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Get yourself some nice big🙌🏽 round🍊juicy💦shoulders! Here are a few of my fav shoulder exercises & what each of them targets⚡️ ① Cable Rope Front Raises- works the front deltoid (front of shoulder) ② Cable Rear Delt Face Pulls- never neglect your rear delts (back of shoulder)  ③ Dumbell Shoulder Press- hits front & side of shoulders ④ Leaning Cable Lateral Raises- great for side delts which gives roundness and the “toned” arm look💪🏽 Song: Waves of nature @willowsmith  #workoutvideo #shoulderworkout #shoulders #workouts
We all have a STORY. None of which our perfect in our eyes, but perfectly imperfect in God’s eyes. . . .  This picture on the left came up as an “old memory” & I no longer recognized her. You see...like most I followed in “others footsteps” Listened to others about what was COOL, dressed up daily for FEAR of being JUDGED if I didn’t, took SHOTS with the best of them to prove how BADASS I was {when nobody remember anyway}, hung onto people in my life because people said how “lucky” I was to have them...when in reality I felt like SH*T. Made impulsive decisions to FIT IN. Was truthfully...completely LOST, in a DARK PLACE, had a lot of depression...insecurities...hopeless...had no idea where my life was going. Felt there was NO WAY I could do anything on my own. So, I followed others & the “cool crowd”. . . A life threatening experience took place until I stopped partying & started looking at my life a little deeper..still holding onto TOXICITY in my life. . . .  It wasn’t until this past year & half that I made a change. WHY?! Because grad school gave me no other choice. I’ve spent nights of THANK GOODNESS I PASSED to PRACTICALS OF TEARS. It’s challenged me in every possible way. But it’s also helped me figure out my life..my PRIORITIES & what matters most to me. It’s helped me get my: FAITH 🙌🏼, HEALTH 🌱, FITNESS 👟, FUTURE 🔮, & GOALS 🏆 in line. . . .  I finally feel STRONG enough to make it on my OWN & BUILD my OWN damn EMPIRE👑 filled with POSITIVE VIBES🌸 & rid all the toxicity! 💀 . .  It’s hard to be on your own, make a change, & FOLLOW your HEART 💗 when your mind plays games with you at times..but one thing I follow is GODS PLAN & that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. ⠀⠀ . .  I’m FAR from my DREAMS & GOALS and heck a little off course of the whole engagement💍 & babies 👶🏼lifestyle all my friends are experiencing..but I truly BELIEVE if YOU are not TRULY happy within YOURSELF, how can you
{You can either be SCARED or RICH.} OH SHIT!!! I said it!  I know that's not easy to read. But it's the damn truth, right?  The reality is that we all go through a time where we let our STUPID FEAR take control of our life and our bank account. $20k+ in debt and almost puking when I stared at my bank account. Terrified to share my message and nervous to accept money/charge.  That's how my business began.  HOT, right?  I was making ALL business decisions from a place of FEAR. I acted as if I was broke, every single day. Which kept me broke. Which kept me broken.  Vicious ugly cycle, right?  I couldn't seem to get out of this messed up, ugly fear cycle. It didn't get me the guy, the money, the home, the happiness. NOTTA!  Fear got me absolutely NOTHING. The only thing it brought me was excuses & a crutch. (Fast forward) This is why I am OBSESSED with my work.  Today I get to work with tons of incredible women who are allowing FEAR stop them from not only making more money but also from: Increased happiness. Feeling fulfilled. Incredible relationships. Using their unique gifts. Reaching clients. Getting their message out there. Freedom of time.  Here's the deal.  You cannot let FEAR run the show if you want to create the life and business of your dreams.  So ask yourself, right now in this moment...are you scared or are your rich? I feel fear every day, but the difference is that it no longer controls me.  Fear ain't the boss. I AM.  I know I have a purpose that’s FAR more important than my stupid fear so I take MESSY SCARY ACTION every day, despite the crippling/profusely stinky arm pit sweating fear.  And you can too. YES YOU!!! Taking action is how you kick fear out of the driver’s seat & shove it in the back seat. (PEACE FEAR)  There can only be ONE driver.  Decide that today’s the day that you’re going to take messy action, despite the "pee your pants" fear.  Decide you’re not going to let the “what if’s” or the “what if it doesn’t work
Don’t let frustrations knock you down & don’t let fear stand in your way. Don’t let time get in your head. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, so keep going & keep pushing yourself💪🏽 Aim for PROGRESS not PERFECTION 🙌🏽😊💁🏻‍♀️ #fitgirlcode #fitgirl #fitmom #fitmomof2 #fitmomsofig #workoutmotivation #chickswholift #bodyunderconstruction🚧⚠ #keepgoing #dontgiveup #addictedtofitness #fitnesslover #cantstopwontstop #progressnotperfection
Perfect 😍😍😍 . .
