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Nobody ever knows what is going on in the mind of others. Suicide is a very real and disturbing thing. For a person to think that is their only way out, is a scary thing! #bekind #nooneknowswhatgoingonwithothers #everypersonhasapersonalbattle #mentalhealthawareness #everyonestruggles
#truth ✌#bekind #always at least try to be 😊😂😂#kindness #costsnothing #everyonestruggles #instadaily #instagram #dublin #ireland
I’m so sick of people trying to bring others down to make themselves feel better.  This all stemmed from Church, the #hrc, #therapy, and some fucking bitch that was yelling at an older woman working at Target and Big Aim stepped in. ************************************************************ •••Build people up, don’t break take them down. #empower ••• Don’t be condescending to others #itsjustrude •••Give a compliment each day, large or small, it makes you both feel better #complimentsomeone •••As my mom always said, treat and talk to people as you would want to be treated #dontberude •••Be kind to strangers because you have no idea what their life is like #everyonestruggles ••• Hold a damn door open for someone, it’s just common #courtesy #thisdrivesmeinsane •••Be genuinely happy for people’s success, whether it’s large or small. #womenempowerment #success #driven. ••• Don’t let others walk all over you, which I have done for years, use it as a learning experience.  You deserve the best, even if you think you may not #itsnotyou ••• Truly listen to people, they may need you more than you need them •••And lastly, respect your elders.  My step Grandma would scream at me bc she was so sick (didn’t know who I was) and I still treated with her the upmost respect. #respect ************************************************************ I get super emotional with this stuff because our humanity has taken a turn and I am not like what I am seeing.
The world of social media really portrays everyone as perfect including those of us that work in Photography, but as much as we can do some photoshop magic, it doesn’t work on real life. ... So some truth! This kid in my eyes is my perfect tiny human. She makes me laugh, has great jokes, loves travel, adventure & Disney! She is smart starting to read already, doing math, & knows more in some areas than I do. However she is strong willed, sassy & doesn’t like to take direction, aka ME!. This week was hard. She pushed every single button & last nerve I had. But worst of all she is sick. She got some sort of bug bites Tuesday & had a massive allergic reaction. Her arm swelled twice the size, became inflamed, red, hot to touch as did her leg. After 2 days of Benadryl she wasn’t any better so we ended up at her doctor. Now we are on an ointment, more Benadryl, & Ibuprofen and monitoring. That wasn’t it our girl also is running a fever, has no voice & has picked up a cold. ... It has been a tough year for me as a mom, a parent, wife & a business woman. Balance is something that I vowed this year to do better than I have in the past. To which almost 1/2 way through the year I still haven’t figured out. I always ALWAYS feel guilty about not editing & being with my family, not immediately responding to your email or to your session request, but the bottom line is... I am a mom, wife & one person running this show. Some days I only want to work, focus on other things & not wear a ton of the weight of being the parent chosen for all the child rearing tasks bc 90% of the time I am, but it is my life for now. It won’t last long, but what it does mean: I will suck for a minute at responding, sending a gallery a 1/2 day or full day late & not immediately responding to an email. My long term hope is that by the fall many of the things I am not able to do well I will finally have the time to do great! ... As Friday ends I am looking toward Saturday & Sunday w/fresh
Be happy, and a reason will come along. - Robert Brault . Fact: I STRUGGLED this week. With a lot of things. Work, fitness, staying positive and everything in between (sleep included). Anxiety and stress got the best of me and overwhelmed was an understatement. Happy? Not exactly. BUT, before getting out of bed this morning I took a moment and reminded myself of the following: Happiness is an inside job. Life sucks sometimes. I’m human. Work isn’t life. Growing pains at 31 is a good thing. Not everything always goes as planned. Things worth having are rarely ever easy and not everyone is always happy (contrary to what the almighty gram tells us). However, if we make the conscious CHOICE to be happy- a reason WILL come along. My reason(s) today:  1.) I woke up. 2.) I’m healthy. 3). I’ve got an amazing support system. 4.) I got to coach a room full of badass cyclists before heading into the office. 5.)(...you get the idea.) . Still working on the sleep thing but safe to say, WE ARE BACK. ❤️☝🏼🖤 FriYAY, indeed. . #committosomething #mentalhealth #realitycheck #lifehappens #everyonestruggles #taketime #slowdown #hitpause #bemorehuman #selfcare #positivemind #positivevibes #choosehappy
It’s really interesting to think about the people you meet in your life and who are in your life. In the last 3 weeks I’ve met so many people that have given me insight and knowledge and just think like I do. It’s amazing what can happen when you let yourself be out there and try new things and say yes to things your scared of doing.  My kickboxing class tonight ended up being only myself and another girl and our coach. So we basically got one on one attention and training for an hour. I’ve already learned so much since starting with this new club, I didn’t realize how many different ways there are to learn the same simple techniques and tricks. I’ve always been that person that sticks to what’s safe and what I know, because it’s comfortable. I never thought I’d enjoy going to a new martial arts club because I just really liked the way my first coach trained and taught us. I’m learning SO much! It’s amazing to think that if I keep at this and keep training and practicing, how good I can get. Who knows, maybe I’ll fight again.  