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Hahaha. Ummm so I’m at 1492 and I’m close to 1.5k and I wanna get to it tomorrow cause it’s my sisters birthday and then in exactly it month it would be my birthdayyyyy
@showerfeelings I agree like why waste your time making this when you could be out with friends or something Also I HAVE POSTED MORE FREAUENTLY AND I GOT 20 followers IN LESS THAN 12 hours laolaoallodkfbeodn
@party.blender this is adorable
@ dopeposts on Snapchat. Hahaha I do that but then I’m like shit I’m so annoying
@si5tersquad do you ship them??
@l3oyoung haha. Tag someone who is obsessed with @leonardodicaprio
@facts_and_science those babies must’ve struggled :( but at least they survived
@gday.mate.memes oml this is sooo true everyone in my grade dislikes year 7s (we are year 8)
@spammedfam I really wanna be this as well
@sunlightcakes I agree with all of this
@jamey.nohra oml I hate being the person  to text first cause then I feel like I’m really annoying
@__funnytexts____  well that’s smart
@teenquotesfeed it’s gonna be 30 degrees Celsius today and I’m not ready for that cause the weather has been so mumble jumble lately
Credits to @leblanniefacts  Sorry I have posted in nearly a week, I’ve been busy and I lost 20 followers rip