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Much Love to @mocoscustoms for hooking up @rickma_jr with he NEW Mocos Custom Design PS4 Controller! Making his @technisport Gaming Chair looking fresh! #rgsquad #technisport #gamingchair #gamingcontrollers #gamers
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Definitely need to get back into gaming. Way to kick things off with this new upgrade or is this a downgrade? 😂 Love how silly it looks, but plays well with certain games. #video games #xboxone #originalxbox #gamingcontrollers #nostalgia #thedukeisbackbaby
My sweet grips from FadeGrips has arrived! If you want a pair for your PlayStation controller or your Xbox controller, just go to their store at fadegrips.store and you can choose a variety of colors of your choice. Use the code "SMG" at checkout for a 15% discount and you're on your way!  #ps4 #ps4controller #fadegrips #fadefam #controllergrips #gaming #controller #playstation4 #playstation #gamingcontrollers #prettycolors
I hate weddings lol rather be gaming
#green vibes 🎮🍃 Follow @gameboardpro for more cool gaming related stuff😎
Enamel pins are here guys!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #pin #pins #enamelpins #gamer #gamingcontrollers #pingamestrong #playerone #playertwo #gemergirl
Would be so sweeeet to see this
Oooooo  that is kick ass will be fun
Joining the bandwagon with @zero_sleep #dualwield  Such a fun idea and be awesome to see others do it!  Im going to tag a few peeps to get it started 🙌🏻 Take a picture with your favourite weapons 😉 @earthtoalix @elderlyonsnerdyjourney @dlocknload @poyzencookie @riseagainst_saz @geeky_diana @peten7_sr2 @ralexxanderr_ • • Anyone who’s not tagged if you see this and wanna join, just do it ☺️ • • Please check out the awesome Nerd Herd 🎮👇🏻: • @bandicreed93 😘 @dlocknload 🎮 @elderlyonsnerdyjourney🤓 @riseagainst_saz 👾 @hylianraider 🧦 @gamingvixation 🦄  @cbeets12 🔮 @c.h.r.i.s.613 👽  @emzze_gaming 🐺  @peten7_sr2 ⚡️ @mattcope91 📸 @ahhgamer 🐑  @geeky_diana 🐈 @clumzypanda 🐼
Dusty depot all gone
Get your grips at @fade_grips use discount code cryogen223  for 15 % off cheap prices
Getting closer to the 50 followers to become a twitch affiliate would love you guys to go give me a follow and check out my channel much love :)))))
Which is your favourite Nintendo controller? 🎮 . Which fits into the palms of your hands perfectly? 🕹 . For me it's the gamecube controller! . ☆Shout out to these awesome gamers☆ @annecromancy @classicgamingworld @cupofplay @digzgamer  @doddedbird  @gamer.talk_ @icecoldgames @lyonsmahne @nintendo4you @nintendo.reposts @originalnintendofan64  @peppetendo @the_retro_vixen @toog.gaming
Get ready  coming soon can't Waite