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So tomorrow is a big day for the Bailey house hold! I return back to work and Hettie starts nursery. It's been a mix of emotions, mainly  guilt and apprehension. So when we picked a bedtime story tonight this had to be it! And yes I did have eyes full of tears while reading it!  #shesgrowinguptoofast
Haven’t worked a Sunday in awhile cause I have been doing extra hours with my princess. Still doing extra hours but agreed to do today cause they had no one else. Totally forgot I had training tomorrow then I have my princess on Tuesday which means I’m going to work 4 straight days something I don’t normally do even though I know it’s normal for the rest of the works. Also training normally has to be renewed every 3 years now my boss is saying yearly. I get the emergency meds cause we hardly ever use it even though I have 2 children with epilepsy we only give it is a seizure lasts longer then 5 minute which is rare. This is moving and handling and I use the hoist all time so  I’m pretty sure I could do it in my sleep so just seemed a waste of money oh well it can go in to my tattoo piggy bank. I even didn’t buy  Daughtry tickets that  went on sale last week cause my tattoo project came first. Please remind me of that in October when I have to walk past the Apollo at Hammersmith without crying 😢. Anyway here is my I’m tired I worked all weekend face but I’m loving the many stages of hair transformation as my hair colour fades out.  #tiredselfie #bigtattooplans #needtosavemoney #lovedaughtry #iknowiwillcry #workingallweekend #lovemyhair #myeverchanginghair #focusonthepositive
#repost @da_unique_1 with @get_repost SUNDAY SOUL FOOD・・・ Focus on the good positive things. The negative will eventually disappear once you stop giving it your power! #takeyourlifeback #message #forthegirls #focusonthepositive #pileitup #positivevibes #positiveenergy
Change your perspective, your outlook on things, your way of thinking.  Out with the negative 👎🏻, only positive! #perspective #positivevibes #changeyourwayofthinking #thinkpositive #bepositive #nonegativity #focusonthepositive
Something marvelous is right around the corner for me and for you. I challenge you to open your eyes to the positive things happening around you instead of the negative. Turn off the (bad) news, enjoy the summer weather, play positive music, turn up the fun! Life is truly what you make it! 💋🌹😊❤️ . . . #positivevibesonly💯 #sparkleandshine #springmood #stressfreezone #bepositive #bringoutthebest #focusonthepositive #womenempoweringwomen #flowerpower🌸 #pearls #naturalistas #blackgirlmagic✨
Happiness is a choice! They’on like you? So what! They talkintell’em lies? So what! If you don’t pull yourself together you could fall into the trap of joint the one thing that hurt you. Then your hurting those who wanna help lift you up. #focusonyourself #focusonthepositive #focusonthegood #focusonwhatmatters #beconfident #bebold #behappy #findyourjoy #live #laugh #love #letgoofwhatnolongerservesyou
Happy Sunday, hope you see light and feel magic 💜✨ . . #repost @foreverpayingitforward ・・・ There is light in everything. Focus on the positive. #foreverpayingitforward #4ever4ward #bethelight #focusonthepositive #findthegood #motivationalquotes
I whole heartedly believe this.  #focusonthepositive #optimist
Each morning I wake up I hope I am going to feel like my old self again with no pain. I have had several surgeries but this shoulder surgery has been by far the worst. I know I am healing but it is such a process. Physical therapy exercises every morning...first I use heat to warm up my shoulder, then do all my exercises, then ice down. The process starts over every evening. Once a week I go to rehab to get more exercises and see how I am progressing. I am not going to lie, I have been very depressed during the last 5 weeks but this morning I am trying to count all the positive things and look to the future. I am thankful it is my left shoulder as I am right handed, thankful it was not a full blown rotator cuff in addition to all the other work done, thankful for my job and the antique shop I am in with such positive and helpful people around me, thankful for a husband who encourages me during difficult days and helps me keep my booths going and thankful for my family and close friends for daily inspiration. I have also been wondering what God is wanting me to learn during all this pain. Perhaps patience, perhaps not looking at life as a race, maybe learning to appreciate every little blessing even small ones. I am not sure yet, but I am definitely listening. It is so easy to get distracted with pain and take your eyes off God and I admit I have been guilty of just that. There are so many people in this world much worse off than myself and I need to stay focused on all the positive in my life! I hope this will inspire others to do the same today. Happy Sunday friends!🌻 . #thankful #givethanks #choosingjoy #friendsandfamily #donttakelifeforgranted  #remainingpositive #focusonthepositive #learninglessons #godsplan
This was a photo I took on my #morningcommute on Friday. I really feel it’s showing me the light at the end of the tunnel- 2 weeks to go friends!!!! This has been a tough term! #nswteachers #aussiesecondaryteachers #aussieteachers #sunshinethroughthefog  #focusonthepositive #iteachhighschool #highschoolteacher #teachersdownunder #tpcselfcareedition #greatoutdoors
Last night I asked @funguy220 when it would be my turn to be the winner.  He genuinely replied, “Babe, you’re already winning at life.” Sweet universe how I love that man.  #winners #myperson #happymarriage #focusonthepositive #trustthejourney #ilovemylife #happyness #peacefulmind