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I just realized that I look like a cast of MOTHER JOAN OF ANGLES in my painting cap! ⭐️ one of my fav movies of all times! This Polish masterpiece from 1961 by Jerzy Kawalerowicz raises issues of struggle between sexes. Nuns strive for freedom, sensuality and self expression. Man treat their behavior as a devils possession. It is a powerful story showing catholic man of habit trying to overcome WOMANS group hysteria. Their own suppressed sexuality and hypocrisy gets in a way... the Main exorcist eventually falls in love with the mother Joan who tortures him provocatively with her own sensuality and brilliance. ⭐️ story by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz was based on real  events. ⭐️WE ARE SO LUCKY TO BE FREE! • • • #motherjoanoftheangels #matkajoannaodaniołów #kawalerowicz #nuns #cloister #religion #catholic #habit #fashion #hysteria #sexuality #femalepower #empowerment #empoweringwomen #freedomofspeech #freedomofexpression
Had an exciting day doing Tarot readings at a hen party.  It's a great activity to complement massages and manicures to leave people feeling empowered and glowing ♀️. #tarotcommunity #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadersofinstagram #crystals #witch #hen #henparty #empoweringwomen #selflove #selfcare #meditation #relaxation #feminism #feminist
Fit is literally the sh!t right now . It’s a trend that should stay with you for life and a trend that has no down sides. So lets get trendy and put our self first.
Finally developed some V-shape 💎. - Does any one of you struggle with gaining weight?  I have always been very #lean with always visible six pack. This, however, leads to problems such as gaining mass. Whenever I increase my calories it feels that my metabolism goes even higher (to the point that I eat so much I don't even like my food). 👉Nevertheless, I will be giving this a shot again. Starting weight 61kg. Let the gains begin! 👉Did you have similar  problems? Any suggestions?  _ #empoweringwomen
You are one in a melon! 🍉
// E is for Empowerment! This is our goal @sakhifoundation. Our dream is to ensure that every girl gets the opportunity she deserves so that she can make choices for herself. This is Empowerment for us. . . . .  Follow us and DM us for details  #education #empoweringwomen #independentthinkers #mentorship #volunteering  #skilldevelopment
“Say beauty without negativity”  People have the audacity to tell you how you “should” look like and how you “want” YOUR body to look like. Well people should STOP. You’re responsible for what you WANT YOUR body to look like. Its okay to change your body to YOUR LIKING. Don’t let what other people say cloud what you want. Remember the words by Hailee Steinfeld “you know some days you feel so good in your own skin but it’s okay if you wanna change the body that you came in.” No matter what you choose to do with your body own it! People’s words are useless. Do what you wanna do to feel assured. Not what others want you to do to be assured. The truth is only you can make YOU feel good even though sometimes you feel shitty. Let me tell you thats okay. Remember at the end of the day your judgement towards yourself is the most important thing. Love what you choose to show and just love what you choose to do for yourself. 🧡  By @mareyaahh  In frame: @gaius_tugob  #womenempowerment #loveyourself #filipinabeauty #filipinaempowerment #art #woman #drawing #artphilippines #philippineart #equality #girlgaze #body #loveyourbody #notobodyshaming #bodyhair #feminist #filipinafeminist #paggibbig #sexy #philippines #empoweringwomen #empowerment #beauty #beautiful #freethenipplemovement #scars #judgements
You can do anything you set your mind to #girlpower #dreambig #goals #vision #empoweringwomen #makeuplove
I have been on a hiatus from my Social Media since 2weeks ago because I was suffering from a burnt out. The idea of having to log on to my Instagram to post my daily motivational quotes and sharing a part of my life made me felt like a fake because I wasn't ready to share with the world a part of me that I am not proud to show. ⠀ ⠀ I wanted to appear as the person who motivates others online, encourages and inspire. In the last 2weeks, I did not feel at all cheerful or inspiring. During that period, I felt tugged at from various aspects of my life. Work, family, both personal and social obligations. I needed a mental break and breaking away from social media was what I knew I needed. ⠀ ⠀ Instagram has always been an active part of my life and it got to a point I question myself, am I posting things for myself or others? If it was for others, I feel the obligation to curate the content that I share carefully. Not too cynical, not too showy, not too much, not too little. I was not living a life for myself, and I wanted to perfect creating "meaningful" content and revolving my life around what I presume others would care about online (and the shocking ego bruise of realising nobody gives as much f**k as I do). ⠀ ⠀ With this new insight, it is in my intended purpose to continue letting Instagram be a platform for my creative and truthful expression of self. This time, however, caring less about perfecting a content and documenting more on my personal journey. ⠀ ⠀ We don't share our fears and insecurities that bites on us, that nasty argument we may have with our loved ones, our disturbing thoughts or self-judgements, the shame and guilt that we perhaps carry, our irrational beliefs and confusion. ⠀ We don't share because we worry about judgements and lack of acceptance. It is much safer to look like you have a life all put together than to reveal being vulnerable and real. Who wants to be an ordinary folk that tripped on his/her way in the walk
If you haven’t had a set back... then you haven’t lived a big enough life💥 . The beautiful thing is we get a second, third, fourth chance! Yep as long as we stand up and take that next step in the right direction our whole world can change very quickly 🙌🏻 . Is it scary... HELL YES 😳... but trust me it’s so bloody worth it 😍 . Have a great week, trust your intuition, surround yourself with like minded souls, be cheeky, have fun, and shine brightly 😘
I really enjoy expressing art thru hair, style, jewelry, makeup, shoes etc  Mini series of me tonight taking 📸📸📷 of art  #art  #empoweringwomen  #philly
It's pretty simple you see...
امرأة كرست حياتها لنشر الخير، فجر الهاشل  هي معلمة التعليم الخاص ومتخصصة في ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة والتطوع لمصلحتهم. امتياز فور هير تقوم بنشر أهمية القيام بعمل جيد وإعطاء الدعم لمجتمعك ، وفجر هي مثال حي على ذلك. نحييها على جهودها ونشجعك على الانضمام إليها في تصرفاتها اليومية لتغيير حياة الكثيرين! A woman who dedicated her life to spreading kindness, Fajer alhashel (@jeej_alhashel) is a special education teacher and specialist that is passionate about people with special needs and volunteering for their benefit. We are spreading the importance of doing well and giving back to your community, and Fajer is a living example of that. We applaud her for her efforts and encourage you to join her in her daily actions to change the lives of many! #bahrainwomen #gcc #woman #empoweringwomen #imtiazcard #gcc#bahrain #powerfulwomen #cards #bahraincredit #womenleaders #ramadan
Can you believe we are 26 weeks from Christmas? Yes...the C word!  Also makes you realize that half of the year has gone.  The journey so far has been roller coaster and it's relentless but it's starting to make sense or.. Maybe not . We shall see. But we have started the journey and now we are almost 6 months in.  #sundayvibes #sundaymorning #motivation #journey #journaling #walkahead #bohohomedecor #bohohomes #funday #forwomen #empowerment #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #entrepreneurship #mombusiness #workfromhome #workinghard #doitall #fairtrade #ethicalshopping #ethicalhome