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VEGAN CROISSANTS 🥐🥐The @lagustasluscious plain and chocolate croissants from @llcommissary taste like they are made with love and buttaaaa (but are 100% Vegan), and are nice and flaky. 👌🏻 The chocolate, of course is superb. ❤️ Oh an they are available at @confectionerynyc today! Run, don’t walk! These are divine! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ P.S. Confectionary is where you can get the BEST macarons by @sweetmaresas and @lagustasluscious out of this world chocolates! ❤️ #thevegannewyorker
I took myself on a date last night 💕 Started with getting a massage, then enjoyed some of my favorite superfoods.. ginger and miso and vegan sushi 👌🏼 It helps that I had one free evening, and my massage place and my sushi place are next door to one another! Having an evening where I don’t do a lot of driving is actually really important to me 🙂 Bay Area traffic is no joke. Socializing is a foundational part of a happy and healthy life, so I make time for it multiple times a week. But alone time is essential too! It was kind of awesome to have a break from doing, and talking.  Treat yourself to a date night! It’s so luxurious 💗 like a little bit of peace for the soul 🙏🏼✨✌🏼 . . . . . . #selfcare #selflove #recovery #rest #datenight #sushi #veganfood #vegansushi #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #happiness #happybelly #wellness #balance #lowfodmap #avocado #miso #dinnerdate #dinner #healthyfats #antiinflammatory #fitness #weightloss #wellnesswednesday #holistichealth #healthyfood #healthcoach #holistic #glutenfree #dairyfree
Hello my dear 🌸💛🌿!! Lately I have a lot of creative tasks and lots of #vegancake orders 😋! That makes me extremely happy 💟😂💟! I thank all of you who write to me and support me 🙏! This means a lot to me! And how do I maintain my productivity ... well here: . 🌿 High vibrational #raw #veganfood . 🌿 without animal products. 🌿 gluten-free. 🌿 artificial colors-free. 🌿 GMO-free. Today I have prepared fast food bars for an afternoon snack. So nice it was that I was ashamed to say how much I ate 😋😋😋! There was only one thing left, but I shot it on the beautiful peony that my husband gave me yesterday 💚🌸🌿! Love and Sunny Day from me ☀️💝☀️💝☀️! . Здравейте мили мои 🌸💛🌿! Напоследък имам доста творчески задачки и много поръчки за #веганторти 😋! Това ме прави изключително щастлива 💟😂💟! Благодаря на всички вас които ми пишете и ме подкрепяте 🙏! Това значи много за мен! А как поддържам своята продуктивност ... ами ето така: 🌿 с високо вибрационна сурова #веган храна 🌿 без животински продукти 🌿 без глутен 🌿 без изкуствени оцветители 🌿 без ГМО и консерванти. Днес си приготвих набързо плодови барчета /с фурми, кокос, какао на прах, кокосов чипс и мака/ за следобедна закуска! Толкова хубави бяха, че ме е срам да кажа колко изядох 😋😋😋!Остана само едно и то най- малкото...но го снимах до прекрасният божур ?, който моят мъж ми подари вчера
Salad for fatour today, mixed vegetables, but of rice, sesame seeds, chia seeds, raw cashew and dagoos #healthyramadan #plantbased #vegan #vegansaudi #veganriyadh #riyadh #riyadhfood #riyadhguide #riyadhvegan #foodismedicine #saudiarabia #glutenfree #dairyfree
The best waffel I have ever eaten hands down 👐😍 if you’re in Amsterdam go to Brunchroom ❤ #vegan
As we are preparing for the Allergy & Free From show, I am reminded of the moving welcome we have received from the visitors last year. It was fantastic experience and #teamnono is still buzzing about the honest comments made by children trying our products. ❤️ #glutenfree #vegan #dairyfree #nutsfree #allergyfriendly #noaddedsugar #betterforyou #functionalfoods #superfoods #vegansnack #healthysnack #chocolate #nono #nonococoa
Homemade pasta bake filled with peppers, spinach and @Tesco soya mince 😋🌿
Hydration that fits your active lifestyle, balanced with electrolytes and trace minerals for a crisp and clean taste.💧
Amazing Indian foooood here at Mumbai Bistro😍 Gluten-free items are clearly marked 👏🏼 PS Vegan & lactose-free options available too. Most items are nut-free. #happytummy 😋
as i’ve said, i have the best friends in the world, and this time they have truly outdone themselves by shipping me @russanddaughters bagels all the way to SF (bc if you didn’t know, i think very highly of NYC bagels and will not eat the fake bagels we have here) 🛬 breakfast was an everything bagel today {one half: @tofuttibrands cream “cheese” // one half: @smartbalance }
