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I love my sweet girl! #downsyndrome #downsyndromelove #downsyndromemom
It’s #wellnesswednesday today on my blog! ⬆️LINK IS IN THE BIO 😉and before I head out the door to enjoy #winewednesday I will share with you my post about the benefits of having a #workoutbuddy . Sammy has actually 2 workout buddies but you will need to read my blog post to meet her favorite buddy! Do you have a workout buddy to motivate you to reach your fitness goals? . . #exercisemotivation #exercisewithafriend #motivationwednesday #downsyndromemom #myhappychild #normalisboring #ablednotdisabled #workoutgirl #over50blogger #over60style #over50 #over40andfit #over50fitness #over50andfab #over60andfit #atlantainfluencer #robinlamonte #liveyourbestlifenow
•WHY I DONT WANT YOUR KID TO HUG MINE•  While Sesame Place was a great experience overall, something happened that I have not been able to let go of. While running around in an open play area, WP saw another kid (slightly taller, def older maybe 4 or 5). She toddled over to him like a baby deer. He was a little averse to her hugging him, however, he watched her come over and allowed her to hug him for a second before pushing her away. As his mom was “awww”-ing he yelled “but I don’t want a hug!!” I believe in teaching body autonomy and I said that it’s okay to not want a hug and apologized for her hugging him. I explained that she’s a baby and still learning. WP was over it and began to head towards our friends. The little boy stood in her way and when she headed back towards me, he waited until she was behind him, swung his arm back, struck her in the chest, then ran. WP stumbled backwards like wtf was that?!? The mom right away went after him and I just patted WP on the back. I could tell she was confused. She had been putting out her hands to move around him when he hit her.  While I was patting her, the boy came back. She was leaning against my legs (I was standing) and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders/neck and hugged her roughly as his mom said, “Say youre sorry and give her a hug.” He was squeezing her and she was pulling at his arms. His mom said “be gentle” as I said “You don’t have to hug her.” He ran off and his mom apologized to me.  While I completely appreciate his mom apologizing to us and trying to get her son to say sorry, I don’t want him, or any child, being forced to do something they don’t want to do. He was already upset about hugging her and then he was forced into hugging her again. He was angry and he took it out on her during his apology.  Kids have big feelings, they’re just learning how to navigate them all. While the momma bear in me wanted to grab the little jerk by the scruff of his neck
Lily is so excited to package  our vanilla cupcake bath bombs! 💗💜😍
THIS journal right here is FULL of prayers for YOU👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻I’ve been praying for you, searching for you ~ because we are meant to be life-long besties who work together, play together and enjoy this crazy journey through life TOGETHER🙌🏻 Ladies who are just like ME. That means you are passionate about living life to the fullest * have a hard time sitting still * long to travel the world * love staying active * believe in 🧜‍♀️ * are willing to work hard af to make a better life for you and your family * want a career you can literally take around the world with you * wanna earn tropical vacay’s * and SO MUCH MORE!!! Is that you? Are you one of the girls I’ve been praying for? If so, I can’t wait to get to know you better👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Being a mama who is also a #momboss can be a 🤹‍♀️ juggling act but it is also a HUGE BLESSING. I’ve got kids who always want me (love them) and a hubby who needs my attention too (how sweet) AND I’m building a 6 figure business from my living room ~ so I have been learning how to effectively manage my time so no one feels neglected and I can still be successful at work. If you want anything bad enough you’ll FIND A WAY, otherwise you’ll find excuses. My family is the reason I wake up early and stay up late working every day ~ because I love them so much and I want to abundantly bless them... What about you? Would you like to be financially able to give your family more, without having to leave them to ‘go to work’? If yes, then drop an emoji and I’ll add you to my preview into coaching ~ the gift that keeps on giving. No obligation, just great info to help you decide if just maybe THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR🤙🏻🧜‍♀️👯‍♀️
