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Happy #flexfriday 😏 the arm up was too real last night 💪🏼 does your coach feed you or starve you during off season? Get you a coach who doesn’t use the “bro diet” approach 🤙🏼
Doubletap for the Legends!🙌 @fit_grammers - Follow @bodybuildingunlimited 💥💥 . 📷 @therock | @jasonstatham - Via @dwaynejohnson.love  #crossfit #nopainnogain #gains #muscle #beast #fitnessmotivation #abs #beastmode #instafit #muscles #dedication #bodybuilder
Ma stratégie pour des épaules bien galbés: ⬇  Si comme moi vous avez des clavicules courtes (grosse cage thoracique et bras courts) les épaules ne sont pas un point fort et ce n'est pas  en prenant toujours plus lourd sur les développés que vous arrangerez le problème pour info je fais plus de developpe épaule depuis plus de 2ans j'ai opter pour une autre stratégie: -Elévations latérales et arrière d'épaules a la poulie basse 3xsemaine -5 series de chaque -je demarre un cycle de progression (pas moins de 12rep jusqu'à arriver a 30rep ensuite je rajoute 1kg et ainsi de suite... Et pareil pour l'arriere d'epaule qui donne de la rondeur a l'epaules et qui est bien souvent oublier quand je vois certain pratiquant faire 2 develope et pas un exercice pour l'arriere reflechissez 5 minutes l'avant de l'epaules et deja solicite une grosse partie de la semaine contrairement a l'arriere d'epaules la muscu n'est pas un sport de bourrin bien au contraire bref voila ce qui ma permis de bien galbée mes épaules sans aucun risque de se blesser en mettant toujours plus lourd sur du développé tester sur minimum 2mois vous m'en direz des nouvelles😊 #shoulders#shredded#beastmode#trainning#fitfrenchies#nopainnogain#aesthetic#teamshape#bodybuilding#fitfrenchies#musculation#dedication#calisthenics#fitnessgoals#gains#muscles#instagram#fitnessmodel#model#fitnessaddict#getfit#fitspo#tflers#tagsforlikesfslc#transformation#muscles#fitfam#health#hardwork#motivation
How peace of mind and fitness is related. ———————————— Well obviously when you put everything thing on stake for just one cause to be at your best physical capacity, you work your ass off to be on top of your game... then you have to stay away from stress. I had seen people judging themselves over others, thinking of if they are better them others or not....fitness is not about always looking better then other you can be great at sometimes and bad at sometimes, it’s all about how much best you can give out of yourself.....just stay away from this worthless stress....and take a ride along the mountains alone....just feel yourself for a day and get back to the hustle
This how a beast looks like while sleeping. ———————- I was actually sleeping when someone clicked this picture 🔥
Running into #friday with smiles & miles! No sky picture today...it was cloudy and had some light rain. The rain didn’t stop us from finishing our morning run. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️.. • • #runalways #runhou #houtx #runandbehappy #runnergirl #runnersofig #werunsocial #wearetherunners #womenrunning #riseandrun #justrun #earnit #runhard #liveeasy #keepshowingup #marathontraining #hansonmethod #noexcuses #beatyesterday #garmin  #determined #dedication #nevergiveup
•high plank db drag• ⠀ 
kids! here are a few tips to help you nail this movement. ⠀ 🐵hands are stacked underneath shoulders to keep you stable. the farther in front the hands are from the shoulders, the more stress you’ll tend to place on the shoulder joint. ⠀ 🐵feet are wider than hip width to provide a more stable position for you to execute the movement from. this also helps you keep your hips squared with the floor and eliminates the rotating hips as we drag the dumbbell. ⠀ . 🐵you’re reaching underneath and across the body. example: if the dumbbell is on your right hand side, you’re reaching with your left hand and vice versa. ⠀ 🐵dumbbell stays on the floor during this movement
Believe in yourself because there is everything in yourself. —————⬇️⬇️⬇️ What is  it do you think there is less in you.⬇️ The only thing that is less in you is the faith of others in you, the reason is so because you don’t have faith in yourself, there is everything in you. ➡️ strength ➡️ intellect ➡️ capable to do anything you want. ➡️ a great family to support you.  Then what you are afraid of making some change.... head forward and fight for what rightfully belongs to you....don’t waist your energy on those people ,which don’t even think about your efforts...because when they tell you you can’t do that, then they tell their own limits💪🏼
The best way to stay motivated is to engage with the things that makes you feel good 💪🏼💪🏼 —————- Some awesome content for you people 🔥🔥
Monday:- international chest day💪🏼💪🏼 —————————————- There are number of ways to engage lower chest muscles....but cross cables is my favourite....you can see ever single muscle spasms on my chest
Plane bench Dumbbells ————————————- One of the best workouts to cause great hypertrophy in your pectoral muscles. It’s helps in increasing size, strength and width of pectoral muscles.. ➡️there are certain rules related to this exercise ⬇️⬇️ ➡️ always start your dumbbell 💪🏼 reds from lower weights ➡️and work on progressive weight training. ➡️there shall not be any imbalance in bench on which you are performing this exercise ➡️ always have a spotter near by you ➡️as because dumbbells are not as much balance as barbell....it’s is better to grip the dumbbells right from the centre and lift heavy as per your capacity 💪🏼💪🏼
Shoulder and tricep day. ———————————- ➡️ how to fix your rounded shoulder and how rounded shoulders are caused. ———————————- Well the theory says that when you train only one head of your shoulders and with similar variations your tears shoulders get week which causes your shoulders to move forward and overlap your pectoral muscles. Which can make you feel a lot of pain in your shoulders while performing any shoulder workout. ➡️To fix your rounded shoulders do this exercise for 3 sets 10 reps each on both sides with lite  weight and there you go you will feel good💪🏼