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I returned to my blog today to flesh out my thoughts on the cyber epidemic of self-proclaimed know-it-alls. I thought perhaps being a thought leader was a cool idea until an article I read said you just need to proclaim yourself one to be one. Eeeek. .  Is the internet a good place or a bad place? I argue for both. I feel happy and content here on IG. And I cite the rash of unbridled egomaniacism as a societal fear shadow, an indication we need to love us and "them" harder today and everyday. .  Link to Shalavee Facebook Page.com and the piece titled On Thought Leadership and CyberLove is in my profile. .  #ontheblog #selfleadership #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #growthmindset #movingforward #alifeofintention #ofquietmoments #fionmariepeach #taleswithfriends #quietmoments #beherenow #liveauthentic
Favorite Picture of Myself for #decemberreflections2017  In praise of the beauty of the moment. Me cracking up because I asked the tree guy to take the picture of me and my toddler and my tree. Eamon's off driving a golf cart with Miss Sue. Husband's working. .  So I hand him my phone and tell him to toch the screen anywhere and suddenly Fiona is picture shy. And thus life moments of such brilliant imperfection are caught. I see my complete amusement, a moment I created and caught just for me. And this one got pride of place in this year's family picture calendar for December! .  #selfie #fionmariepeach #taleswithfriends #getoutside #tannenbaum #ohchristmastree #creativemamas #ourcreativeselves #thisiswhat50lookedlike
She turned 4 and she's an insta-lady. She wanted to put on her dress and her heels and I frenchbraided her hair. And then wanted me to take a picture.  She's so lovely it almost breaks my heart. My incredible good fortune at bringing this beautifulI smart sassy creative little beasty into the world is not lost when I look at her these days. My husband teared up at this picture.  #fionmariepeach #taleswithfriends #fourismore #gingershavemorefun #sassinator