There’s no shame or guilt if you’ve had a setback ~ there’s only opportunity to learn from where you are. That’s how you move forward. @carldaikeler
I can’t stop flexing 💪🏼 or smiling 😃 #gettingstronger #flex
❤️so blessed to call them mine❤️ #godfirst #hubby #familyiseverything #lovemycrazyfamily #red #saycheese
My life has changed SO much since having babies🤱🏻 With 3 beautiful kids who look up to me and are always following my example, I do my best to lead a healthy lifestyle. With that said, nobody is perfect but I strive every single day to be better than I was yesterday🤙🏻
There are a lot of reasons to live healthy, stay active, and help others do the same. But these three are the TOP of my list. I want to not only set a good example for them, but also to point them to a greater meaning in life - to the glory of God alone! ✨  These three remind me every day of the mind-body-soul connection and I cannot help but spread that JOY everywhere! ✨ What’s your WHY? ✨ By the way, if you’d like to join me in this JOY SPREADING ADVENTURE, let’s chat! I have a few spots left in my coach mentorship starting August 1! 🤩🤩🤩 . . . #glorytogodalone #adoptivemom #downsyndromemom #specialneedsmom #adoptallthebabies #momworkout #workoutathome #workoutwithkids #athomeworkout #easypeasy #momboss #girlboss #workathome #entrepreneur #freedomislife #intentionallife #airforcewifelife #doctorwife  #spreadjoy #choosejoy #chooselife
Dreaming about the beach today 🏝 I’m praying 🙏 that God would enable us to move to the coast here in the next few years... Do you ever just daydream about something every single day? I’ve been praying about moving to the beach for a long time and I just envision waking up to the sound of crashing waves. Taking a barefoot stroll and feeling the sand between my toes and the salty air upon my face. Enjoying my morning shake while watching the kids collect seashells... and so much more. I’m working each day to get one step closer to making that dream a reality and I have not one doubt that IT WILL HAPPEN when it’s Gods time ~ it’s all about His perfect timing. So until then I’m working on becoming the best me I can be and blooming where I’m planted, because I’m here for a reason and God has a plan🤙🏻 If you’ve got BIG dreams and need a lil help making them reality then let’s chat, TOGETHER we are unstoppable🙌🏻
Happy Wednesday Friends! What a beautiful day it is. I’ve got lots on my to-do list but FIRST was a lil mama time to sweat and get closer to my #goals 🙌🏻 Didn’t get much sleep last night so thank the Lord for this liquid gold to help me have the energy to get through ALL THE THINGS today💪🏼 A few spots opened up for my accountability Bootcamp starting MONDAY ~ want the deets or ready to get started just give me a 💃🏼 We are gonna 👇🏼weight, TONE 👆🏼and feel amazing AF🤙🏻Why wait - Let’s get you started on your health & fitness journey TODAY✌🏻
THIS boy right here ~ is the picture of perfection... I remember when my OB called me to give me Christians test results, how she told me she was ‘so sorry ‘ to let me know his tests came back positive for Trisomy 21 - Down Syndrome. How I would have a long hard road ahead of me... Well I cried for a moment not really understanding what that even meant, and I even waited almost a week to reveal the results to Erik because I didn’t know what to say... Now, here we are almost 3 years later and I can say nothing but positive & wonderful things about Christian. He has taught me how to love, how to have fun, how to laugh and how to embrace the messiness of life. Nobody should feel sorry or the need to apologize when they hear my boy has DS, because there’s nothing down about him and certainly nothing to be sorry about. He was made in the image of God just like the rest of us and to me, he is perfect in every way. I could not love him more or be more proud to be his mom. I’m beyond blessed God picked ME to raise this cutie❤️💙💛❤️ #momofdownsyndromecutie
I REALLY need to work on personal space with this kid! 🤦😜🙄🤣 Top pics he's laying on me like a ton of bricks!🛢😂 Bottom pics #bedtimeshenanigans 🛏 . . . #myfunnyboy #cracksmeup #mylittlewierdo #blessedandgrateful #downsyndromemom #t21family #purposedrivenlife #myheartbeat
