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Blue Days, Black Nights Model • @kassandralove  Photo • @spikeandthecamera
Engagement session with Linh and John last at the Huntington Beach State Park. The weather was perfect 🙂 @you.onlybettermakeupartistry
You used to call me on my pay phone.
Nate Dogg on the north side
- - 자 오늘도 방울방울해 볼까 -
My pet tarantula when I was 9. I had two of them (male & female) so they could have babies and all my dreams could come true but instead she ate him and all that she left of him was his knee caps so here’s just a picture of her. 🕷💕
I was reading a book by the water with a latte from my favourite coffee shop and just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, a dog that looked like a cow walked by with a man wearing bright orange shoes and my whole entire day was made😍🐄
¡no crezcas! : :: ::: :::: ::::: :::: ::: :: : :: ::: :::: ::::: :::: ::: :: : yashica mat 124g 🎞 medium format 🎞 fuji pro 400h
บ๊ายบายฟูจิ ไม่ต้องงอนจนหลบหน้า เดี๋ยวเราจะมาใหม่ 😊😊😊 #หนีฝนก่อนดีกว่า #fuji
바다🌊 후지산🏔 숲🌲을 동시에 봐서 매우 많이 신났었음 #shizuoka_yu8
Forever mood
今週の営業時間 🕙10h-18hL.O. ※火曜定休 ※急な変更もありますのでご容赦下さい。 ※6/4(月)は15h L.O.です。  美術館では、企画展「写真家 遠藤桂の足跡」開催中。 2階は富士山作品を展示しています。  登山電車強羅駅から線路沿いを上がって徒歩4分、またはケーブルカー公園下駅下車すぐ  #カフェ#プレジールドゥルフ #箱根写真美術館 #箱根#強羅#公園下駅  #hakone#gora #hakonemuseumofphotography #plaisirdeloeuf #museum#cafe  #mtfuji #fuji #lakeashi
Coney Island Polaroids.