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Thank you, Greer! 💜 We will continue the fight. #hereingreer #cancerresearch #findacure #americancancersociety #relayforlife
Relay for Life with Rolling Hills! #relayforlife2018 #fcancer #hope #findacure #mackpics
Choose Hope and Help us Fight Parkinson’s! Follow us @rsbtricitieswa for more inspiration!#parkinsonsdisease #parkinsons #parkinsonsawareness #findacure #shakeitup #letsfightparkinsons #wa #teamfox #rocksteadyboxing #rocksteady #inthiscornerhope 🥊🥊🥊
May is a Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month! My dear friend is pregnant with her first baby and the unborn baby has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I am raising money and could use your support! All the proceeds from my Younique business are being split between Cystic Fibrosis and Brain Tumor Research this month. That means that 25% of every order is being donated to either of these causes. You can support me by making a donation, joining my team, placing an order or having a makeup party! Comment below or send me a message to help! We need to find a cure. #morethanmakeup #cysticfibrosis #curecysticfibrosis #momonamission #donate #support #findacure #fundraiser #hopeforacure #supportme #cfawareness #makeupforacause #raisingawareness #supportresearch #hostaparty #joinmyteam #treatyoself
CLC MEMBER FEATURE: I’m so happy to be sharing my story with you all. I’m Amy, a 27 year old who is on her 11th year of living with a rare chronic blood disease called Polycythemia Vera. • “Oh, that’s amazing news!” “Congratulations!” “What a relief!” The year is 2007. I’m 16 and I hear these jubilant responses when I tell people I have a rare, lifelong, incurable, chronic blood cancer. Granted, for the prior two weeks, we are all under the impression that I have Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, so I understand the happy sentiments. I am also relieved, but I am not feeling celebratory about having a lifelong disease that I will never escape. • On the outside, I go along with everyone and celebrate the news. I want to be “strong” and “fine”. But on the inside, I am terrified. The diagnosis puts me in touch with my mortality, and makes me re-think my life, my identity, and my future, in a way that none of my friends can imagine. For the next ten years, I often feel very alone and isolated from whom I think I’m “supposed” to be—my healthy, happy self pre-diagnosis. • The year is 2017 and I’m 26 years old. I move to New York City, start walking in Central Park every day, and contemplating what I want out of life. I realize that I want to increase hope and connection for others living with illness, so nobody will feel alone and scared like my 16 year old self did. • In 2018, I start a book project called “Illuminating Chronic Illness: Shining a Light on Our Stories and Truths” where I start collecting short stories, commentaries, and insights from others living with chronic illness. • The year is 20XX. My project is now a published book, we all feel more empowered and hopeful about our futures, and the world has a better understanding of what chronic illness warriors go through every day. • Please email me at authoramyandresen@gmail.com to be a part of my project, and follow @IlluminatingChronicIllness for honest and
Roberto, Mara and I in Aruba 😜 We brought this little souvenir from our trip to Aruba a month ago ☀️ #honeymoonx3 #aruba #oranjestad #multiplesclerosis #msisbs #findacure #napaca #mswarrior #teamadiosms
Sisabeth 😍💜
🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋 Arthritis doesn’t care about your age, race, sex, if you’re a good or a bad person. 😷🤧🤕🤒☠️ Living with something that attack’s you everyday that basically wants to kill you.... !!!SUCKS!!! No I’m not lazy🙄okay maybe sometimes🤪🤣But seriously I’m always tired. If you ever find yourself in a situation of a recent diagnosis & you have no idea what you’re going to do. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ •First off cry if you must but don’t give up •Fight & give it all you got. If something did not work, try something else •Ask questions, educate yourself & those around you that care on your diagnosis •Always tell your doctor how you feel •If it’s something else bothering you, speak up don’t be afraid to ask for help •Trust a loved one God Is Always Good #notlazy #tired #alwaystired #educate #arthritis #rheumatoidarthritis #awareness #findacure #curearthritis #immunedisorders #neverbeafraid #nolimits #strongerthanyouthink #believe #itdoesntscareme #pray #faith #hospitallife #rituxan #wonderwoman #blessed #godisalwaysgood
Get your daily dose of 17 fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs 🥦💚🍏🍄 #vegan #allergenfree #nongmo 💯 An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure💊👌#cellstop supports healthy cell division @optimalhealthknowledge  #inflammation #cancer #immunesystem #instahealth #optimalhealthknowledge #celldivision #fuckcancer #cancersucks #standstrong #antiinflammatory #healthy #health #healthyeating #nutrition #supplements #vitamins #takecharge #prevention #findacure #natural #plantbased #integrativeoncology #integrativemedicine #naturopath #wellness #greentea
As a mother of a type 1 diabetic my days and nights are filled with numbers. Constantly counting carbs, blood sugars, and trying to find the perfect balance can be very overwhelming and a bit daunting at times. And I know I share a little bit about it on social media but I am just now realizing how much more I need to share to help other families like ourselves. I am not saying that I know everything or that I'm curing anybody or anything, I just know what is worked for Lily and what's worked for our family when it comes to type 1 diabetes and nutrition. We have managed to escape high ketones, DKA and diabetic related hospital visits over the past 3 years and I feel it is due to our change in lifestyle. . . It's weird how the universe works because when Lily was first diagnosed I completely lost myself and gained over 100 lb and was the worst example for my children when it came to Health and Wellness and especially food. I didn’t realize that I was showing my children how to slowly kill themselves with poor health habits. But then I finally pulled my head out of my butt and joined Beachbody and became a Coach. I was given all the tools that I needed to not only help myself but help my family too, mainly my T1D. These things that I've learned over the past two years are nothing new, they're simple-basic lifestyle choices that we make daily the benefit us both mind and body. But most importantly, you do it as a family. . . I want to pay it forward by offering a FREE Share ALL Group where T1Ds or their Parents/Caregiver/Babysitter can join to see what has worked for our family and share with you some tips and tricks that have worked for us over the past 3 years. . . PLUS if you are interested in becoming a Coach and getting all the education and tools first hand...we can chat! . . If you would like to join me or want more info, please shoot me a msg or drop me a note in the comments. Also, be sure to tag a few friends or family who you would like to join you
Had a minor procedure today some screw ups with the prep but in the end it all worked out. 2nd picture me before anastasia and 3rd pic is me after I think it suits my life. They also gave me a hot blanket because apparently I was cold I remember shivering but not registering it as cold.
Seize the Day!!! Make your life everything you want it to be!!! Live each day to its fullest and don’t hold back!!! This past week a friend lost her 5 yr old son to leukemia, another friend found cancer has spread throughout his body. These things don’t make sense to me but what I can do is live for them and continue to inspire those to be more, smile more, live bigger, stay more grateful, find all life’s blessings, and commit random acts of kindness each day! Emotional week but I stand strong and will fight with my heart ❤️ #seizetheday #livelife #grateful #gratefulheart #kindness #liveeachday #inspiration #dontholdback #noregrets #zerolimits #findacure
Many Alzheimer's caregivers ask about various behaviors their loved one exhibits and how to handle them: asking about loved ones who passed away, talking to themselves or to the TV, calling their loved ones by other loved ones' names and becoming paranoid. Lisa Paglia had eight loved ones with dementia and specializes in handling common behaviors caused by dementia. Read her story and advice on how to handle these behaviors here (link in bio): http://bit.ly/2KWYfzI