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Solo play through of #terraformingmars was AWESOME! I felt like I could do a lot more in the one-player game than in this weekend's four-player game, and at no point was I tempted to cheat at all (not that I'm a cheater, but in Elder Sign, for example, it can be really hard not to reroll the dice in a solo game 😬). I won on turn 12 of 14 which is pretty sweet! I didn't use the extra one-player rules of including the Corporate Era cards or placing extra tiles on the board to start since it was my first attempt and only my second time playing the game. Next time I'm definitely going to make it harder by including the extra cards and blocking some of the terrain. Guys, really though, I LOVE THIS GAME!! @strongholdgames #fryxgames #boardgamegeek #boardgames #tabletopgames #girlswhogame #everydayisthebestdayever #mylifeisavacation #colorado #xvx
Preparing for tonight's New Moon Kundalini Sound Bath Ceremony!  #blessedlife #everydayisthebestdayever #kundalini #newmoon #luna #adventure #yogaislife #chakras
This little boy makes my not only my heart so full but everyone who meets him. Tanner, our families, friends and I are so blessed to have you Weston 💙💚 #happyboy #everydayisthebestdayever #theboss
First playthrough of #terraformingmars last night! It took us about 3.5 hours for four all new players. Really fun engine building game that didn't take too long to gain momentum. Awesome theme, sprinkled with sciencey flavor text, and lots of replayability. We all played the beginner corporations and we removed the Corporate Era cards, but it still was a long game. There are lots of cards to manage and lots of planning and adjusting to be done while waiting for your turn. I really enjoyed this game though and I think I'll play through the solo version in the very near future. Congratulations to @zachariah_bones for slaughtering us by collecting milestones while the rest of us focused only on our own hands 😉 With @josh.tetreault, who made the best ever #vegan Thanksgiving dinner in May!! @strongholdgames #boardgamegeek #tabletopgames #forscience! #girlswhogame #everydayisthebestdayever #colorado #xvx
Happy Mother’s Day to my Moms, my sisters and all the beautiful Mothers out there.  #love #happymothersday #everydayisthebestdayever #lovelifeandlifewillloveyouback #giftsfrommyhusband