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#wdwsm18 went on a sex trafficking outreach day with Love360 in Orlando where we handed out helpful information to hotel and motel employees. #crusummermissions #wdwsm18 #cru
Repost @cru_utsa  We loved going to the world with you!! #baylor #baylormissions @summer_missions ・・・ What a privilege to spend another summer in East Asia! Throughout the years God has been using college students from San Antonio and abroad to share the message of Jesus with those who have never heard. Thank you for saying YES to go, and thank you to all of you who partner with us to spread this amazing news! - #crusummermissions #cru #crutsa #utsa22 #utsa #birdsup #eastasiasummermission #greatcommission #ipreview @preview.app
What a privilege to spend another summer in East Asia! Throughout the years God has been using college students from San Antonio and abroad to share the message of Jesus with those who have never heard. Thank you for saying YES to go, and thank you to all of you who partner with us to spread this amazing news! - #crusummermissions #cru #crutsa #utsa22 #utsa #birdsup #eastasiasummermission #greatcommission #ipreview @preview.app
We went and used solarium on Cocoa Beach and surfed. We also visited Cru headquarters and I said Yes to the 40 day Holy Spirit challenge. #cru #crusummermissions #wdwsm18 #cocoabeach #solarium
A bird? A plane? Oh wait! It’s @zachchiu320!! #wildwooddays #wwsm18 #crusummermissions . #repost @wildwoodsummermission . Excited to hear all the things God has done this summer Zach!! #crurpi
A bird? A plane? Oh wait! It’s @zachchiu320!! #wildwooddays #wwsm18 #crusummermissions
This was our very last event Clearwater.  We were worried about the rain, but we took the risk. God gave us the most beautiful sunset rainbow that night. As I was heading to Columbia, SC. I realized when we were spending our last night with all the staff in #cbsm God gave us rainbow.  Then He gave us rainbow in our very last event.  The ways God works is truly beautiful.  #sunset #rainbow #clearwater #clearwaterbeach #crusummermissions #cru #summerproject #lastnight
“Coming to Clearwater 🌴 I had this predetermined disappointment set in my mind on what this summer would be like. I thought that I was coming to the beach to do some mission work and talk about Jesus, but mainly hittin’ up the beach. 🏖 I didn’t think I would learn anything else about the Christian life other than how I can take what we’re doing down here back to campus. But I learned it was so much more than that! I learned how to be a better Christian and life out the Christian life from the book of James. 📖 I learned how to be a stronger man of God and live that out. I learned how to tell others about Jesus not only through the Bible, but how He has influenced and impacted my life as well. I realized being down here you leave an impact on not only the people you share Christ with every week but also the co-workers you see almost everyday. This summer has truly helped me grow as a believer and I wouldn’t change it for anything!” - @clem_n_m  #summermissionsunday #cbsm18 #crusummermissions
“Hey y’all! 👋🏼 My name is Katie Sam, and I’m an animal sciences major 🐾 at UK. This summer, the Lord opened a door for me to go on a @jesusfilm Mission Trip to Mozambique 🇲🇿 ! Together, our team partnered with university students in Mozambique to go out into rural communities to love on people, come alongside local churches, use Jesus Film tools 📱to start spiritual conversations, show the Jesus Film, 🎥 and most importantly, share the gospel! It was by far the best time of my life. Not only did I get to travel to this beautiful country, meet awesome people, and experience a new culture, but the Lord allowed me to see what He was doing through all of those things, and invited me to be a part of it. I was poured into constantly, and I learned to be bold in sharing the gospel with others. We got to show the full Jesus Film 4 times in villages, and each night more people came to watch, and more and more people came to know Jesus ✝️ after hearing and seeing Truth for the first time. At our last showing, nearly the whole village (which was completely unchurched and unreached) came forward to accept Christ or to ask spiritual questions! Talk about exciting! The video is from a church in one of the villages, and I just wanted to share it with you guys because it’s so beautiful. Everyone was worshiping the Lord with such freedom, and it made me think about how awesome heaven is going to be with my new brothers and sisters in Christ! 💓 If you’re thinking about going on an international mission trip, please reach out to me and allow me to encourage you! I’ve got lots of awesome stories and experiences I’d love to share!” - @k8esam  #summermissionsunday #crusummermissions #jesusfilmmissiontrip
