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This week was Dr. Suess week at school. Fiona wore her cat ears and then they made Cat in the Hat's hat out of paper plates. .  I had an epiphany this week about parenting her. They say we are given what we need to learn. Her recent pushing of me coupled with sudden bouts of neediness had me thinking hard. Because if it's not personal, what is it?  On the blog, I claim an understanding of her and  my mother buffer zone. Her business needs to be worked out with her adult person. I just happen to be that but it's not specifically about me. It's the business of independence for her. There's compassion for us and her biological necessity that reside here between us too. .  Link to my blog Shalavee.com and today's post called Mother Buffer Zone in my profile .  If you are a Mom or a grandmother, you may be interested in this bit of knowledge as it may bring you relief. .  #fionamariepwach #mothersanddaughters #redhead #gingershavemorefun #kidsofinstagram #catinthehat #creativemamas #taleswithfriends #emotionalmaturity #parenting #ontheblog #storyofmyday