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Kylie πŸ”₯😍
My version of blackout poetry: fade out. An oldie, but more importantly a nod to someone who has recently inspired and encouraged me to be creative again. It feels good.
😍 Which outfit: 1 or 2 ?
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i can’t.
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'The most important thing to remember is this: to be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become."
Kendall or Victoria? 😍
Which Outfit?  1,2,3 ? 😍
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The new Shawn Mendes album has me crying 😭😭🍁
comment 'YOU' letter by letter πŸ–€!
"What exactly are you hiding?" she whispered, her eyes scanning the large, black lock holding together shambles of what once, must have been a door. She dusted off the lock and made out the words engraved in a semi- legible scrawl on its surface. "Nothing and everything"- a deep voice read the words along with her, and she swirled around in a frenzy- only to hear a slow and steady thumping coming from behind the walls. The steady thrum of the beat shook the bones and flesh that entrapped it. The doors set into a wild prattle. ••••••••• "you can't keep it all locked up forever, ya know." she stated, "'matter of fact, I reckon that heart of yours is 'bout to beat its way right out of your damned ribcage." she smiled, a soft smile "and I'll be right here, when that happens. I'll be right here, don't you worry." ••••••••••  •e.b•