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Not your typical active wear picture🙆🏽 just a friendly reminder to get some vitamin D in today ☀️ Be on the lookout for my upcoming CORE BURNOUT, andddd another recipe-- obviously another dessert recipe because #sweettooth 😉
Happy Born Day Lil Bro |athlete| @zaerich_13 |school| @sdsu.football |position| Wideout 🤲🏾🏈 #happybirthday #family #made2move⚡️™️ #mseapproved🌐✔️™️ #footdoctorapproved⚡️™️ @youth_football_network @nationsbestfootball @astrategyathlete @flagfootball
Don’t make excuses to skip the gym and back track on your weight loss/fitness journey. Get out and kill your workout!
Cliché Transformation Post☝🏼 First and foremost, I want to start off by pointing out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way my body looks in the photo on the left, BUT there was something wrong with my relationship with food and exercise. These two photos are about 5 months apart, and I've learned so much about my body in those 5 months. In the picture on the left I was in a very dark place- I was so unhappy with my body, hated/loved food and was battling Binge Eating Disorder. Through the power of prayer and faith in Jesus, my friends and family, I've gotten to where I am today (the photo on the right). I am now the happiest I've ever been in my entire life- I genuinely do love myself and my body, and I think everyone deserves to feel that way about themselves. I now see food as fuel, I LISTEN TO MY BODY and give it what it wants. I do not restrict, I do not count calories, I do not weigh myself, I no longer obsess over food or exercise. I exercise as a celebration of what my body is capable of, not as a punishment for "eating poorly." I have finally (through trial and error) found a style of training that I'm completely in love with and a way of eating that brings me life, energy and happiness. I could go on and on about comparing these two photos, but I'm just going to end this by saying please take care of yourself and your body. Find a balance with health and fitness. Learn to be the best version of yourself in a way that is maintainable and enjoyable, life is about living!!!💕If anyone has any questions regarding this post please feel more than free to ask me ANYTHING!! You can also check out my first YouTube video about my journey into health and fitness if you want alllll the details- but prepare yourself because it's like a 38 minute video (I'm sorry😭). I'm totally open to talking about my past with eating disorders, where I am today and hopefully giving beneficial advice to as many people as possible🌼 ps for anyone interested
Morning workouts! 👊 I hate running or lifting weights. I sprint few minutes + brisk walk + sprint + brisk walk + focus more on working my legs, abs, glutes, cuz fries and thighs 😆😉😁🍟 . . #momlife #happyhumpday #workout #strength #fitmom #bodyfitness #workhard #mommyhood #momswhoworkout #pilates #momfitness #noexcuses #stayfit #fitness #lifestyle #ohheymama #momtogs #momoftwo #momoftoddlers #livebeautifully #strength #getfit #fitnessjourney #instahealth
Awesome weighted pull-up variation, had a great back day with my homie @andgarcia779
Hey friends!!! Just wanted to say I'm about to film the Q&A and I will have it up in the next three days due to a time crunch😬🤗 If anyone has anymore questions my inbox is still open👉🏼📬 Also! Save this photo if you would be interested in seeing me to do a college dorm room "kitchen equipment/food" haul!! Obviously my dorm does not have a kitchen in it, but I will still need some generic "food prepping" materials! I would also share what food I'm bringing with me (aka pretty much everything I own😂) So if you're interested in a YouTube video about that, save this picture and I'll see how many I get☺️
The best days start with a mango #chaiprotein smoothie creation topped with pomegranate, toasted almond and cinnamon via the talented @juliee_tee 👌👌 recipe available now in the blog section on our website 💕
Super Ready for our Product Class tonight 🙌🏻 ready to hear some amazing results from the team