Only at @cruinstagram (CruHQ) in the #bathroom 😂 but should be in every bathroom @loverequires #loverequires #agape4u #cru #cruhq #crusummermissions #crusummermission #crusummermission2018
Guys! This was beautiful! I made the geekiest face when I turned around and saw the sky because I was so struck by it! No filter on this gem. No exaggeration. Just a great photographer and awesome co-leader. 📷: @jsimp_marylandcru  #dayoff #australia #12apostles #crusummermissions #cru #mlbrnesummermission2018 #singlelady
“It was so cool to listen to people’s testimonies on my team and strangers I met along the Camino. I felt like God used each of them to pour into me and help me learn something. I felt like the whole trip was a huge insightful thing for me. I loved it all though, very much, especially the hiking in nature where you can be completely silent and listen to God. I loved the community and friendships made the most though!” - @rachael_fos who went on Summer Mission with @lifelinesoutdoors #lifelines #crusummermissions
“If God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and thrown into a fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you!” -Luke 12:28 NLT #crusummermissions #rmsm18
Funny pictures, red lips and lights in your hair. Mid-year conference was fun meeting students, learning culture, and growing in the Lord. Oh and Christmas in July parties..hence lights in hair. #crusummermissions #cru #go #mlbrnesummermission2018 #singlelady #funnygirl @summer_missions
"Lead me to you, forever Lord I will pursue. You've won my heart, Jesus, you're all that I want"  Excited to see how the Lord leads these men and women in the next couple weeks as they pursue Him! #crusummermissions #epicwildwood2018
“Extreme Challenge Puerto Rico was amazing! The island of Puerto Rico was beautiful and the Puerto Rican’s are such friendly people. I could not have chosen a better summer mission to be a part of. Not only were we able to share the Gospel to about a hundred people but also I got to experience God in so many ways. The first was through the SPECIAL, the 20hr challenge we had to do. I reached points of complete exhaustion but I depended on God and He got me through. Second, was through the beauty of the island...I got to swim in the water at dark with microorganisms that lit up. And finally, through the wonderful community that I was with. I miss all of them but I’m glad we get to do life alongside each other now!” -Felicia (@soulgolfer) #crusummermissions
“I came into the summer with certain expectations, and wow has God shattered those. He has shown me that His way and His plan produces gentleness and a deep joy that lasts. I’m also learning the importance of letting my constant need for control go! Why worry when His plan is ordained specifically for me? I’m so looking forward to have God continue to soften my heart for what He has in store for the next 3 weeks and how to best prepare for this fall at App State!!” - @elle.sloboda  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
Over the past couple of days I’ve gotten to know these girls and their life stories and they’ve gotten to know mine. One of the things that helps grow a team to be a team is to know each other’s stories and how God has and is transforming their lives. Each of these ladies chose to be transparent and vulnerable. I love that. #mlbrnesummermission2018 #cru #crusummermissions @summer_missions
“On Tokyo Summer Mission, God helped me see the world and others through his eyes. He pushed me out of my comfort zone in every way and showed me how to rely on him and how to appreciate every moment, every conversation! We should take every chance to speak hope, love, and life into others lives! To share the source of our hope, truth and life! It was such an honor being used by God to share with some Japanese students who God is and how he has changed my life! He used this experience and my team to humble me, help me overflow with his love, show me my fears, to make God my best friend, turn anything into a spiritual conversation, be more culturally aware, to be patient and so much more!” -Heather (@heather17b) #winbuildsend #cru #crusummermissions
“I came on this summer mission because I saw a video about it, and it resonated with me. And throughout the semester, I really felt like God wanted me to go on this summer mission. The biggest thing I'm learning here is that I am free in Christ Jesus and no longer have to live in condemnation and fear. God desires a relationship with me, and in Christ, I am totally and forever covered in God's grace and mercy. So freeing! Romans 5:1.” - McKenzie Mitchell  #crusummermissions #cbsm18