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*ADOPTABLE ALERT* Gina Miniature pinscher mix 5 years old Female  Dogs: Yes Cats: Yes, if they are ok with a game of chase from time to time! Kids: Old, calmer kids as she can be scared and shy Housing: Any but fenced yard will be preferred  Bio at www.sitwithme.ca
*ADOPTABLE ALERT*  This cutie is looking for a home outside of Ontario and in areas without Breed Specific Legislation (either in Eastern Canada or out West ideally). Meela American Pit Bull Terrier 10 months old  Female **Needs a home outside of Ontario and outside of areas with Breed Specific Legislation.  Dogs: Yes, but will bounce off of them to play so sturdy and tumbly required! Cats: Unknown Kids: Yes, but will bounce off of them to play so sturdy and tumbly required! Attached housing: Some okay, but she may whine when you leave and at noises.  No to apartments. Fenced-in yard: Ideally as she is higher energy and requires off leash play with her person.  Meela is easy going and very lovable.  She is also a puppy kindergarted and basic obedience graduate!  Of course, obedience training is a work in progress as she still is very much a puppy and when you are trying to get her to focus… oh look!  A butterfly! ;) She is quite active and needs a fair amount of exercise to be her best self. Hikes are a big plus for this girl and she would love an active owner who would like to take her along for all of their outdoor adventures.  Plus she is extra charming out and about, so that will help her person make friends!  A fenced in yard where fetch and play can happen is a big plus too.  Meela is very playful with other dogs.  Sometimes too much so.  She can be relentless getting another dog to play with her.  She does love to wrestle though!  She would love a young playful dog in the home that can keep up with her, a human to go on outdoor adventures with, and to finish off the day with a cuddly human.  Of course, she also needs a home outside of Ontario and outside of areas with Breed Specific Legislation.  Email us at adopt@sitwithme.ca if Meela is right for you!
It’s been a crazy few days of trying to help out. There are still 2 out there I have to find. Please say some prayers.  #animalrescuer #animalrescue #fosterdog #straydog #wingsofrescue #dogsofinstagram #straypuppy #animalrescues
Decided to foster 2 puppies today. We all love them so much already, not sure I’ll be able to give them up when it’s time. ❤️ #dogsofinstagram #fosterdog #puppies
#repost @mancinettipics (@get_repost) ・・・ Mickey desperately needs our help! He has been euth listed at #carsonshelter and I am sending out this rescue plea to try and save him from being put to sleep. He is so chill and well behaved, there’s nothing wrong with him and he doesn’t deserve to die like this. Out of all my followers, someone HAS to be able to help this guy! If I wasn’t leaving town for 3 months tomorrow I’d take him myself. You might be reading this and think to yourself, “how sad” and hit that like button, but guess what, that’s not enough!! He NEEDS someone to get up to the shelter and SAVE HIS LIFE! Trust me when I tell you, the experience of saving this guy will be so rewarding. At the end of the day all he needs is someone who can take him into their home, even as a #foster, and myself plus a handful of others will help find his forever home. His time is up and if no one comes soon, he will die! Please if you can help this dude, send me a message. What if Smokey, or Russell were killed at the shelter!? He deserves the same chance they were given and it’s up to us to help save him! #a5164869 #savealife #shelterdog #fosterdog #fosteringsaveslives #rescueplea #savemickey
This is a national rescue so you don’t have to be local to adopt. Adopters & fosters needed all over the country❤️ #repost @pointerrescue_org with @get_repost ・・・ I’ve been waiting a long time for my forever home. 🐾😢 Adoptable Andy has been with us for awhile. After a lot of work, Andy is ready for his forever home. He is still a bit shy, but he hopes there is a special forever family for him. Could it be you? Find your perfect pointer by checking out our Facebook page. Visit the link in our profile to complete an adoption or volunteer application. 🐾🐾 Don't forget to tag your wag with the hashtag PROalum so we can find and like your PRO alumni ❤️❤️ .
Meet Ethel 👋 She’s a blind 10year old Pomeranian who’s sharing my house and heart for a while on foster while she recovers from some medical conditions.  I know it shouldn’t be, but it miiiiight be just a little bit funny when she walks head first into a wall 😂  Oh Ethel 👵🏼😘 #pomeranian #oldlady #blinddog #fosterdog #ethel #shesleptnexttomelastnight #usingmyarmasapillow #donttellreuben
Little one conquered the stairs today 😊🐶 #rescue #rescuedogs #rescuedogsofinstagram #beagle #beaglemix #hound #houndmix #foster #fosterdog #fosterpuppy
Bambi is teaching young Ada how to be her best bitch 😍🐶🌞😴 #bestbitches #fosterdog #roadogsandrescue #furfriends #bambersjambers
I love how he folds in half and hugs his back legs when he's sleeping. 😍 . #rainyday #handsome #basenjilife
New foster sister! #fosterdog #chihuahua #dogsofastoria
CC is here to remind everyone to stay cool in this heat! Dogs can suffer heat stroke and burns to their paws very quickly in these temps...keep them indoors and make sure they have plenty of cool water. #dogdaysofsummer #toohot #teamstinkykiss #cc #adoptdontshop #fosterdog #spoiled
Bat-dog (📷 by @barknbonenyc). #fosterdog #chihuahua #muddypawspack
おはよー☁️アイーン😁フー子さんの首輪、しばらくぶりに着けたらキツくなってる😳⁉️いい感じ😆💯 2018.06.21 #フー子89号 #里親募集中 #shelterdog #ふがれす #保護犬 #パグオ は#毛づくろい 中
Congratulations to Meila on her completed adoption! #adopted
Our first foster baby Dixie has been officially adopted! She is loving life with her new family and big brother Silas 💛🐶🐶💛 #fosterdog #adopteddog
Got to snuggle with little Jack from Off the Chain K9 rescue Qld. He is available for adoption. #otc #adoptdontshop #blueheeler #bluecattledog #fosterdog #puppiesofinstagram #cutepuppies
How handsome is adoptable Boz?! 👇🏽 #repost @ocpitbulls ・・・ #mondaymotivation Start the day with a Smile! 😁 Our big hunk of love, BOZ, is affectionate and loves attention- belly rubs are his fave and he'll thank you with lots of kisses. Boz is a playful guy who loves to fetch and romp around the yard. He knows to 'Drop' and sit before fetching when playing too.👌He also LOVES outings to the park and to go on hikes. But what he’d love most is a forever home! 😉 Check our his full bio in the Link on our page! Fill out an application on our website ocpbr.org or email us at adopt@ocpbr.org.  And don’t forget to give him a share! 💞 ****** #happydoghappylife #adoptboz #beefcakeboz #ocpbr #fosterdog #adoptme #bigheadbigheart #lovabull #adopt #pittiepride #adoptdontshop #endbsl #betheirvoice #mustlovebullies #pitmixagram #pibblepride #pitsandchicks #adoptabull #pitbulllife #pitbulllover #showusyourpits #lovernotafighter #standupforpits #fosteringsaveslives #takemehome #orangecounty