It’s finally summer and I’m feeling good🤩 oh and I just got the best shoulder and back workout in😎  The outfit I am wearing is from @alphalete . I have different clothes from various workout companies but this brand has to be one of my favorite🤤
Appreciating every sunset I can 💘
Hola Familia 👋🏻 Happy Hump Day, I hope your Smiling because it’s booooty day 🍑 here are some workouts from today’s routine. Such a great workout, my glutes are still burning 🔥 TAG A FRIEND 👯‍♀️ . Hola  Familia 👋🏻 Feliz Lunes, espero que sonrías porque es un día booooty 🍑 aquí hay algunos entrenamientos de la rutina de hoy. Tan bueno queen todavía me quema los glúteos 🔥 👯‍♀️TA️GUEA A FRIEND! . . . Credit @dianaruizfit From @fitfemalesclub #gymgirl #gymgirlvids #gymgirls #gymgirlsdaily #gymgirlgains #gymgirlproblems #gymgirlsofig #gymgirlz #gymgirlsu #gymgirlsrule #fitgirl #fitgirls #fitgirlsnl #fitgirlcode #fitgirlmom #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlfam #fitgirlfood #fitgirls_inspire #fitgirllove #fitgirllife
Don’t Get Too Big! This is the most annoying thing you can say to a fitchick. Yes everyone’s body goals are different and none of which needs anyone’s approval. You may not aspire to look like someone but if you can’t admire the hard work and dedication involved in attaining a fit physique then maybe you should consider tagging along to one of their training sessions and seeing first hand how deep they dig, or perhaps spend a day eating their diet or prepping their meals.  Don’t hate on others because their goals are not yours or because their version of beautiful is different. And let’s face it, if a dude is going to tell a female to not get too big that’s a clear indication “bro you need to start lifting more”. #positivevibes #nonegativity 📸 David Croft
BACK AND BICEPS! Most definitely my favourite day in the gym now 😻💪🏼 SWIPE LEFT!! I'm feeling so strong and SO good!! Here's the breakdown: 1️⃣ SUPERSET 1: First movement 12 reps  Second movement 15 reps Focus on PROPER form! Take it slow and controlled and remember to squeeeeeze 😬 2️⃣ SUPERSET 2: Wide grip rows 10 reps (1 rep = each side + both) Lay down bicep curl 12 reps LOOKS easy, but trust this is a hard one! Lying down forces you to only use the biceps to move the bar. Love this superset! 3️⃣SUPERSET 3: Narrow grip pull down 12-15 reps Wide grip assisted pull-ups 10-12 reps (new fav way to hit that back 😍) REPEAT EACH SUPERSET 3 TIMES! #backworkout #biceps #bicepworkout #workoutroutine #madfit
Bikini babe @camillahasselgaard 😍❤
Repost from @fitgirls_inspiration ------ DM to be featured! ------ New beautiful girls posted every day
I’m feeling so proud of myself today because I feel like I’m so ~balanced with my lifestyle now lol. When you’ve spent basically your entire life as an all or nothing person, it’s kinda hard to wrap your head around the fact that you’ve finally achieved balance. It doesn’t feel like real life, it feels like I’m dreaming 😂 We just had a long weekend for Victoria Day here in Canada, and I ate whatever I wanted (I mean kinda, I still can’t chew properly) but I didn’t feel like I was full on binging like I would have in the past. I felt like I really enjoyed myself, but I also didn’t finish the weekend feeling gross and bloated and disgusting like I always used to. Not depriving myself on weekdays has helped A LOT with this because on the weekend I’m not like “AHHAGH MUST EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT” it’s more like “oh cool I’ll enjoy some extra treats today” and it’s such a cool way to live lol, 10/10 would recommend 😎
So what is the secret to looking cool in a bike helmet? Advice welcome 😬🤣 #itried
Say what you want but the pic I took of the grass was phenomenal 😂