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Scene: a crowded dining car on a rumbling train, lush greenery passing outside the windows. The red vinyl seats show their age with cracks throughout, the once-starched tablecloths are spotted with stains from meals past. The car is heavily-scented with cigarette smoke, vodka and summer-heated bodies that have not been off the train to shower in three days.  Grouped around a few tables sits a motley crew of native Siberians, a few American school teachers and two Franciscan friars (both American themselves). They begin a staged reading of Chekov’s Uncle Vanya:  Irina (as Marina): [Pouring some tea into a glass] Take a little tea, my son.  Brother Michael (as Astroff): [Takes the glass from her unwillingly] Somehow, I don’t seem to want any.  Irina (as Marina): Then will you have a little vodka instead?  Brother Michael (as Astroff): No, I don’t drink vodka every day, and besides, it is too hot now. *Brother Michael breaks character to chuckle, takes a sip of his small glass of vodka, and winks at me.* It’s the summer of 2008, and I’ve just spent the last 5 weeks volunteer teaching High School Theater at an American English summer camp in a small town outside of Novosibirsk. As a “thank you”, our Russian hosts have prepared a 4 day trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Lake Baikal before we return stateside. At 25, I am the youngest person in our cohort by a long-shot, but I have grown to love this community of educators​ ​...​ Excerpt contributed by GlobeKicker Collette Hill. @misscocohill  Learn more about Collette's passions here: www.collettehillyoga.com
Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep hustling. We promise it will all be worth it. 📷@zishanali
Wishing our co-founder @rustytraveler a happy birthday. Thanks for pursuing your dreams and inspiring the rest of us along the way!! #keeppushing #keepadventuring 📷: @whitney.shoeston
All the sand has us dreaming of the water. Our next adventure will have a lot more blue... #borntoadventure
If you've ever wondered what camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert looks like... here ya go. #borntoadventure 📷: @zishanali
Our next happy place... where's yours??
How many tagine dishes do you think we ate during our trip to Morocco?? Would love to hear your best guess 🇲🇦😝 📷:@zishanali
I love watching sunrises, but none have compared to seeing it in the Sahara from the back of a 🐪 with our badass @globekick crew. Cheers to our upcoming Panama adventure in August and to the amazing 📷 by @zishanali and @whitney.shoeston 🍻
I find that it's the details that bring really add to the flavor of a place. The artistry and color added to the doors and front steps of homes and shops in the Medina really shows that people take care of their surroundings. 🇲🇦
Make the best out of every moment, there’s always something to enjoy and learn in every good and bad situation... This photo was taken after being driven around in a taxi lost for an hour in Marrakech. We were so frustrated, but then stumbled upon this gem of a place.  @zishanali #enjoytheadventure #happyplace #yslgardens #hiddengems #gardens #succulents #ysl #wandering #wanderlust #indigo #yellow #colorsofmorocco #gardeninspo #gardengoals #marrakech #morroco #traveldiaries #globekicking #adventuretravel #igtravel #picoftheday
Camel trek through the desert. 🇲🇦🐪
Catching some shade ☂  My first @globekick trip has been amazing! Everything I could have wanted and more. Morocco you were splendid, I will definitely be seeing you again 😍 @cottonon @seedheritage
I have been constantly blown away by the beauty and diversity of the Moroccan landscape. Travel eight hours from Marrakech and it feels like you travel through connecting worlds; mountains, farmlands, deserts, palm forests, rocky gorges and lush green plains are visual masterpieces that overwhelm the senses and feed the soul. @globekick #morocco
One of my favourite to escape  alws spread arms welcome with warm calm  beautiful  people in Marrakesh in on a hidden divine culture to discover in life # photograph# thank you for invite  Marrakesh # Raid Marrakesh#  discover Travelblogger#lifestyle #amazing_shots#sexy#hotel #tripadvisor#globekicking#luxury#luxurylifestyle#trivago#deserto#travelglobalgram#travelgloabal.co