Be among the first to know when a new episode drops! Subscribe today!  Get ready for an incredible weight loss story. Weighing 525 lbs at her heaviest, @coleenrenee, a mother of 2 had to take at least 10 different medications for obesity related diseases just to get through the day. She’s had congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, kidney issues, bladder problems, asthma and joint pain. She recalls her daily dietary intake and how her habits as a child influenced her relationship with food. “We eat when we’re happy, we eat when we’re sad, we eat when we’re angry. Food is our comfort.” She also tells us her story of sadness, guilt and falling into a deep depression after losing a loved one. For anyone who has struggled with their weight, there’s a moment, a breaking point where you decide that enough is enough. “I remember looking in the mirror one day, and I didn’t recognize myself”, Coleen recalls.She gives us her insight on the lack of conversation within the African-American community about mental health issues such as depression and the problems that arise from this. After a year of hiding and blaming herself, Coleen found strength by praying and reconnecting with her faith. She shares how in moments of need, it is meaningful for many to confide in a higher power as this can change one’s mindset and one’s life.In her story, she shows us that small steps lead to a large victory. Now, 289lbs lighter, Coleen is a “walking miracle” she now owns a bakery and she has started a non-profit organisation called “Bags of Hope - Stockton Foundation” which distributes feminine hygiene products to homeless women and girls. Coleen is a woman with a big heart, we hope that her story inspires you. . . Link in bio ☝️☝️☝️ Follow @agnesanddavid
Please tag someone who thinks wild, organic  meat is much better for ones health and fact check my sources for yourself 💚 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📱Vegan Meal Plan App IS NOW AVAILABLE (link in bio @vegainstrength) 📹YouTube: Vegains & Vegains DE 🌱Ebook: vegains.org 👕Merch: @vegansavage 🥞Food Channel: @vegainsfood - #otzi #ötzi #inuit #eskimo
If you were looking for heaven, we found it right here! Get your heaven sin free! No preservatives , no dairy, no gluten, no eggs! We’ve got you covered!Check out our website in our bio! . .  #veganuk #veganfortheanimals #veganlove #veganfoodporn #veganfit #veganfoodie #vegandinner #veganbeauty #veganlunch #veganlifestyle #veganbodybuilding #chocolateaddict#chocolate#pclove#love#organic#dairyfree#fitness#humpday#glutenfree #handmade#vegan#selflove#treatyourself#candy#healthyeating#foodie
#midweekpickmeup . Large Iced Latte ☕️ Avocado Crepe 🥙 Vegan Cookie 🍪 . Lunch The Healthy Way!
Black Jasmine Rice Pasta with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Fresh Cherry tomatoes and Pan Fried Courgette😜😁😁 - Im currently 22 days into my 30 day challenge. About a month ago I decided to challenge myself to do 100 push-ups everyday for 30 days! but with a little twist: I have changed the style of pushups that im doing every day ( diamond, shoulder width, wide and planche) and im making it progressively harder by adding weights onto my body (10kg, 20kg weight vest) and adding elevation to my pushups too!  Today you can checkout my pushups in the instagram live stream in our story! 😃 - The aim of the challenge isn’t to do the pushups in a fancy lighting and background and or make the videos overly cool, it’s literally about me being me and showing you my journey from the beginning to end and to hopefully inspire you to challenge yourself to make a change in your life! You will see me in my videos being raw, stupid and authentic and its a form of personal accountability too! 😃 So when you see us go Live know that im probably doing push-ups 😂😂 ive got 8 days to go!! We will be posting a video on our youtube of the whole journey and you will see (hopefully) the changes in my body over the past month! 😆😆 Take care and have a fantastic day! ✌🏾
6 MINUTE HARD BOILED EGGS! 🥚  Yes it’s that easy! Such a quick way to prep for snacks and meals throughout the week!  I have highlighted a tutorial of how to boil eggs in my feed! Go check it out!! TIP: 6 minutes for (soft) yolky eggs or 10 minutes for solid yolk eggs. (as seen above)  I love eggs, and I love that they can be made into numerous ways. They are a perfect nutritious food packed with protein! The sky is the limit!  HAPPY WEDNESDAY!  #omitstyler #oitfoods #oitwhole30 #whole30 #whole30recipes #whole30challenge #realfood #cleaneats #cleaneatsnocheats #foodforfuel #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #fitnessjourney #cleaneating #foodstagram #goodeats #foodie #instafood #food #foodblogger #blogger #blog #happywednesday #humpday #eggs #foodforthought #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
Update on the #nakd bars!  If any of you have seen my stories recently, I'm in LOVE with dates 😍 I legit cannot get enough of them. They satisfy my sweet cravings and have natural sugar instead of anything refined. So you can imagine how much I love these @nakdwholefoods bars!! They have so many different flavours! I absolutely loved the cashew cookie, peanut delight, banana, apricot and berry ones! Seriously, if anyone is looking for a perfect natural bar with no added crap, these are the bars to get! I have also tried their nibbles and seriously, they are very yumy! I'll definitely be looking into other products nakd wholefoods is offering. Swipe left for macro breakdown 👉
SO much easier to leave the stodgy white carbs at bay when the sun is shining. Beef Ragu and corguetti for dinner tonight (or ‘hulk’ spaghetti as my 9yr old calls it) don’t worry if the ‘spiralizing’ process is a bit too much of a faff, you can buy is already prepared from most super markets now.  Have a lovely night xx . .  #dinnerinspo #lowcarb #protein #dinner #foodie #health #healthyeating #glutenfree #dairyfree #ragu #wednesday #pt #personaltrainer #fitness #exercise #livewell #fitfam