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"Lead me to you, forever Lord I will pursue. You've won my heart, Jesus, you're all that I want"  Excited to see how the Lord leads these men and women in the next couple weeks as they pursue Him! #crusummermissions #epicwildwood2018
“Extreme Challenge Puerto Rico was amazing! The island of Puerto Rico was beautiful and the Puerto Rican’s are such friendly people. I could not have chosen a better summer mission to be a part of. Not only were we able to share the Gospel to about a hundred people but also I got to experience God in so many ways. The first was through the SPECIAL, the 20hr challenge we had to do. I reached points of complete exhaustion but I depended on God and He got me through. Second, was through the beauty of the island...I got to swim in the water at dark with microorganisms that lit up. And finally, through the wonderful community that I was with. I miss all of them but I’m glad we get to do life alongside each other now!” -Felicia (@soulgolfer) #crusummermissions
“I came into the summer with certain expectations, and wow has God shattered those. He has shown me that His way and His plan produces gentleness and a deep joy that lasts. I’m also learning the importance of letting my constant need for control go! Why worry when His plan is ordained specifically for me? I’m so looking forward to have God continue to soften my heart for what He has in store for the next 3 weeks and how to best prepare for this fall at App State!!” - @elle.sloboda  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
Over the past couple of days I’ve gotten to know these girls and their life stories and they’ve gotten to know mine. One of the things that helps grow a team to be a team is to know each other’s stories and how God has and is transforming their lives. Each of these ladies chose to be transparent and vulnerable. I love that. #mlbrnesummermission2018 #cru #crusummermissions @summer_missions
“On Tokyo Summer Mission, God helped me see the world and others through his eyes. He pushed me out of my comfort zone in every way and showed me how to rely on him and how to appreciate every moment, every conversation! We should take every chance to speak hope, love, and life into others lives! To share the source of our hope, truth and life! It was such an honor being used by God to share with some Japanese students who God is and how he has changed my life! He used this experience and my team to humble me, help me overflow with his love, show me my fears, to make God my best friend, turn anything into a spiritual conversation, be more culturally aware, to be patient and so much more!” -Heather (@heather17b) #winbuildsend #cru #crusummermissions
“I came on this summer mission because I saw a video about it, and it resonated with me. And throughout the semester, I really felt like God wanted me to go on this summer mission. The biggest thing I'm learning here is that I am free in Christ Jesus and no longer have to live in condemnation and fear. God desires a relationship with me, and in Christ, I am totally and forever covered in God's grace and mercy. So freeing! Romans 5:1.” - McKenzie Mitchell  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
“My experience on the San Diego summer mission was beyond what I could ever have imagined! Coming together with students from all around the country (who at the end of the week become one big family!) to share the gospel was so special. Going out and trying to initiate spiritual conversations with others can be intimidating, but I saw God work through those steps of faith! A moment that I will never forget was on our last day of outreach there. That morning we focused on impacting the world with the Gospel and later that day during our beach outreach, many of us spoke to people from all over the world who were visiting San Diego, with some of them surrendering their lives to Jesus! It was definitely a full circle moment and a testament to God's faithfulness. So thankful for this lifechanging trip and a God who does immeasurably more than we could ever dream of!” -Daniela (@daniela_2911), Sophomore  #crusummermissions #go #winbuildsend #cru
“Before @clearwaterbeachsm, I didn’t understand the importance of intentionality in my conversations, as well as how to truly be vulnerable when asked tough questions. Being in this amazing community and doing beach outreach, I have learned how to better ask and answer tough questions, so that I’m completely honest. Tough questions allow deep truth of the Word and of my personal story & relationship with God I’m so confident that this is just the beginning for the summer. I pray for more tough questions and conversation to present themselves and that our hearts and minds are open to vulnerability. There’s so much growth still yet to come.” - @_ashleyduke  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
“Prior to coming to Clearwater I was living in bondage through works. I was constantly afraid of disappointing people & ultimately that projected onto how I thought God saw me. I constantly thought that I had the power to really do some damage in my relationship with Christ, but coming to Clearwater, God has really shown me how much he deeply loves me. He's shown me that he's never disappointed with me, and I don't have to constantly work to earn his love. He's really made me feel free from all the lies that I've been telling myself. I hope to continue this summer just walking in freedom with the Lord, and slowly allowing grace enter my life.” - @anna_kate4  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
