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I hope you become whatever you're supposed to be.
Around Christmas last year I had stolen a teddy bear from a group home I was staying at. I had BONDED with this bear out of pettiness and annoyance. I dragged that fucking bear all over the house to protest them not letting me eat ice cream on weekdays. So after I fled that house and went into hiding after escaping the psychiatric hospital ( long story) my aunt said I should get rid of it or hide it because it was “creepy” and that someone my age shouldn’t have a teddy bear. I tried to explain to her it wasn’t the teddy bear itself it was the PRINCIPLE it represented that was important, she said she didn’t care so she hid it in her drawer. A few days later I went looking for my bear as I hid jewelry in him because they were supposed to be confiscated at the hospital but I refused to give them up(long story) and I remembered she put them in the drawer. I reached into the back of the drawer and felt something damp and slimy. It felt like flesh but why would it be in the drawer?? I pulled out two SLIMY fleshlights that were put on top of my bear. With shaking hands and traumatized eyes I took my bear and walked out. I found out the next day they were My aunts boyfriend’s fleshlights and I had touched them with my bear hands. I washed the bear.  #gay #bisexual #meme #relatable #gayteensingle #teen #depression #quotes #sadquotes #depressionquotes #depressionmemes #bipolar #lgbtq#bekind #mentalhealth #anxiety #gayguy #gayman #tumblr #tumblraesthetic #tumblrboy #theme#asthetic #alternative #gaylove #love#mood #relatable #storytime #sex
《Travel》《Sunport》 I was there at 7:30pm ,a lot of people bring their heavy tripods and exquisite cameras to capture the cruise and fireworks. Except for them ,it also had ”millions of people “ coming to celebrate さあき高松まつリ and to watch fireworks display in Sunport . After fireworks,Taking some rest . I was there again at 12 am,some people still here for the cruise . Like 5 ,or count me in would be 6. This is a weird feeling.... Happiness and claps was gone. What left here was kind of sorrowful and cold. It’s summer btw .
Una foto di qualche anno fa nella mia splendida #cagliari.  Sono felice di essere in "ferie", ma quest'estate, per impegni lavorativi, non potrò vedere la mia terra, la mia famiglia ed i miei amici, ed il solo pensiero mi mette una tristezza infinita... #tbt
Ein Hobby für die Ewigkeit? Na, das muss sich noch zeigen. Aber der Tanzkurs mit meinem Ewald zusammen macht schon mächtig Spaß. Wir haben uns gleich zwei zum Tanzen ausgesucht, die Polka, so ganz fröhlich bayrisch und den West Coast Swing, wo die Musik immer schneller geht als ich tanzen kann. Die Nähe zum Partner beim Tanzen und das gegenseitige Vertrauen, sich nicht auf die Füße zu treten, kreiert wirklich magische Momente.
Happy birthday Sheila 🎂