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There is no place I go that Your love could not find me 🎶
Happy Saturday! See you tomorrow! Join us for a service time in the near future. It’s a life changing experience!  #iamght #iamgreaterharvest #comegrowwithus #ghtcogic #cogic #faith #prayer #faithfulness #commitment #growth
Lord, I desire for you to be in my life, and I want to discover more of who you are. ❤
Good morning everyone! Life is such a challenge right now - there are mornings I literally remind myself to breathe. It has been a discipline in this season to look for and see beauty and take mental breaks from “solving” things to be present in life - and the lives of our children! Creating memories (lol free ones mostly 😂😂😂) and doing the daily work & finding the joy that comes through  living together in relationship!  I may sound like a broken record here, but what I’m learning in new ways is that truly Christ is all I need. That His Word is my strength and shield in this time of difficulty! And while we are, of course, asking for His help with circumstances as we continue to do the work, here is the promise which has meant the most to me: “On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased.” Psalm 138:3 When my circumstances are slow to shift, I am tempted to feel God is not answering my prayers; on the contrary - it is from Him that I receive strength for this new day! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 In your current situation; seek His face. He is always faithful.
Shabbat Shalom: Para los que piensan que todo en esta vida es dinero, los invito a que nos digan : ¿En que clínica venden la salud?  En que laboratorio consiguen Un milagro médico? ¿Donde consiguen salvación? ¿Donde venden la confianza? ¿Donde venden la lealtad? ¿Que precio tiene un buen amigo? ¿Un buen hombre? ¿Donde compras seres queridos y familiares fallecidos? ¿Con cuánto dinero puedes arreglar una familia destrozada?  En que centro comercial te quitan tus penas , tus cargas, tus angustias? ¿Cuánto cuesta tu dignidad? ¿Donde compró la ternura y el amor? ¿Donde venden paz para el alma? La pregunta es Donde? 🤭🔥 . . . #timeperfect #true #heat  #quotestagram #nofilter #peacenlove #blessed🙌 #faithfulness #speak #magic #questions #why #sohappy #sincerity #prayers🙏
Great morning love bugs...on my way in...they say faith without work is dead...I been faithful and working for a long time...I have my moments when I wanna be like "you know what God✌"...then I remember how far I've come, all I've sacrificed, the fact that my breakthrough could be just one season away...so I hold on and keep going!! * * *may my words encourage someone today, specifically my young mommies💕💕💕 HOLD ON baby girl...God has not forgot🙏  Love y'all😘  Credit to @professorphanor : Though man looks on the #outward appearance, God looks at the #heart. Ultimately, it is our #faithfulness that pleases God and puts Him on display. So we should #wisely steward our God-given #talents for His glory and the good of others. A competitive "marketplace," under God's sovereignty, drives us toward #greater effectiveness in loving our neighbors by providing better goods and services with which to #bless them. And when we love our neighbors in the name of Christ, we #love #god. Winning and losing become occasions for sanctifying and strengthening us, making us both more conscious of our sinfulness (jealousy, pride) and more effective in the deployment of our # talents in all of our vocational and avocational #callings.  When you're under God's will, it's not a competition, it's an #opportunity to Gods love through our talents.  I ❤️ you!  #withlove #morninginspiration #beencouraged #godsplan #notyours #breakthrough #spiritual #god #motivation  #inspiration #youngmothers #youngmoms
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