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Vanilla rose cupcakes 🌹 #baking #cupcakes #cakesofinatagram #baker #buttercreamroses #pipingskills #cake
Testing recipes for a chocolate swirl bread! These are from my first batch.
Freshly baked rolls! I used Kindred’s milk bread recipe on Food52. These are amazing!!
Super Moist Lemon Sponge Cupcakes & Blueberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Have You Tried Our Cakes Yet? We Use Only Fresh & High Quality Ingredients For All Our Cakes Plus No Artificial Softeners, Preservatives Or Enhancers. DM To Place Order. #cakesinlagos #dessertsinlagos #cupcakes #lemonandblueberries #lagosparties #lagosbuisnesshub
Delicious peach galette from scratch! Oh so yummy! πŸ˜‹
Just made fresh lemon cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing and crushed graham crackers! You can really taste the lemon and the caramelized sugar on the bottom takes it over the top!
the perfect dessert for fall πŸπŸƒ apple cinnamon cupcakes with caramelized apple shreds and cinnamon toast crunch to top it all off πŸ˜‹  #applecinnamoncupcakes #falldesserts #specialtyflavors #eggless #delicious #cupcakes #caramelizedapples
Ok, these were the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. The first one is an apple, spice, caramel and the second is German chocolate. These cakes are dense, full of flavor and downright delicious. Plus, these are great business women. They were the last truck to pack up and leave. Very highly recommend. #cupcakes #fatladyscakesandpies #yummy #buffalo #foodtrucks #businesswomen
Chocolate rolls with fresh cherries inside them, drizzled with a caramel and cream cheese topping, sprinkled with mini chocolate chips! Yes!
Freshly baked chocolate rolls and lemon ones as well! So yummy!
Chocolate cake with buttery graham cracker crumbs baked in with a marshmallow fluff frosting on top! Baked this delicious dessert today thinking about how my mom would make chocolate cake for desert on Sundays 😊
Join us tonight in the lodge for Fast Food and Fellowship before Wednesday night bible class!
Take your coffee date to the next level with our range of specialty cakes and slices. Pistachio and raspberry cupcake anyone? 🍰