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#golden for #navigatingthroughnovember . .  And the golden warm days of Hotumn give over to the toe chilling dreary days of November. For every season there is a reason. .  Today I have committed to being more visible. On my blog, a post about committing to being seen by me and by you called Hide and Seek : the Invisible Woman. A 100 day project to show up and tell my story on my blog Facebook page. Not at all as easy as showing up here in IG but I do that daily as a commitment to myself so let me expand. Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com . .  #taleswithfriends #sunflower #downtowndentonmaryland #documentyourdays #nothingsordinary #stillmoments #autumn #sunflower #outside #onmywalk #ontheblog
Tonight. Delivered our handmade birthday cards to Mr. Rob next-door. And then we hung out on the porch while that beautiful sunset sank in the sky. Fiona on the swing and Eamon blowing sonorous tunes on his bass clarinet. The song of late September. #taleswithfriends  #fionamariepeach  #smalltownamerica  #downtowndentonmaryland  #dentonmaryland
Eamon checking out the middle school jazz band playing at the farmers market yesterday. He knows where he fits into his future world. How cool is that?  I wish for every youth and adult alike, to find the one thing that they love themselves while they do it. And a community that mirrors back the best of each of us that we may not even recognize ourselves.  Tomorrow my lovely tribe (because it's you that has mirrored my worth and raised it up to its present level of awesomeness), I will be hosting a "Soul Selfie" challenge. Prompts were posted a few pics back and I will repost again tonight and I encourage everyone to join as you are inspired. Or you can read, cheer, and listen! I look so forward to hearing your soul stories and knowing you a little better at the end of the week.  #eamonspencerpeach  #downtowndentonmaryland #cantwait  #taleswithfriends