowers.  Swipe left! Button up blouse is for sale on our Depop.
“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn” - Persian Proverb  SHOP FOR THIS DRESS ON OUR DEPOP LINK ABOVE $20