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A venue in the city that offers superb views and immacluate table settings has to be the rooftop on The Ned. Looking forward to lunch! 🍽
That water 😍 Vintgar Gorge is only 4km from lake Bled and takes about an hour to half to walk. It is beautiful! The water is the kind of clear that only appears to exist in Eastern European rivers. Just make sure you get here nice and early or be prepared to fight your way around!
“Giovanna ci sono i dolci!” Arrivoooo!!
I liked this location too much to only share one photo.. Here’s a second one! 😋
Twenty-second days of trip...📆 Začínáme čtvrtý a poslední týden našeho výletu kolem západní Evropy.  Nemůžu uvěřit, že to tak rychle uteklo.  Po včerejším krizovém dni, který jsem strávila v posteli jsem konečně načerpala zpátky síly a pokračujeme dál.  No a rozhodly jsme se, že po měsíci znovu navštívíme město Torino v Itálii.  No a něco k těmto fotkám. Já takový strašpitel jsem překonala strach z výšek a sedla si na kraj skály, abych měla takovouhle fotku.  První fotka je ze spoda kaňonu a druhá s úplnějo vrcholu kaňonu. No a samozdřejmě na našem výletu nesměl chybět @olympuskameras na takovýhle fotky.  Tak užívejte poslední dny prázdnin. Za 14 dní už většina z nás bude sedět ve školních lavicích.  Pac a pusu💋 #bezvymluvtojde #cestolidi#sbiinacestach #wildculturecz #ikoktejlcz #zijuted  #ceskynacestach #girlsthatwander #solotravel  #minveciviczazitku #girlsvsglobe #zijuted  #zanormalniholky  #onenaturecrew #czechgirl #zijudneskem #dnescestujem #zijusvujsen #holkynacestach #kouseksnu #cestykesnu #casnadobrodruzstvi #loudavymkrokem #smecestovatelky #thewanderco
I think you should all add Slovenia to your travel destinations...
T-24 hours until I leave winter for Summer! 🇬🇧🇮🇹 ☼ Here’s hoping that amazing European Summer I’ve been hearing so much about can hold out that little bit longer for us 🤞🏼 ☼ ☼ ☼ I am such a Summer person in every way & although I can definitely get on board with what they like to call ‘winter’ here in Sydney - the climate inside the buildings at this time of year are less than favourable ❄️. What’s your favourite season?  _______________________________________ #teamkaptainkenny #traveldreamseekers #ourtravelpassport #theconstantlycurious #yourpassport #girlsvsglobe #the_daily_traveller #sheisnotlost #thetravelwomen #wearetravelgirls #topgreecephoto #mytinyatlas #mytinyatlashello #guardiancities #guardiantravelsnaps #bbctravel #wonderlustgreece #topgreecephoto #great_greece #thegreeceguide #ilovegreece #lifewelltravelled #worldnomads #girlsdiscoverers #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #travelgirlscollective #travelgood #gltlove
I used to say ‘what will people think?’ But, it’s my life.  I don’t care what people think. What they think only affects them, not me.  So, let them think what they want.  But, let me live like I want. —Anon
It honestly took me an hour to choose the hanbok that I wanted, because most of these were in pastel colors. Thank God I was able to pair these two! 😂
Praying for peace of mind. ⛩️📿
Summer vibes 🌴☀️
From @thesocialgirltraveler 💕 ・・・ Let’s talk about failure.🤓 The event I moderated last week for @winningwomenseries (which was awesome!) I asked the ladies what were some failures they had throughout their careers. — Yes, I dared to touch upon that topic. I mean , why not? We all fail at some point and if you aren’t failing then something is truly wrong. — No one is perfect. Failure is a good thing. You know why? Because It reminds you how close you are to succeeding. I’ve failed so many times.😂 — At this point I embrace It. But the biggest thing for me is maintaining my mindset. Focusing on my “why” and keeping my head high. I won’t give up. It isn’t an option. Even if I don’t accomplish 100% what I am aiming for. Giving the effort (which is the hardest part in my book) is winning half the battle. — Failures are good. They remind me that I am human, but they only motivate me for success. — Would you agree? Or are you afraid of failure? I feel like most people are, and I won’t deny that sometimes I do get scared. I am human. But for the most part I usually just say to myself: “fuck It!”😂😎🙏🏼 (followed by shrugging my shoulders) — Anyone else have motivational one liners?😂 🙌🏼 — 👗: @salty_crush_aus • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #haiti #visithaiti #haiti🇭🇹 #doitforhumanity #grateful #passionpassport #travelnoire #dametraveler #outdoorwomen #wearetravelgirls #radgirlslife #darlingescapes #sidewalkerdaily #ladiesgoneglobal #traveldudes #globelletravels #travellushes #sheisnotlost #girlslovetravel #earthgirllifestyle #jetsettingchicks #girlsvsglobe #womenwhoexplore #travel #instatravel #wonderingdreamersquad #failures #opportunity
• Love is walking together in the same direction• . Ieri ho letto una lista, una lista di cose da fare prima dei 30 anni; diceva, impara ad accettarti, impara a dire No, impara a smontare il tuo ego.  Impara ad allontanarti dalle persone superflue, e dai più valore a quelle importanti.  Cambia paese, prova a vivere in un posto diverso, mettiti alla prova, fallisci.  Credi nelle tue idee, credici fino in fondo, provaci sul serio a realizzare i tuoi desideri.  Scegli chi ami.  Così mentre percorriamo queste scale, nel mezzogiorno assolato di un paesino Francese penso che si, questo è davvero un traguardo che spaventa: il lavoro, la necessità di trovare il tuo posto nel mondo, la ricerca di se stessi, accettare che stai crescendo, che stai diventando grande davvero.  Ma poi penso che qualche punto di quella lista lo sto mettendo in pratica, e che anche se non lo facessi chissenefrega, la vita è  bella così; puoi seguire un elenco di cose da fare, farti ispirare, cercare di analizzare tutto, ma poi alla fine quello che conta davvero è solo fare quello che ti rende felice,stare con chi ami e render ogni momento il più bello possibile. 💌 #hounastoriaperte #rincorrerelabellezza #travelgramitalia #scritturacreativa #passionpassport #travelblogger #wanderlust
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