“This summer I have learned how to depend on God every day through the good and the bad. He has thought me that being strong is being vulnerable and leaning on the people around you. He has showed me that He will never leave me even when times get hard.” - @the_crazy_eyes_twin  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
God wants YOU! to go on summer mission! Yeah, these amazing people are my second family 😄❤️ #crusummermissions #cru #familylife @familylifeinsta
And so the journey begins. First leg of travel begins with a long ride on a Megabus to DC. Ending destination, Sydney on Friday morning (dinner time on Thursday stateside). #mlbrnesummermission2018 #cru #crusummermissions @summer_missions
“This summer I’ve been able to learn how God exceedingly answers prayers. Before this mission, I was sort of discouraged in sharing my faith because I would share and not see an outcome. I know that the word of the Lord does not go void, and I knew I needed to continue being obedient to God’s command to go make disciples. I began to pray that God would use me as a part of his plan as I took a step of faith to come to Clearwater this summer. I prayed that I could see one person come to Christ on mission this summer if it be in his will. A week before coming to Clearwater I was able to see one of my friends from back home accept Christ. A week after being in Clearwater I saw another girl accept Christ. About a week ago I saw a boy accept Christ. God has exceedingly answered my prayer to be used by him and it has been an amazing experience to be apart of his plan.” - @theerinnpetrie  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
A student staff painted this tree on camp and I love what it represents! The outreach and gospel conversations we are having here in Tahoe.  Each green leaf is 5 spiritual conversations each yellow is 5 gospel conversations.  And each piece of red fruit is a life given to Christ.  This is just the first two weeks!  We head out today for outreach and excited to see what the Lord does!  #ltsm . . . . . . . #summermission #lifelinesoutdoors #lifelines #crulifelines #cruadventures #crusummermission #crulife #laketahoe #campvibes #camplife #crusummermissions #collegelife #adventure #ltsm18 @summer_missions
“Hi 👋🏼 I’m Rebecca! I’m going to be a junior in nursing school this year! 🏥 This summer I had the opportunity to go on a Medical Cru Summer Mission in California for 5️⃣ weeks!! I was able to learn how to do whole person care and take a spiritual history of patients. I also learned how powerful the Holy Spirit is! 🔥 I could feel the Holy Spirit working in me! I learned a lot about myself too. My identity and significance is found in God alone. ✝️ Because of Christ and his Redemption, I am completely forgiven and fully pleasing to God. I am totally accepted by God. This is a summer I won’t forget!” - @rebeccalouwho  #summermissionsunday @summer_missions #crusummermissions
“I've been learning the depth of my own sin and the sin in this world, but I also know that the Lord doesn't want us to wrestle with this alone. I am learning that it is necessary for me to walk in the Spirit daily, so that I may allow Christ to lead me rather than live in my flesh. His Spirit has been calling me to repent and walk away from my sin. He has been remolding my heart to become more like Him and to see myself and the world through His lens. I'm looking forward to what happens after I leave summer mission now that I have learned how to share my faith and that God can use me to glorify him whenever I am.” - @oliviafritz55  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
“I’ve been asking God to help me overcome my fear of man over the past year. I signed up for a mission trip to Charleston, SC thinking this would be a small step in my journey of faith. Well... God sent me to Clearwater this summer, where I’ve felt him move mountains for me instead. 🏞 I never expected to see the passion and desire for deep relationships with my co-workers and in the tourists on the beach. As I trusted the Holy Spirit more and more, God showed His beauty to me in others’ kindness. 💕 There’s something so freeing and powerful in sharing your faith with a complete stranger and trusting Christ to do the rest. 🙏🏼 I pray God continues changing my life and moving mountains for me here in Clearwater!” - @juliettownsend_  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
“After almost 5 weeks in Clearwater, all my fears and doubts I had before this trip have been met with truth, kindness, and mercy from the community I have found here. Through the challenge and beauty of digging deep into your heart, I have learned my ultimate dependence on the Lord and the strength and guidance He provides through His Word and the people He has placed in my path.  I cannot begin to imagine how the next month will continue to shape my heart and am so thankful to serve a God that takes my expectations and multiplies them by the billions. If I had one piece of advice for anyone anywhere, it would be to step into the unknown of what and where God calls you to be.❤️” - @emma_culp  #crusummermissions #cbsm18
“Being on @clearwaterbeachsm has rocked my world! The Lord has taught me so much about intentionality and being a servant to others. While being intentional in my relationship with God and humbling myself before Him, it becomes so much easier and more enjoyable to humble myself before others. The Lord provides numerous service opportunities every day. Walking in the Spirit is a daily choice and brings an indescribable feeling when Christ’s righteousness is chosen and lived out!” - @mollie_bradbury  #crusummermissions #cbsm18