My experience today after class just talking to my coach and (I’m going to call her my teammate because I feel like part of the team) my teammate made me realize that we really are all in a different kind of struggle, it doesn’t have to be anything particular or big or super scary to call it a struggle. It’s how it makes us personally feel, and when we share and hear other people’s story’s it almost makes us see that what we are dealing with is just another form of what someone else is dealing with. We just had a really good talk about personal development and journaling and writing about our experiences day in and day out and how when you go back to read it years later you see that those things you were worrying about or struggling with THEN has come and gone and you changed and made it better because you wanted it and you saw it. And sometimes you don’t even notice you gotten through it until you go back
Tonight I made a #blueapron meal that I absolutely loved. It was the first time I had seen “grilling instructions” in the recipe, so I took full advantage. I hardly ever use the grill we have at the house. Couldn’t feel more proud of how it turned out!  To be fair, not all of my meal prep goes well. I’ve struggled, been stressed out, misread directions, and made something sub-par. I don’t post picture of the awkward looking pizza or the less appetizing meals, but they happen. Don’t be fooled by everyone’s (mine included) social media feeds. Everyone struggles, has issues, makes mistakes, and it’s part of life.  #oopstooreal #everyonestruggles #everyoneiscapableofsuccess
Taking care of a child’s mental health is just as important as physical health. ❤️❤️💜💜💚💚💙💙 #mentalhealthawarness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthsupport
Perhaps we should all practice being a bit more kind. #kindness #beinghuman #practice #bebetter #everyonestruggles #beasolution
WHILE THE GAMING/TWITCH LIFESTYLE MAY SEEM ALL ITS CRACKED UP 2 BE .. MOST PPL ARE SO FUCKED UP THAT THEY DONT THINK 2??? MABEY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE PPL THEY SUPPORT AND THE SHIT THEY GO THRU DAY N OUT TO STREAM DAILY .. N MOTHERFUCKER ... IF THEY MISS ONE DAY TO HAVE A DAY OFF TO RELAX AN LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST ... FUCK U DONT WATCH ANYMORE .. PPL DONT REALIZE THAT EVERYONE ... I MEAN EVERYONE GOES THRU SHIT ! U JUST DONT SEE IT CAUSE PPL HIDE SHIT HAHA .. SO GO FUCK YOURSELF FOR MAKING PPL FEEL LIKE SHIT .. K KOOL TALK GUYS.. SHOUTOUT @twitch  ALSO WE GOTTA GIVE SUPPORT FOR ALL THE SHIT THEY GO THRU HAHA CUS ITS FUCKED🖕🏽💚💚💚🤘🏽. #twitch #twitchstream #twitchlife #gamerlifestyle #everyonestruggles #viral #realshit #peoplehate #positivity #showlove #gameraddict #fortnitestreamer #repostapp #twitchprime #itsucks #ifeel #ifeelforyou #realshit #fax #lospollostv #cashnastygaming #solluminati #zackttg #hatersgonnahate #peoplearefunny #iseeyou #deepquotes #chronicidis #spreadlove #positivequotes
If you are not Committed to yourself then chances are you will not get where you want to be.  When I first stared yes this was more for losing weight, more for fitting into that nice pair of jeans that I had to squeeze into. Yes those are awsome accomplishments for all the hard work you put in but I can honestly say that this is my lifestyle now I eat right because I love how my body feels when I fuel it properly. I workout because I love the push and burn that I feel when im pushing my limits, I love seeing the progress I make and the stronger I become. At first yes its hard yes you stress over any little thing. If you took a bite out of that cookie the next day at the gym you do an extra 30 min. of cardio to "burn it off" 🙋‍♀️. Little by little you will learn than restricting yourself so much and punishing yourself will not make you reach your goal any faster if not it can actually hold you back. Enjoy your journey, Love the progress, Make this your life style and you will see how everything will fall in place. . . . . . #motivation #everyonestruggles #makehealthychoices #makeaplan #enjoylife #notadiet #itsalifestyle #fitmom #fitnessjourney #momof4 #postpartummom #notgivingup #advice #igfitness #yougotthis #informationisoutthere #youjusthavetofindit
Getting back on that edit flow. Will squeeze out every second to give you Cognitive Behavioral nuggets, inspire you to go be awesome everyday, and be a voice in changing the way we talk and do mental health.  Won’t stop. Not going to stop. I’m in this for the long game. #askmidwestanxiety #communitybasedtherapy #therapyonwheels #doingmentalhealthdifferently #mentalheathawareness #mentalhealth #community #therapist #therapy #kansas #kansascity #kc #anxiety #depression #stigma #hereforyou #everyonestruggles #struggles #strengths #youmatter #emotions #justbeyou #jbu #happy #happiness #vlog #vlogger #cognitivebehavioraltherapy
I hope we get to a point where we talk about mental health just as much as our physical health... Everyone Struggles With Something ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands on practical approach to problem solving. It’s goal is to alter patterns of behaviors, thoughts and emotion that are leading to personal difficulties. It is commonly used for anxiety and depression but can be used for other mental and physical health problems too!  Check it out! ~ #cognitivebehavioraltherapy #therapyiscool #keeptalkingaboutmentalhealth #mentalhealthstigma
My life hasn't gone the way I thought it would at 22, 27 and even at my current age of 33. There were, and still are days that I wondered if I was going to make it through. I've second, third and even fourth guessed some of my major life decisions - ones that completely derailed me from a path that I thought I was supposed to be on. But the one thing I've taken away from all of that is, I'm where I'm supposed to be, and right on time.