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💗"My best memories are the ones we make together."💗 When I was about 10 years old, Mom & Dad took Andy and me to Gulf Shores for a family vacation.  I remember so many things from that trip.  We swam and played on the beach, went out to eat at seafood restaurants, visited the Naval Museum of Aviation, watched the Blue Angels practice, rode a ferry from Dauphin Island, and went to Bellingrath Gardens.  One of the main reasons I wanted to bring my family here is to share some of those experiences with them. 💗  I know our boys won't always want to go on trips like this with us, so I'm soaking it all in!!
When I have days where I’m not really “feelin’ it” to read or refocus, I try to just read one or two verses and think on those. What do they mean to me? What do I think the Lord wants to show me in them? Do I display whatever Godly principle is being discussed? How do they challenge me? . Just one verse. Or however many you’d like. And just doing that, giving my mind something to concentrate on rather than the lack of rhythm I feel in that moment— it keeps me aligned. . It always reminds me of a specific truth and God’s Word has this way of seeping into areas we didn’t even know existed. And it makes us feel powerful and alive, even when it feels boring or confusing. His Word doesn’t need your emotion in order to exert it’s power. . “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” -Galatians 5:22-23 . The fruits of the spirit 🍓🍇🍉🍎🍏🍋— which one can you work on being aware of today? . @christymontgomeryphoto . #cleerelystated #shopcleerelystated
Whats on the menu?🍽 . Good morning loves! What are you enjoying breakfast from today? Do you own a few drinking vessels already? I’ve got a couple of large & small plates available in shop! Tableware for your hands and heart. Visit the shop link! 🍽 . Thanks everyone for a fantastic update! If you missed out on a mug, next update will be in August TBA. For kitchen vibes and more handmade love, spoons are from @calicosweaters from @caveandcanopy🥄 . #ceramics #pottery #porcelain #handmadeislove #positivevibes #morningvibes #cultivatewhatmatters #theartofslowliving #liveauthentically #flatware #dinnerideas #dinnerware #breakfastplate #saladplate #woodenspoons #saguaro #summerfeels #summervibes #summeraccessories #textures #sage #goldensummer #expansion #morningmotivation #tableware #whatsonthetable #whatsonthemenu
🤣 A lot of this - hugging and laughing at our kids - is happening this week! ⚡️Grab the necklace I’m wearing in our Flash sale this weekend! The Serenity Gem Collar is $54 on the site, just $48 this weekend! I have this neutral quartz and labradorite piece, and a sky blue and rose quartz option as well. Tap on up to my Stories and shop the sale now! 📸:@amberlowephoto
I’m enjoying Cuenca far more than this face would imply! 🧡 The buildings are beautiful, the views are stunning and I’ve been sleeping so well too which is an enormous bonus when I’m walking more than normal. 🚶🏻‍♀️ After a good rest we’re now off out in search of anniversary cocktails! 🍹🍸🥂
It’s the calm before the storm. ⚡️ We’re celebrating our last weekend before football training camp kind of takes over his life and I start having way too much free time. 😂 AZ friends, let’s make plans. 📆
Saturday mornings are for discovering that your whole life you’ve been putting 2 scoops of coffee in the French press to make a cup of coffee, but the bag actually says to do 6. So you try 4 scoops and it’s easily the best cup of coffee you’ve ever made 🙌 tomorrow will be a 6 scoops kind of day, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a whole new coffee world ☕️ . . Sometimes we just do things the way we’ve always done them, without questioning it at all. If something is good, or even just okay, we become so comfortable with it and that becomes what we are so used to and just what we live with. We are creatures of habit and routine. But what if sometimes there is actually a whole new world waiting for us - a whole new level of “good” - that we have no idea even exists?🤷‍♀️what if sometimes we just have to try something new to discover this whole new world? . . Moral of the story = 2 scoops of coffee is good. 4 is better. 6? ☕️☕️☕️ bring it on!!