Seriously guys!! When I first started singing in a band. I was so nervous. 😟 Self-Conscience 🤭 Unsure of my abilities & talents. . I would plan for hours on what I was going to wear. I was chubby and required to stand in front of a large crowd. I would put any and all spanx I owned on, hoping that would help. I was a mess. . Then I joined my first private group and started to focus on my health. I dropped 7 pounds my first 21 days. I kept going... I dropped another 5 pounds in the next 21 days. I kept going... today I’m down 40 pounds from that girl on the left. I didn’t even realize that until I renewed my license last year. 😳 . My point is. You don’t have to live like that girl on the left. Let me pay it forward to you and show you that’s it’s Totally Possible!! . Shoot me a message or click the link in my bio. We can get started NOW!! . . . #iowalife #smalltownlife #smalltownusa #smalltown #midwestliving #christianfamily #daughteroftheking #graceupongrace #womenlivingwell #walkbyfaith #downsyndromemom #raisingstronggirls #setanexample #specialneedsparenting
Some days, the advocate role a DS/SN mama walks in dominates. Today was one of the days. Our IEP with APS went surprisingly great.  Not only was our IE team wonderful again, but the APS team stunned me by also being supportive.  Even still, as the meeting drew to a close, I put on a different advocate hat.  Not just Jubilee's Advocate, but the Special Needs Parents and Children Advocate hat.  I went on record with my experience and observations from our transition meeting and the APS rep.  While most people think I like conflict simply because I am strong minded, this is not the case.  I hate conflict.  Today wasn't just about Jubilee though. I  have not been able to stop thinking about the parents and children who are coming after me into the APS system with little to no personal interaction with special education.  And I couldn't let them down today.  After I finished advocating for Jubilee alone, I advocated for them.  I shared in a professional, kind, and respectful way and also bluntly stated that the kind of meeting I experienced should never ever be experienced by another parent and why.  I presented measurable and observable behaviors that needed to be addressed.  I reminded them that I am a certified special ed teacher with decades of experience in the SN community.  I cried only a little at the end, despite fighting it.  They did too.  They expressed gratitude at my honesty and for speaking up. They also said that while they were happy to note my credentials, that my being a mom was enough to warrant these comments. They promised to share with the staff's supervisor.  I commended them that this meeting was vastly different and thanked them for showing honor, kindness, professionalism, and respect to us and our daughter.  Parents, you must speak up.  But you must do so professionally.  If we want to be treated professionally, then we need to behave so.  We still don't know what we will do with and for Jubilee. There are many factors, but I didn't slam the
‘Look Mom, I found a coin in the fountain!!!’ This little guy worked very hard for that nickel. 🤣  #fountainchange #thiefchild #dedication #kidsthesedays #downsyndrome #downsyndromemom #lifeilove #blessed
I’m so excited to start each day off with a Decree Inspired by the Psalms!! Thank you so much for the book Beth😘
Loving this mirror 😍 Do you have an adaptive device or special needs product you would like featured on our page? Please tag us! We love sharing tips with our followers that enhance and improve quality of life. Canadian made products are of particular interest!! #evolutioncares #tiptuesdays . . . . . #repost @aliupspecialty • • • • • Why do we think the Ali-Up Mirror is a great investment? Here’s why! Watch the full video on our YouTube page (link in profile)! . . . . #specialneeds #therapy #downsyndrome #aliupspecialty #intentionaltoys . . . . #toddlerlife#momlife#parentlife#upsyndrome#downsyndromeawareness#products#services#downsyndrome#theluckyfew#downrightperfect#specialneedsmom#downsyndromemom#babiesofinstagram#adaptovedevices#mirror#durhamregion#specialneedkids#trisomy21#t21#productoftheday#instagramers . . #durhamregion #homecare