The best thing to spend on any relationship is time, conversation, understanding, and honesty.⠀ •⠀ I’ve been a little less present on insta, because we just spent the best week enjoying some quality time with a few of our dearest friends. Guys. How amazing is it to have people that love you enough to pay, and take time out of the business of life, to come visit wherever you live?! ⠀ •⠀ My heart is so full, and living away from home is so hard. My hubby and I have grown exponentially closer through our time away, but it isn’t easy. It’s a constant pursuit of an end goal and a celebration of every checkpoint in between. It’s making the most out of the new place you’re in. It’s being alone most of the time, and being forced to figure out who you really want to be. Forced to figure out what you really value in life.⠀ •⠀ I say all of this to say, cherish your moments. Cherish your people. Make the most out of the beautiful life you’ve been given, and during the moments of struggle & hardship, like when your amazing family has to go back home, force yourself to see the silver living. It’s always there.⠀ •⠀ Happy Saturday, everyone! 💕
Diamonds are forever... going to be in Maryland! Live Diamonds by Culta are coming this week to our dispensary and select dispensaries near you! Stay tuned to our IG story and our Snapchat for a list of dispensaries getting premium extracts by Culta. #cultacannabis #cultaextracts #topshelfextracts #liveresin #livediamonds #cultivatewhatmatters
🐝Bee you! 🐝 Bee kind!🐝 Bee a friend to the down and out! This post goes out to @victor.victoria who reminds me on a lot of occasions to love myself.and love others. Happy Saturday friends! This glorious pic is from the crazy talented @elizabethladean from our honey themed shoot at @wildcliffevents - other vendors to follow: @a1partyeventrental @catering_by_peachtree @mutigergardenevents @pretty.lil.things @bellemarieecomo @waltandlo #stylemepretty #styledshoot #katespadewedding #honeywedding #honeybooboo #honeyfarm #savethebees #cultivatewhatmatters #popstationery #deckelededge #decklededgepaper #handmadepaper #treefarmpaper #menus #weddingmenu #invitations #invitationdesigner #weddingvenue #weddinginvitationsuite #columbiamo #kcphotographer #kcwedding #theinkcafe #theknotkc #paperbaristas
The act of holding my peace seems so simple I mean all I gotta do is just be, just chill, right?! Oh but let me tell you I struggle. I want to jump in and start giving things a push or tell someone why they just got me or the situation all wrong. ⠀ 🤦🏻‍♀️⠀ I want to do something and I want to do it now! Please tell me ya feel me?! The thing is God wants us to be still, to trust and yep you guessed it, to wait on Him. ⠀ 🙏🏼⠀ Speak these words of truth over yourself when you feel “self” rising up or you feel like throwing in the towel. Just rest assured in these words and the Lord will fight for you.
Here at Joy Tribe we are on a mission to create a community of Joy. A community focused on giving back and living life to the fullest. A community made up of world changers, Light bringers, Brave women, moms, wives, and friends. Strong men, fathers, and husbands. And Of course Beloved Wild ones! We strive to create something for everyone, because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to spread a little joy! . . Photo Fun Fact: That is my wonderful big brother and my beautiful nieces 😍 It takes a Tribe and I am so thankful for mine! . . #myjoytribe #familyiseverything #ittakesatribe #choosejoy #chooseyourtribe #cultivatewhatmatters #thatauthenticfeeling #thehappynow #theeverygirl #familybusiness #purchasewithpurpose #cultivatekindness #gritandgrace #getaftergrateful #lovelysquares #womenoffaith #joyfulmamas #tinybigadventure #momlifeisthebestlife #dadsanddaughters #simplejoys #optoutside #feelfreefeed
Saturdays are for #targetruns 🛒❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ More to come from this time my biz bestie @rachellaxtonphoto and I wandered around @target for 3 hours and swapped headshots 😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ PC: @rachellaxtonphoto
My view this morning ❤️ Plus I’m wearing a sweatshirt! Time to leave #texas ??? 🤣🤣
It’s been about two months since we finished our kitchen project and this faucet was a little bit of a bold choice for me! I am in love with it though. . I spend so much of my day here preparing meals (lots of little mouths to feed!) and washing dishes and I know it seems silly, but this faucet makes me happy. I mean, the kitchen is the heart of the home after all! . I feel like it brings just the right amount of personality to our clean, white kitchen! And it’s pretty much my favorite place to be! 💗
“God gave me you for the ups and downs” . . . Happy birthday to the guy willing to hop on this rollercoaster ride with me 💗. Only three days after I was born, God knew to place you in this world as my soulmate. Having you as my husband is a daily reminder of His love and working in my life 🙏🏻 . . . (Fun fact: On my birthday Adam posted a picture of us on a carousel, here I reference a rollercoaster. This just about sums us up...me, forever going crazy, and him always steady at the core. )
If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
Ok, so I have been battling a huge problem for a while now.  MOTHS!!!! I have thrown out so much food it’s crazy! . Them suckers can even get into canning jars and brand new unopened packages! . I have emptied the entire pantry and cleaned profusely more than once! . So a friend told me about pheromone traps.  BINGO!  These babies are awesome.  I set two up and in less than five minutes they both had three or four moths!  Go get you some on Amazon!